1. Access has apparently changed since I can log in with YouTube tv credentials, but don’t have permission to watch any ESPN3 items. It will let me watch ESPN & ESPN2 from the app.

  2. ESPN3 is NOT NOT NOT available on YTTV Neither Google, YTTV or ESPN have responded to emails regarding why and of course espn is scheduling all the MAJOR matches at ASHE and L Armstrong on ESPN3

    my original subscription price was increased 15 earlier this year – this is outrageous … every other cable and streaming service offers ESPN3… greeeeeeeeeeed

  3. ESPN3 is no longer available on YouTube TV as of August. Which is bogus beyond bogus. Absolutely no reason for that. I cannot imagine how YouTube TV expects to keep sports fans. I will be dumping them for Hulu Live, even though YouTube TV has some advantages over Hulu which made it worth the extra $5/month. Not anymore.


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