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  1. This new service has the channels my family likes without having to pay for all the sports networks that we don’t care about. Combined with an OTA to cover local news and channels, Philo is a great option for families like mine.

  2. I signed up. It has HGTV History and the Travel channel. Only three I watch. It does not have Fox News BUT go to youtube people stream fox news live. Every two weeks the streams disappear but reappear one minute later. $17.33 per month with tax is Perfect. I have no streaming problems with my iphone or mac book pro.

  3. We have Rokus on every TV, so the comment about only being able to watch on a Roku is short-sighted. Rokus are cheap and can be bought with the money you will save easily. Almost everyone I know has a Roku, not 5-10%. I probably watch 95% of everything I watch on a TV through Roku.

    Second, with the price, you can supplement with CBS All Access and Hulu and get ALL of the network shows. You don’t have to get one streaming services to get everything when there are other options out there. Plus, both of them have commercial free options for just a few dollars more a month.

  4. Hoops – yes, a shortsighted article.
    Roku is cheap, $40 device pays for itself in 2 months, with this bundle. Not everybody needs +50 sports channels.

    Btw, you can run it on PC with HDMI cable to TV, there is no need for Millenials to “only watch video on their phones”. The author says he is a former tech product manager? Amazing…


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