Sam Cook is a full-time content strategist by day, a part-time freelance content writer since 2015. In another life, he was a high school English teacher for nearly a decade. Based in sunny New Orleans, he writes long-form educational content on technology, including Insurtech, Fintech, HRtech, and content streaming. He loves whittling down complex ideas within these areas that make decisions easier for buyers. When he’s not reading books with his son Miles and playing video games with the family, you can find him immersed in his growing collection of Euro-style board games.


  1. Thank you so much Sam! Your review was extremely extensive for me, I am thankful for the time you put into it!
    I will be giving the trial a chance and cross my fingers it works out.

    Have you heard of Discovery +? I found it through Google results and it looks promising but unavailable until January 4th !

    Have a wonderful day and Christmas 🎄

  2. Nice review Mr. Cook! I currently have a Philo subscription and am very pleased with it. I learned a few new features due to your article and thank you for it.


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