Wondering if the Philo on-demand library has any of the shows you’re interested in watching? Want to learn more about the video-on-demand options that this entertainment-focused streaming service has to offer? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn more now.

How Much Content is Available On-Demand From Philo?

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Philo has claimed to have more than 25,000 titles available on-demand, which means it has quite a bit more content than some competitors like fuboTV and YouTube TV.  

The easiest way to find on-demand content is to search for the show you want, and then click the “Playable” tab at the bottom. Then, you can see all of the episodes that are available for your selected show.

You can also search by network to find the content you’d like to watch from channels like HGTV, BET, Discovery, Science, and more. Just search for your preferred channel and click the show you’d like to watch to see the latest episodes that are available on-demand.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect From the Philo On-Demand Library?

For the most part, you’ll only be able to watch the most recent episodes of popular shows like Killing Eve. However, Philo has full past seasons of many shows, too. Fixer Upper from HGTV, for example, currently has all of season 1 through season 5 available. Philo also has some movies from partner channels like SundanceTV and AMC, such as Super 8, Spaceballs and Airplane.

You can also usually watch any show that has aired within the last 72 hours even if it’s not typically available on-demand, and if you have forgotten to save it with the Philo DVR. This adds some more flexibility and ensures you can always keep up with your favorite shows.

However, it’s important to note that the content available on Philo is always changing because each individual broadcast network determines which shows and movies are available.

Does Philo On-Demand Content Have Commercials?

Yes. You’ll have to sit through some commercials before each piece of VOD content that you want to watch. In most cases, there will also be some commercial breaks during each show or movie that you watch.

However, these breaks usually only last a minute or two. You can also pause, fast forward, and rewind with Philo, though you usually can’t fast forward through commercials.

What Apps Can I Use to Watch Philo On-Demand?

Currently, you can stream Philo content on-demand using any app that supports the service. That means you can watch Philo on-demand content on your web browser, on iOS devices, and on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku. It also now has support for Android devices. To learn more about Philo device support, click here.

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