Cord-cutting Orioles fans have a lot of options for streaming their O’s — as long as you aren’t impacted by Major League Baseball’s blackout policies. These seven options will let you watch the Baltimore Orioles online even if you don’t have a cable subscription.

Which Channels Stream Orioles Baseball?

Watch the Baltimore Orioles Online
Source: MLB

For national broadcasts, Major League Baseball has deals with ESPN, Fox and TBS. You will find baseball games on their main channels as well as ESPN2 and FS1. The league also streams out-of-market games on the MLB Network.

Each team signs its own licensing deals for broadcasting their games on TV. This deal is usually down with one of the national networks’ regional cable channel. Things are different in the Baltimore-DC area. The Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals own a regional sports channel called the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, or MASN.

Only a handful of Orioles games are scheduled for national broadcast, so most of the televised Orioles games are on MASN. Unfortunately, MASN only does deals with cable and satellite TV providers. None of the streaming services carry it. In addition, MLB rules prevent MASN from having its own streaming option.

Streaming Services for Orioles Fans


watch fubotv
Source: fuboTV

When fuboTV’s founders launched their streaming service, they wanted to focus on sports fans — especially soccer fans. Over time, they rounded out their service by adding network TV and basic cable channels. Today’s fuboTV is still sports-centric, but it also has content for the entire family.

Channels and packages

ESPN is the biggest gap in fuboTV’s lineup for sports fans. For whatever reason, America’s largest sports network hasn’t signed a deal with fuboTV. For baseball fans, things look worse because fuboTV doesn’t carry the MLB Network either. You will get Fox, FS1 and TBS but at this point, none of those networks plan to broadcast the Orioles.

Both the fubo and fubo Extra subscription plans give you a mix of sports networks, basic cable channels, and national broadcast channels. Upgrading to fubo Extra simply adds a dozen more.

Features and extras

The cloud DVR you get with your fuboTV subscription lets you record up to thirty hours of content. That’s on the low end of the scale for a subscription service, but you can expand the limit to five hundred hours by paying another $10 per month.

Another upgrade will let your family use more devices at the same time. The standard two-device limit is easy to bump up against. Another $6 per month lets your family add a third device.

  • Living room devices: Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Devices based on Fire TV, Roku and Android TV.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: fuboTV recommends Chrome.

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PlayStation Vue

watch playstation vue
Source: PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a live TV streaming service from Sony. It offers a good selection of TV channels and premium features for a competitive price. However, the fact that it shares branding with Sony’s game console may have limited its popularity. PlayStation Vue works with almost every TV streaming device on the market, so be sure to keep this one in mind.

Channels and packages

In order to get all the channels that broadcast baseball games nationally, you should avoid the cheaper Access plan and instead get the Core plan.

  • Access: 45+ channels for $45 per month.
  • Core: 70+ channels for $50 per month.
  • Elite: 94 channels for $60 per month.
  • Ultra: 96 channels for $80 per month.

Paying even more for the Elite level will not get you more baseball. It will, however, unlock all of the basic cable channels PlayStation Vue carries. The Ultra subscription plan adds premium movie channels to your lineup.

Features and extras

PlayStation Vue’s subscription plans all include features that would require upgrades on competing services. Although each recording can only be saved for four weeks, you can record as many programs as you want. This will come in handy during the post-season.

People with large households will appreciate the five-device limit PlayStation Vue places on simultaneous streaming. The odds of a conflict between family members will be a lot lower.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Televisions based on Amazon Fire TC, Android TV and Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android, Amazon Fire Tablets and iOS.
  • Game consoles: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Sling TV

watch sling tv
Source: Sling TV

The satellite TV company DISH was the first mainstream TV provider to offer live TV streaming when it launched Sling TV several years ago. Some aspects of Sling TV are confusing and its features aren’t always competitive with newer competitors. However, you can customize your Sling TV channel lineup much more than you can with any other service.

Channels and packages

Baseball fans have to get both Sling Orange and Sling Blue in order to get the networks that carry MLB games. Unfortunately, MLB Network isn’t an option. This makes Sling TV a poor option for Orioles fans in particular.

Sling Orange
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$25.00/ month

34 channels


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1 simultaneous stream.

Sling Blue
Free Roku Deal$25.00/ month

49 channels


Free Roku Express

3 simultaneous streams

Sling Orange + Blue
Free Roku Deal
$40.00/ month

56 channels


Free Roku Express

4* simultaneous streams

* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels.

Sling TV’s Extras are channel expansion packs that let you customize your TV-watching experience. The Extras are organized by themes such as Kids and Movies. You also have options to subscribe to foreign-language channels from other countries.

Features and extras

Sling TV does not offer a cloud DVR with any of its subscription plans unless you pay an extra $5 per month. You get fifty hours of recording capacity which is reasonable compared to other services. However, channels like ESPN that are specific to Sling Orange won’t work with Sling TV’s cloud DVR.

Sling Orange channels have another restriction. Only one device can stream them. That means if you want to watch baseball on ESPN and your kid wants to watch Disney’s Paw Patrol, one of you will end up crying. As many as three devices, however, can be streaming the channels that are part of Sling Blue.

  • Living room devices: Azulle Mini PC Sticks, Air TV Player, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Xaomi Mi TV.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Models based on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Also, certain models from LG and Samsung.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Amazon Fire tablets, Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome.

Hulu with Live TV

watch hulu with live tv
Source: Hulu with Live TV

Cord-cutters often subscribe to Hulu’s on-demand service, since it lets them watch currently-running TV series from most networks. But subscribing to Hulu meant giving up on sports and other live broadcasts. Hulu with Live TV fixes that by offering a competitive streaming service along with Hulu’s traditional on-demand content.

Channels and packages

A monthly subscription to Hulu with Live TV is a straightforward $45 for about fifty channels. Baseball fans, and Orioles fans in particular, will be disappointed that MLB Network is not an option.

You won’t be able to do anything about ads in the live broadcasts, but you can get rid of them in Hulu’s on-demand content by paying a $4 per month upgrade.

Features and extras

One way to deal with the live TV commercials is to upgrade Hulu with Live TV’s cloud DVR. By paying another $15 per month, you get two hundred hours of recording capacity rather than just fifty hours. More importantly, you unlock the ability to fast forward through ads in recorded content.

There is another $15 upgrade that lets your household stream to as many devices you want at home and to three devices away from home. Since a discount brings the price of both upgrades down to a combined $20 per month, large households will probably want to get the deal.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Certain Samsung and LG televisions as well as some devices based on Amazon Fire TV or Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • Desktop browsers: Most browsers.

DirecTV Now

watch directv now
Source: DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now ought to be a strong competitor in the streaming TV business, but its owner AT&T hasn’t kept up with the times. The streaming service has been slow to add features. Even worse, changes to DirecTV Now’s subscription plans have made it the most expensive option for streaming live TV.

Channels and packages

Up until early March, baseball fans could get all of the nationally broadcast MLB games with a $55 per month subscription. Now you have to pay $110 to get ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, FS1, TBS and the MLB Network. No other streaming service costs this much.

  • Plus: 40+ channels / $50 per month.
  • Max: 50+ channels / $70 per month.
  • Entertainment: 65+ channels / $93 per month.
  • Choice: 85+ channels / $110 per month.
  • Xtra: 105+ channels /  $124 per month.
  • Ultimate: 125+ channels / $135 per month

Features and extras

Cloud DVRs have been standard features for years on most streaming services. DirecTV Now only launched theirs recently as a “beta” trial. You only get twenty hours of recording capacity, which is the worst in the industry.

You also have to pay an extra $5 per month to stream simultaneously on three devices. Without it, you’re stuck with using two devices at a time.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Roku, Samsung and Amazon Fire TV televisions.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: DirecTV Now only streams to Chrome and Safari browsers. With Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can only manage your settings.

YouTube TV

watch youtube tv
Source: YouTube TV

Support for the local affiliates of national TV networks is what sets YouTube TV apart from its competitors. The company put an effort into landing deals with as many station owners as possible. As a result, you’re more likely to get your local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels through YouTube TV than with any other service.

Channels and packages

The single $40 monthly subscription plan comes with more than seventy channels. This includes all of the national networks the MLB has deals with.

Features and extras

YouTube TV surpasses PlayStation Vue’s unlimited capacity by offering a cloud DVR that lets you keep an unlimited amount of content for up to nine months. You can also create profiles for each person in the house so Google knows exactly what each person watches. In exchange, each profile gets its own cloud DVR library, favorites and watch history.

YouTube TV falls short when it comes to simultaneous streaming. Only three devices can use the service at the same time. This limit applies even if you set up the maximum six user profiles. Another issue on the device side of things is YouTube’s lack of support for the Amazon Fire TV.

  • Living room devices: Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Certain models from HiSense, LG, Samsung and Sharp as well as televisions based on Android TV and Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome.


Stream MLB.TV
Source: MLB

Major League Baseball structured its TV deals so you watch your local team’s game on regional TV channels and a relative handful of important games on national broadcasts. The league created MLB.TV so you can watch all of the other games that are played outside your home market.

What this means for O’s fans depends on where they live. You can’t use MLB.TV to watch the Orioles play if you live near Baltimore. If you live anywhere else in the country, however, MLB.TV lets you see almost all of the games.

Blackout rules

A few more blackout rules apply to MLB.TV. The weekend games broadcast on ESPN, for example, are not available on MLB.TV.

Plans and coverage

Most baseball fans will probably opt for the $119 All Teams plan which lets you watch every out-of-market game and unlocks some additional features. You only save $27 by going with the $92 Single Team plan, so it may not be a good option.


With the exception of Android-based platforms, you can watch MLB.TV at a frame rate of 60 frames per second. This makes a difference for fast-moving plays.

Depending on your device, you will either use the MLB.TV app or the league’s At Bat app.

  • Living room devices: MLB.TV app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: MLB.TV app for certain Samsung televisions and devices based on certain versions of Amazon Fire TV, Android TV or Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: At Bat app for Amazon Fire tablets, Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: MLB.TV app for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Most browsers.