Disney+ launched with streaming apps available for all of the most popular streaming platforms. Here’s everything we know about the Disney+ app ecosystem.

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What is Disney+?

$12.99/ Year

ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+.

Bundle and save 25%.

Amazing value for the whole family.

$6.99/ month

7-day free trial.

7,000+ TV episodes

500+ films

Disney+ Originals

4 simultaneous streams


Each time home media changed from VHS tapes to DVDs and then to Blu-rays, Disney made you pay all over again to get its popular content. Things have changed in the streaming age. With the launch of Disney+, you now have access to almost the entire Disney Vault – every animated film, live-action movie and TV show Disney has ever made. In addition, you get family-friendly movies from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and other Disney-owned media properties.

All of this is available for a single, low-cost subscription of only $7 per month. Or you can get the streaming bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ for a few dollars more.

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Which Devices Work with Disney+?

Within the Apple ecosystem, you’ll find the Disney+ app works with iPhones, iPads, the iPod Touch and the Apple TV. If you use in-app subscriptions to get Disney+, you can see recommended Disney+ content in the Apple TV app. However, you won’t be able to use apps on any other devices.

Tablets and smartphones running Android will work with the Disney+ app as will devices based on Chromecast. Televisions that run Android TV, Sony in particular, are also supported.

Only days ahead of the Disney+ launch, Amazon and Disney cut a deal that would allow owners of Amazon Fire TV devices watch Disney+. Whether you have a Fire TV Stick, one of Amazon’s streaming boxes or a television with Fire TV built in, you’ll find the Disney+ app.

Disney+ is placing a Disney+ Channel in the Roku Channel Store. That means Roku’s streaming devices or any televisions running the Roku smart TV interface will work with Disney+.

Among the various game consoles, Disney+ focused on supporting Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Can I Use Disney+ on Other Devices?

Disney is working with device-makers to get the Disney+ app on as many devices as possible. In addition to the streaming platforms above, the Disney+ app is available on select Samsung and LG smart TVs.

Why Use Disney+?

Disney+ is counting on the deep catalog of content it’s developed over the past 80 years to bring customers in the door. Once in, the original content each of its studios is producing could keep them subscribed.

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