HBO Max Review 2020 – HBO’s Deep Content Vault Is Its Crown Jewel

Our Rating Excellent
  • All 45 years of HBO's award-winning content
  • Strong lineup of cartoons and animations
  • Classic movies from the Turner Classic Movies vault
  • The exclusive home of several iconic TV shows
  • Live news and sports is on the horizon
  • Expensive compared to other on-demand services
  • HBO Max will be HBO's third streaming app
  • No clear HBO Max upgrade path for some HBO subscribers
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A compelling alternative to Netflix
Final Verdict

As long as AT&T doesn’t get greedy and scare away customers with a series of rapid price increases, HBO Max will probably be successful. HBO Max can be to streaming what HBO was to cable in the 80s and 90s. HBO was always somewhat pricey, but it always delivered high quality, award-winning shows and movies. As long as the producers at HBO continue to make great decisions, HBO Max will succeed. The rest of the service’s perks are just icing on the cake.

Our Rating Excellent