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Flixed is a website run by a small remote team that helps people navigate the rapidly evolving streaming ecosystem.

We're a platform that helps consumers choose the best streaming service for them through our content, resources, and tools for navigating the streaming landscape.

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Values and Principles

We win and lose
as a team.

What it means

Contributing to the betterment of those around you is equally as important as your individual contributions.

In practice

In order to get promoted, you’ll be evaluated not only on your direct contributions to Flixed, but also the impact you’ve had in supporting those around you.

Growth should
be continuous.

What it means

We take the long view on developing our people.

In practice

You will be expected to maintain a beginner’s mind as you continuously undertake progressively more difficult and challenging problems.

Deep work
matters to us.

What it means

One hour of deep, concentrated work is often more valuable than several hours of scattered, unfocused work.

In practice

We encourage all of our employees to check Slack & email infrequently and avoid engaging in busywork.

Balance fosters

What it means

When you’re tired your ability to produce creative insights will diminish while a well-rested mind is ideal for creativity.

In practice

You typically shouldn’t work evenings or weekends. We also provide top-notch healthcare plans, fitness benefits and a learning & development stipend to support your personal life.

Meet our Core Team

The Flixed team is at the core of who we are as a company.

We are a people first company and the way we foster a space that is calm, curious, ambitious, patient, deliberate and conducive to individual honest expression comes first. We believe if we get this right the products and business success will follow.

This is who we are.

Thenuka Karunaratne CEO

Thenuka is the founder and CEO at Flixed. He’s based in San Francisco, California.

Prior to founding Flixed, Thenuka was Chief of Staff to the COO at Pango. His mission in starting Flixed was to build a culture that could support people in achieving their dreams, long after they’ve been employees at our company.

In his work at Flixed, Thenuka most enjoys the thoughtfulness, curiosity, and wide-ranging interests of our team members.

Thenuka also enjoys learning Chinese, interviewing people who have charted unconventional life paths, and writing at thenuka.io.

Alex Jin Product Lead

Alex runs product and operations at Flixed. He is based in Seattle, Washington.

Prior to joining Flixed, Alex was a product manager at Dropbox working on growth and incubating a new product. Alex was motivated to work at Flixed because he was interested in learning to grow a (then small) business online. At Flixed, he enjoys working in the fun environment of a small company minus the chaos of early stage startups.

Outside of Flixed, Alex enjoys growing profitable microsites and side projects. Currently he’s creating a cohort-based course for strategic filmmaking with a film data researcher.

Kelsey Reynolds Content Lead

Kelsey is a content strategist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota.

Kelsey was drawn to working at Flixed because the team was so open, motivated, and curious. She most enjoys thinking about how to blend programmatic and editorial content to answer readers’ questions as completely and efficiently as possible.

When she’s not at her computer, Kelsey can usually be found working in her garden or walking her two dogs in the park.

Ashok Raju Tech Lead

Ashok is a seasoned engineer who loves building systems and making music. He is based in Detroit, Michigan. Ashok has years of experience founding startups and leading teams at Google and Dropbox.

In his work at Flixed, Ashok most appreciates the calm culture that enables all creatives to get deep into their work. “We’re not running around trying to put out fires,” Ashok said. “We’re calmly building and learning.”

Outside of his work at Flixed, Ashok is also the founder and host of the Flow State podcast. You can learn more about him here.

Gabriel Uribe Software Engineer

Gabriel is a software engineer at Flixed. He’s based in Miami, Florida.

Gabriel was first attracted to working at Flixed because he noticed a human-centric approach to working, learning, and pursuing fulfillment at the heart of the company. He loves having flexibility to design his schedule around when he works best.

You can find some of Gabriel’s other projects at gabrieluribe.me.

Davan Hamilton Editor

Davan Hamilton is an editor and writer based in Jacksonville, FL.

Holding a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, her writing spans a wide range, from essays on film criticism and analysis to surreal poetry.

Davan was drawn to working for a company focused on streaming and media. She enjoys working with the larger team on collaborative projects and sharing in success.

When she’s not glued to her computer, you can find Davan building endless amounts of Lego sets, binge-reading manga, or playing with (fighting) her cat.

Desiree Wu Editorial Intern

Desiree is a full-time Honours Business Administration student at Ivey Business School at Western University. She also works as the Editorial Intern at Flixed. Desiree is based in London, Ontario.

At Flixed, Desiree most appreciates the supportive team, interesting work, and ability to deep-dive into her projects.

Outside of work and school, Desiree spends most of her time reading books or manga.

Jai Morjaria Software Engineering Intern

Jai is a software engineering intern at Flixed. He is also a full-time computer science student at Carleton University and is based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Jai was drawn to working at Flixed because he wanted to have an impact in an exciting, fast-paced industry. At Flixed, he appreciates the deep-work culture that allows him to delve into projects and tasks without interruption.

When he’s not working for his internship or studying, Jai spends his time socializing, working out, and using the streaming services we advertise. He’s partial to Netflix, and enjoys shows like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, in addition to stand-up comedy.

Jessie Wu Product Management Intern

Jessie is a project management intern at Flixed. She is based in Toronto, Ontario and is also a full-time Honours Business Administration student at Ivey Business School at Western University.

Jessie appreciates that Flixed is a small and agile team working in a problem space with a growing number of  interesting problems to solve. As a result, she has noticed that she’s able (and encouraged) to spend more time on projects she enjoys and honing skills that she values. To her, that’s the perfect combination of stimulating work and self-growth.

Outside of work, Jessie loves outdoor sports. She enjoys hiking and exploring national parks, kayaking, or anything active with a view.

Meet our Writers

Flixed content production is a collaborative effort. Our information about streaming services is kept up to date via our vast datasets about streaming pricing, availability, and programming. We contract with freelance writers and streaming experts to research streaming services and curate content.

Taken together, Flixed writers have been covering the cord-cutting revolution for the past decade. Their reviews and recommendations have been enjoyed by millions of readers.

This is who they are.

Khadija Bilal

Khadija Bilal is an accomplished writer with over a decade of experience under her belt. Having developed a versatile writing style that allows her to tackle a wide range of topics, Khadija has several publications to her name. Khadija’s expertise includes in-depth guides and how-to articles.

Read Khadija’s work for Flixed here.

Christopher Casper

Chris Casper is a former tech industry product manager who escaped from California for New Mexico. Now he writes about science and tech while searching for the perfect green chile sauce.

Read Chris’s work for Flixed here.

Sam Cook

Sam Cook is a full-time content strategist by day, a part-time freelance content writer since 2015. In another life, he was a high school English teacher for nearly a decade.

Based in sunny New Orleans, he writes long-form educational content on technology, including Insurtech, Fintech, HRtech, and content streaming. He loves whittling down complex ideas within these areas that make decisions easier for buyers.

When he’s not reading books with his son Miles and playing video games with the family, you can find him immersed in his growing collection of Euro-style board games.

Read Sam’s work for Flixed here.

Tara Khudairi

Tara Khudairi is a freelance content writer and copywriter based in Toronto. Since 2014, she has contributed to brands and blogs alike to tackle popular topics relating to technology, personal finance, entertainment, travel and lifestyle.

Whether it’s the latest streaming service or cryptocurrency, she’s passionate about making the complex simple. When she’s not busy typing away, you’ll find Tara watching Netflix’s latest true crime doc or a classic 90’s horror flick.

Read Tara’s work for Flixed here.

Eric Liston

Eric Liston is a content writer based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2015, he’s been writing about technology, cord-cutting, and helping everyday people save money.

He also has expertise writing about medicine, dentistry, insurance, and a variety of other industries. No matter what he’s writing, his focus is always on simplifying complex concepts and making them approachable for everyone.

When he’s not slamming away on his keyboard at his home office, you’ll find Eric reading sci-fi novels, improving his disc golf game (he just hit his first 400-foot drive) and playing video games on his gaming PC.

Read Eric’s work for Flixed here.

Douglas Wright

Douglas Wright is a freelance writer based in Japan. A former web designer and technical writer, he left beautiful Vancouver for bustling Tokyo, where he spent a decade recruiting for software and high-tech firms.

No longer commuting through the world’s busiest train station, he writes fiction and a wide range of formats for clients around the world.

When he gets AFK, he’s either outdoors with his two boys, streaming a show with his wife, or reading a book over a French-pressed, hand-ground coffee.

Read Douglas’s work for Flixed here.

Aneeca Younas

Aneeca Younas is a journalist based in Oakland, CA. She has years of experience writing in different niches. She is a huge movie fan that also enjoys watching sports.

That’s why she spends hours daily using various streaming services. Over the years, Aneeca has positioned herself as an expert in cable-free and VOD platforms.

Read Aneeca’s work for Flixed here.

Join a team of creative engineers, writers, designers and more!