You can watch Starz live without cable with one of these streaming services: Sling TV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Now. In this article, we’ll help you decide which option is best for you. Let’s get started!

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Watch Starz on Sling TV

sling tv without cable alternatives streaming cord-cutting starz
Source: Sling TV

Sling TV was the very first “skinny bundle” internet TV service. When it was released in 2015, it was groundbreaking, and quickly picked up new subscribers. Currently, more than 2.2 million people use this service, which offers “a la carte” cable packages at a reasonable price—and without a long-term contract. Here’s what you need to know about Sling TV.

Sling TV Pricing and Packages

There are two primary packages to choose from with Sling TV. You can get about 30 channels with Sling Orange for $20/month, or get 45+ channels with Sling Blue. You can also combine both with Sling Orange + Blue.

There are some channels that are exclusive to each package. ESPN and Disney channels are only available in Sling Orange, for example, so you can’t get them in Sling Blue; you’ll need to get Orange + Blue if you want comprehensive channel coverage. Learn more here.

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Sling TV Channels

Starz, being a premium channel, is not included in either package by default. Instead, it’s one of Sling TV’s many “Extras”. Once you choose a subscription package, you can add a variety of different channels and packages with this feature. You can choose from Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and even foreign-language channel packages. See their website for full details.

You can subscribe to Starz as an optional “Premium Extra” add-on, for $9/month. This will get you access to the Starz live channel, as well as a number of on-demand shows, stand-up comedy specials, movies, and original programming. Learn more here.

Sling TV Supported Devices

Sling TV does have outstanding device support. You can stream almost anywhere. On the go, you can stream on laptops as well as iOS and Android tablets and phones. At home, you can stream on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, the Xbox One, and some Samsung Smart TVs. Learn more here.

Sling TV Simultaneous Streams

The features of Sling TV differ slightly, based on which package you choose. If you choose to subscribe to Sling Orange, you will only be able to watch Starz on one device at a time. However, the more expensive Sling Blue package allows you to watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously, so it may be a better option for larger households. Learn more here.

Sling TV DVR

You can get a DVR with Sling TV, but it will cost you an extra $5/month fee. This means that to get a DVR and Starz, you’ll be paying an extra $14/month total, which can add up in the long run. Learn more here.

Sling TV On-Demand Library

Sling TV claims to have over 70,000 on-demand titles at any given time, but the true number you’ll get depends on what package you get, and the additional channels to which you subscribe. There is good variety of content, though, including past seasons of some TV shows, recently-aired episodes, and movies. Learn more here.

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Hulu With Live TV

watch starz without cable hulu with live tv
Source: Hulu With Live TV

Hulu With Live TV is Hulu’s attempt to break into the streaming market, and it’s been largely successful thanks to a great package of channels, upgradable features and great app support. Learn more about watching Starz without cable on Hulu With Live TV below.

Hulu With Live TV Pricing and Packages

Hulu With Live TV has only a single package of channels. You’ll get between 60-70+ channels, depending on your area, for a $44.99/month fee. Learn more here.

Hulu + Live TV
7-Day Free Trial
$44.99/ month

67 Channels

2 simultaneous streams

ESPN and Disney


Hulu With Live TV Channels

Hulu With Live TV has a number of great channels, but Starz is not included by default, as it’s a premium network. To add Starz to your Hulu With Live TV subscription, you’ll have to pay an additional $9/month. You can also get other premium channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime with Hulu With Live TV. Learn more here.

Hulu With Live TV Supported Devices

The device support offered by Hulu With Live TV is the best in the business. You can stream on iOS and Android, web browsers, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, as well as on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360/One consoles. Some select LG and Samsung smart TVs are also supported. Learn more here.

Hulu With Live TV Simultaneous Streams

By default, you can watch Hulu With Live TV on two devices at once. However, you can add an “Unlimited Screens” add-on for $9.99/month, and watch on unlimited devices on your home network, and up to 3 devices outside your home WiFi network. Learn more here.

Hulu With Live TV DVR

The Hulu With Live TV DVR comes with 50 hours of free cloud storage space. To get more space, you can pay for a $9.99/month “Enhanced DVR” package, which gives you 200 hours of space. You can combine Enhanced DVR and Unlimited Screens for $9.99/month. Learn more here.

Hulu With Live TV On-Demand Library

With your Hulu With Live TV subscription, you will also get an ad-supported Hulu on-demand membership. This means you have full access to every Hulu on-demand show, including a huge selection of movies and TV shows, and even some Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale. Learn more here.

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YouTube TV

watch starz without cable youtube tv
Source: YouTube TV

YouTube TV, by Google, is one of the best internet TV streaming services for watching Starz without cable. This is thanks to its great features, reasonable price and fantastic channel lineup. Learn more below.

YouTube TV Pricing and Packages

YouTube TV, like Hulu With Live TV, has only a single package of channels. You’ll get 70+ channels for $49.99/month. Learn more here.

YouTube TV Channels

YouTube TV has a great lineup of channels, but Starz is a premium option, so you’ll need to pay $9/month extra for it. YouTube TV has a huge lineup of other premium channels, too, including Shudder, Sundance Now, Epix, AMC Premiere, and Showtime, to name a few – though it lacks HBO. Learn more here.

YouTube TV Supported Devices

Youtube TV has great device support, and you can watch it on Chrome, iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. Amazon Fire TV is not supported, though. You can also view YouTube TV on Xbox One, and some smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Hisense, VIZIO and Sharp. Learn more here.

YouTube TV Simultaneous Streams

You can watch on up to 3 devices at once with YouTube TV, which is more generous than the average of 2 streams. Learn more here.

YouTube TV DVR

The best feature of YouTube TV is its industry-leading cloud DVR. You can save as much content as you want for up to 9 months, with no other restrictions. You can also make up to 6 accounts, and each one gets its own DVR. Learn more here.

YouTube TV On-Demand Library

The YouTube TV on-demand library is pretty sizeable, and full of movies, recently-aired shows, and a few past seasons from its partner channels. You can get more details about the on-demand library here.

Watch Starz on DirecTV Now

directv now streaming starz without cable top options cord-cutting
Source: DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now was started by AT&T and DirecTV in an attempt to reclaim cord-cutters, and convince younger consumers to subscribe to cable. Because it’s run by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, it has a great selection of channels but it’s curiously lacking when it comes to features. Here’s what you need to know about DirecTV Now.

DirecTV Now Pricing and Packages

DirecTV Now offers a total of seven different packages, as follows:

  • Plus: 40+ channels / $50 per month. Includes HBO
  • Max: 50+ channels / $70 per month. Includes HBO, Cinemax
  • Entertainment: 65+ channels / $93 per month
  • Choice: 85+ channels / $110 per month
  • Xtra: 105+ channels /  $124 per month
  • Ultimate: 125+ channels / $135 per month

If you want to see what comes in each package, click here.

DirecTV Now Channels

Starz is included only with the most expensive Ultimate DirecTV Now package. If you have a lower-priced package, Starz is only available as an $11/month add-on, which is curiously more than it costs to subscribe directly on its website. 

However, every DirecTV Now subscription does come with HBO, and the Max package also comes with Cinemax, which is nice. Learn more here.

DirecTV Now Supported Devices

DirecTV Now does have a very refined user interface, as well as app support on almost all streaming devices. You can watch DirecTV Now on your web browser, iOS and Android devices when you’re out and about. And at home, you can watch on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Learn more here.

DirecTV Now Simultaneous Streams

By default, you can only stream on 2 devices at once with DirecTV Now, but you can pay a $5/month fee for a third simultaneous stream. Learn more here.

DirecTV Now DVR

DirecTV Now does give you a free cloud DVR, but it’s the worst one in the business, which is unfortunate given the already high cost of the service. You can store only 20 hours of content, and your shows are automatically deleted after 30 days. Learn more here.

DirecTV Now On-Demand Library

DirecTV Now has plenty of on-demand content, and claims to have more than 40,000 titles including past seasons, recent episodes and movies. The total number of on-demand titles you get will depend on the subscription package you choose, though. Learn more here.

How to Watch Starz on Amazon Fire TV

You can watch Starz on Amazon Fire TV with one of these streaming services: Sling TV, Hulu With Live TV, or DirecTV Now. To do so, just download the proper app from the Amazon App Store, and install it.

While some cable providers let you use your login for the Starz Amazon Fire TV app, this is not yet supported for any of the above internet TV services.

How to Watch Starz on Roku

You can watch Starz on Roku with one of these streaming services: Sling TV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Now. Just add the appropriate channel from the Roku Channel Store, sign in, and enjoy.

Though Starz does have its own Roku channel, you can’t log in with any of the above services, which is a bit disappointing, since some cable and satellite services like DirecTV are supported by the Starz app.

How to Watch Starz on Apple TV

You can watch Starz on Apple TV with one of these streaming services: Sling TV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Now. Head to the App Store and download the app for the service you’re using, and you’ll be good to go.

You can download the Starz app for Apple TV, too – but you can’t sign in with any of the above services, only with some pay-TV services like Comcast and DirecTV, which is a bit disappointing.

How To Watch Starz On-Demand

If you’re a cord-cutter who doesn’t care to have extra channels, and you’re just looking for the cheapest way to watch Starz without cable, this section of our guide is for you.

Starz offers a variety of standalone subscription options. These won’t allow you to watch Starz live, but you’ll have full access to the entire catalog of Starz movies, TV shows, and original programming on-demand.

If you don’t care about other TV networks or live TV, read on to see how you can watch Starz on-demand. and the Starz App

how to watch starz on-demand without cable top alternatives
Source: Starz

This is definitely the simplest way to watch Starz without cable, especially if you are not interested in a “skinny bundle” service. Following in the footsteps of HBO and Showtime, Starz now offers a standalone Starz streaming subscription, which costs $9/month, and can be subscribed to on a month-to-month basis and canceled any time.

Unlike some other premium networks, such as HBO, Starz does not currently allow you to sign into or the Starz app with your internet TV subscription.

Using or the Starz app, you can watch on-demand shows within a few hours after they air, and get access to their entire library of movies, TV shows, original documentaries, and more.

Currently, the Starz app is available on iOS and Android, as well as on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, so you have plenty of options for streaming your favorite shows and movies.

If you want, you can get signed up now and get a free 7-day trial of Starz to see if you enjoy the movies and programming available.

Amazon Prime Video

watch starz on amazon without cable subscription alternative cord-cutting
Source: Amazon

If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, and you’re looking to simplify your streaming services, you can add Starz to your Amazon Prime Video subscription for $9/month, which is the same fee as

The features you get are essentially identical to the features that you get by subscribing to Starz, and the price is identical. If you already have Amazon Prime, though, and use it to watch most of your on-demand content, it’s nice to have Starz movies integrated into the Amazon Video user interface.

If you want to give Starz on Amazon Prime a shot, you can get signed up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, as well as a 7-day free trial of the Starz channel.