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FastestVPN has been around since 2017, and it’s steadily growing its database. The positive reputation comes from the superb service quality and extensive features focused on privacy and security.

If you judge by the name, FastestVPN should offer impressive speeds and connections suitable for watching HD video streams and live TV channels. But is that really true? Our review tries to answer that question and offers extensive details on this VPN. Here’s what you should know about FastestVPN!

Top 4 FastestVPN features

FastestVPN promises to deliver maximum online freedom. That means using dozens of servers in various countries to access any content. The platform comes with everything you might expect from a premium VPN, including unlimited bandwidth and maximum uptime.

Customer support is available around the clock, but you won’t need it since using FastestVPN is convenient. The SmartConnect feature allows you to use a single button to connect to the best server available.

The provider also secured additional perks with each premium plan, such as a password manager and 2TB of cloud storage. As for the basic features, here are the top four characteristics that make FastestVPN worth trying!

1. AES 256-bit encryption and multiple security protocols

Security and privacy are always among the top priorities that people look for in a VPN service. And FastestVPN does a great job in that area since it comes with many important safety-related features.

For starters, the provider uses AES 256-bit encryption. It’s the industry standard used by most security professionals, even in the military. FastestVPN utilizes multiple security protocols, allowing you to choose the best option for protecting your network. The protocols vary from OpenCOnnect and L2TP to IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

2. DNS leak protection and an internet kill switch

DNS leaks are a potential danger to your privacy since they allow internet requests to bypass the VPN tunnel. That leads to your IP being exposed, which compromises your web security. FastestVPN has integrated protection that ensures these leaks don’t happen.

Furthermore, there’s an option to route only some of your traffic via VPN. The smart tunneling feature is convenient since you can pick which browsing activities require additional protection. FastestVPN also adds an internet kill switch. If you lose connection to a VPN server, the switch terminates the entire traffic. It ensures there’s no compromising your privacy if the server goes down.

3. Excellent device compatibility

FastestVPN is a versatile service compatible with a wide range of devices and programs. The provider ensures their servers work equally well on Apple TV and Windows PCs. FastestVPN is a strong candidate to become the best VPN for Roku in the near future.

Specialized apps are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It works on Amazon Firestick, KODI, consoles like Xbox and PS4, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. FastestVPN also comes with Firefox and Chrome extensions, placing the overall number of devices supported at over 20.

4. Ten simultaneous connections with a single profile

FastestVPN secures excellent value for money because you can have up to ten simultaneous connections with a single account. Once you register, it’s possible to use those credentials on ten different devices.

It ensures all household members can benefit from the same FastestVPN subscription. And you can install the provider’s VPN apps on multiple devices without worrying if you stay logged in anywhere.

How we evaluated FastestVPN

The FastestVPN testing process was thorough, and our experts made sure not to leave any stone unturned. We checked the following while preparing this review:

  • Privacy and security. Can the platform deliver maximum anonymity and keep you safe from cybercriminals and your sensitive data falling into the hands of third parties?
  • Speed and reliability. It’s not only about the connections being fast but also steady and reliable.
  • Convenience. From the devices supported to a user-friendly interface, everything contributes to ease of use.
  • Price and value for money. How much does the service cost, and do you get enough in return?

Who is the FastestVPNs for?

The best explanation is that FastestVPN is an all-around service. That means it can serve various activities. If you want to do some private browsing, the no-logging policy and other features will ensure everything stays anonymous.

And if you need to handle some work-related things, you can rest assured that the connection will stay secure at all times. FastestVPN offers excellent speeds and stable connections, guaranteeing that page loading and file transfer times will be as short as possible.

Is FastestVPN good for streaming?

FastestVPN offers unlimited bandwidth in all its packages. That makes it ideal for streaming, whether you want to watch online TV or use VOD services.

The provider offers stable connections, so you won’t experience any problems while watching your favorite content. And although we haven’t mentioned it, it’s a perfectly good candidate for the best Netflix VPN, along with other suggested services.

Is FastestVPN good for torrenting?

FastestVPN pinpoints that it uses Unix-based servers optimized for peer-to-peer sharing activities. There’s no bandwidth limitation on a daily or monthly basis. That makes it suitable for torrenting and other P2P file sharing.

And another consideration is that you don’t have limits on server switching. That can be important if you plan on using torrents. Downloading and uploading speeds are both impressive, ensuring you can transfer files quickly.

Is FastestVPN for bypassing censorship?

Bypassing geographic restrictions requires using servers in different countries. FastestVPN doesn’t have servers in as many countries as NordVPN or other competitors. But the available locations are more than enough to bypass most censorship barriers.

We remind you that VPNs are legal in the United States and most countries worldwide. But how you will use the VPN solely depends on you.

How much does FastestVPN cost?

Source: FastestVPN

How much does FastestVPN cost?

FastestVPN has a standard monthly subscription set at $3. It’s an average price for a VPN service and even cheaper than most market options. But it’s the special offers that make FastestVPN stand out from the competition.

The provider has long-term deals that enable savings of up to 89%. It depends on the promotion, but a lifelong subscription could cost you around $40, which is a generous offer if you plan to use a VPN in the long run. These special FastestVPN deals also come with three months for free. The only trick is that long-term deals require paying the entire sum at once.

FastestVPN also has a money-back guarantee. It lasts 15 days from the subscription activation date. During that time, you can request a full refund.

Is FastestVPN fast and reliable?

The simple answer is yes, and we are glad to say that since the provider justifies the chosen FastestVPN name. Although there’s still room for the number of servers to rise, it’s nice to see the connection is fast. And we are talking sufficient speed to stream movies or shows you’ve seen in the Flixed TV guide.

As for reliability, FastestVPN promises 99.99% uptime. During our testing, the connections were reliable for hours. They maintained a steady speed without losing the connection. And even if something goes wrong, the network kill switch will stop your browsing until you reconnect to another server.

What is the FastestVPN privacy policy like?

Many VPN services promise not to store information about user activity. But when the news about that non-existent VPN user data helping to catch a web stalker hits the public, you stop believing these claims.

The trick with FastestVPNs is that they are based in the Cayman Islands. That territory doesn’t have “mandatory data retention.” Thanks to that, FastestVPN has the freedom to not store any logs. The provider promises that details about your browsing history aren’t kept on their servers.

Even for account registration, the platform only asks for a working email address. That means you can create a separate one for this service and not use an actual personal email. You can learn more about the company’s privacy policy on the official website.

Where are FastestVPN servers located?

FastestVPN increases the number of servers available regularly. At this point, you can access servers in 55+ locations throughout 39+ countries. These include:

  • North America. United States, Canada, and Mexico are among the countries with the provider’s dedicated servers.
  • South America. Brazil and Colombia seem to be the only countries available at this point, but the platform might add more in the future.
  • Europe. The majority of servers featured by FastestVPN are in Europe. That includes countries from Italy and Greece to Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Russia, Serbia, and Slovakia are also among a total of 25+ European countries on the list.
  • Asia and Australia. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, and Australia all have accessible servers.

Our takeaway – FastestVPN is worth trying

The conclusion is that FastestVPN can compete with major players like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. It offers a generous number of servers in different locations and allows up to ten simultaneous connections.

You can expect a fast and reliable connection, which is great if you want to enjoy live TV services like Sling. And the unlimited bandwidth means you can play movies and TV shows in the highest resolution and watch them 24/7. While it ultimately depends on your preference, there are a bunch of reasons why FastestVPN can be a great pick if you need a reliable VPN!

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