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  1. I just got youtube TV, and i’m having a problem getting back to the live menu without continuously clicking the back button and going back through everything I had to go through getting to where I was. Undestand what I’m saying, or am I confusing y’all???

    • Just learned this myself. Turn on your TV. Click and hold Alexa button on Amazon Firestick, and for say example “Alexa tune into NBC. You’ll go to your NBC station, if you want another, click the reverse arrow button and scroll to choice your subscribed to. If you don’t have a Firestick, highly recommend.

  2. all the government CSPAN channels are not there….
    more science channels are needed
    Chinese channels

    get those and I am interested?

  3. Nesn is not now available. A Boston channel for Bruins and red sox game. A double whammy for me, first the increase in price $15 and then loose nesn.
    What a way to do business.

  4. Had YouTube TV and loved it except it had no Hallmark or History channels. No Oak Island and sappy Hallmark movies is not good. Please consider adding these to your line-up and we will gladly come back to YouTube for our streaming service.


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