ESPN+ is a good streaming service for live sports. But does the ESPN+ on-demand library hold up? What kind of content can you watch? Find out more now in this full breakdown of the ESPN+ on-demand library from Flixed.

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How Much Content is Available On-Demand From ESPN+?

espn+ on-demand library
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ESPN+ hasn’t made any announcements about how many hours of content are available on the ESPN+ on-demand library. However, we’ve found that the ESPN+ on-demand library has hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of content from ESPN.

Naturally, this content mostly focuses on sports including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, as well as golf, hockey, and other top sports like boxing and MMA. From documentaries to exclusive player profiles, original programming and more, sports fans will find plenty of content to love from ESPN+.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect From the ESPN+ On-Demand Library?

Mostly, you’ll find archives of ESPN original shows. For example, ESPN+ has exclusive rights to the well-regarded ESPN 30 for 30 documentary film series – and after most recent episodes air on ESPN, they are only available on ESPN+.

Beyond this, ESPN+ also has some original shows and programming that you can’t get anywhere else, such as Detail, a basketball-focused series hosted by Kobe Bryant, and Draft Academy, which goes behind the scenes of athletes who are competing to be picked in the NFL draft. There is also a great selection of movies from ESPN Films Presents, such as Crossroads, and The Little Master.

Unfortunately, there is no way to watch live sporting events shown on ESPN+ after they’ve aired – these events are not made available on the ESPN+ VOD service. And because ESPN+ does not have a DVR, this may make it hard for you to watch your favorite sporting events if you have a busy schedule.

Does ESPN+ On-Demand Content Have Commercials?

No. None of the ESPN+ on-demand content that we watched had any commercials, which is great. Most streaming services only provide on-demand content that is supported by commercials.

But ESPN+ provides a better user experience, which isn’t interrupted by regular commercial breaks. You can watch every show on ESPN+ ad-free, and you can rewind, pause, and fast forward as much as you want, without any limitations.

What Apps Can I Use to Watch ESPN+ On-Demand?

Currently, you can watch ESPN+ on demand on any platform that supports the ESPN app. That means you can watch on your web browser, and on iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV are also supported, as are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, and the Oculus Go. You can learn more here.

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