If you love classic movies but don’t like paying a hefty cable bill for TCM, this guide on how to watch TCM without cable is exactly what you need! Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a great way to watch Westerns, cinema classics, and favorites from the early days of the silver screen.

So, how can you watch your favorite movies without paying for a pricey cable or satellite TV subscription? Keep reading to find out!

Internet TV “Skinny Bundles” – The Best Way to Get Cable Channels (Without Cable)

If you want to watch TCM without cable, you’re in luck! For a long time, it would not have been possible to watch a cable channel without a subscription to a TV provider like DirecTV or Spectrum.

But today, there is a new way for you to watch your favorite channels, including TCM. Internet TV “skinny bundles” allow you to get your favorite shows without an expensive cable subscription.

These services, like DirecTV Now, are delivered directly over the internet and don’t require a satellite, cable connection, or any other special equipment. You can watch them on your TV or on your computer, phone, and other devices through dedicated apps.

In addition, all current internet TV providers allow you to sign up for a subscription without any hidden fees or long-term contracts. You just pay a monthly fee – there are no surprises!

Finally, they’re almost all quite a bit cheaper than a cable subscription. Even the priciest internet TV services are cheaper than the average cable bill, which clocks in at a jaw-dropping $100/month.

Which internet TV services let you watch TCM without cable? Take a look at our top picks.


how to watch tcm without cable on fubotv internet tv skinny bundle
Source: fuboTV

fuboTV got its start as a sports-focused streaming service, primarily covering soccer and other international sports. But today, it’s become a fully-fledged internet TV service, with news, sports, movies, entertainment, and more.

Plans, deals, and pricing

fuboTV offers two basic packages, as you can see above. The base-tier “fubo” package costs $45 per month and includes TCM, as well as some other great entertainment channels such as Hallmark Channel, USA, IFC, Oxygen, Viceland, and more. You’ll also get news channels like MSNBC and CNBC, as well as Fox News and CNN. There are around 80 channels in total.

You can upgrade to the “fubo Extra” package for $50 per month, which will get you some extra channels like DIY Network, GSN, Cooking Channel, and more, for a total of over 100 channels.


fuboTV has a reasonable set of features. First, the service allows you to stream on 2 devices simultaneously, which is quite reasonable though not the best simultaneous streaming policy on our list. However, you can add a third stream with the “Family Share” add-on for $6/month.

You also get a free cloud-based DVR with fuboTV. This includes 30 hours of storage. With the optional Cloud DVR Plus add-on, you can get up to 500 hours of storage.

Lastly, fuboTV has good device support. You can stream on your web browser, on iOS and Android devices, and on Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV, among others.

If you want to try it out, you can get a free 7-day trial, and also get your first month for a discounted rate.

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Sling TV

watch tcm on sling tv without cable streaming internet tv skinny bundle
Source: Sling TV

Sling is owned by Dish Network and was first internet TV service when it launched in 2015, which is why it has more than 2 million subscribers. It’s dedicated to customization and “a la carte” channels.

Plans, deals, and pricing

Sling Orange
Free Roku Deal
$25.00/ month

34 channels


Free Roku Express

1 simultaneous stream.

Sling Blue
Free Roku Deal$25.00/ month

49 channels


Free Roku Express

3 simultaneous streams

Sling Orange + Blue
Free Roku Deal
$40.00/ month

56 channels


Free Roku Express

4* simultaneous streams

* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels.

Sling TV offers two different base-tier packages, to which customers can add “extra” channels. Both Sling Orange and Sling Blue cost $25 per month, but have different channels.

Sling Orange has ESPN, for example, while Sling Blue has Fox Sports. There are some channels that overlap, but these two packages are mostly comprised of different channels. If you want both packages, you can combine them with Sling Orange + Blue for $40/month.

TCM does not come in either the Sling Blue or Sling Orange package, by default. Instead, it’s included in one of the many “extras” you can add to your subscription for an additional fee.

To get TCM, you’ll need to purchase the “Hollywood Extra” package, which costs $5/month. In addition to TCM, this package will get you other movie channels like Reelz, CineMoi, Film Detective, and SundanceTV.


Sling has a reasonable set of features, though they do differ somewhat, depending on the package you choose.

Sling Orange only lets you stream on a single device at a time, which is far from ideal. However, Sling Blue allows you to stream on up to 3 devices.

It’s important to note that these restrictions are still in effect if you subscribe to Sling Orange + Blue. You can still only stream Orange channels, like ESPN, on 1 device at a time, though “shared” channels between Orange and Blue – such as TNT – can be viewed on up to 4 devices.

Sling also has a cloud DVR. The catch is that it’s not free. You’ll pay $5/month to record up to 50 hours of content.

Finally, Sling has really good device support. You can stream on iOS and Android, as well as your web browser, TV streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, and even the Xbox One, and some smart TVs from LG and Samsung.

Want to give it a try? You can sign up with Sling for a free 7-day trial now and see if this service is right for you.

PlayStation Vue

Playstation vue watch tcm turner classic movies without cable alternatives subscription
Source: PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s foray into the world of internet TV. And despite great reviews from users and publications alike, it’s struggling to gain a market share. This could be attributed to its relatively high price, as well as the confusing name. (No, you don’t need a PlayStation to watch PlayStation Vue!)

Plans, deals, and pricing

Let’s not avoid the sticker shock. PlayStation Vue is expensive. Here are your plan options:

  • Access – 45+ channels, $45/month
  • Core – 60+ channels, $50/month
  • Elite – 84 channels, $60/month
  • Ultra – All channels from Elite, plus HBO/Showtime, $80/month

If you want to watch TCM without cable, you won’t be able to subscribe to the cheapest, $45/month “Access” package. You’ll need to subscribe to the $50/month “Core” package, or a higher-tier package.

If you do opt for Core, you’ll get a number of other great channels, like WETV, SundanceTV, Decades, and more. Overall, PlayStation Vue offers a good mix of entertainment, movies, sports, news, and reality TV.

If you choose the Elite package, you’ll get even more movie channels, including Epix Hits and MGM HD.


PlayStation Vue’s features help make up for its higher-than-average price. Let’s start with the simultaneous streaming policy. You can stream on up to 5 devices at once with PlayStation Vue, making it ideal if you have a larger household.

In addition, you get a great DVR. You’re limited to keeping your recordings for only 28 days, but there are no other restrictions, so you can store unlimited shows as long as you catch up on your favorite content in a timely manner.

Finally, PlayStation Vue has great device support. Naturally, you can watch using your web browser and iOS/Android devices, as well as the PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, and TV streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

You can try PlayStation Vue with a free 5-day trial at their website now.

Hulu With Live TV

hulu with live tv how to watch tcm without cable alternatives streaming skinny bundle
Source: Hulu With Live TV

Hulu With Live TV launched late last year, and it’s still technically in “beta” but has quickly surged in popularity due to great features and a good lineup of channels.

Plans, deals, and pricing

Hulu With Live TV has only one plan. You’ll pay $40 for a lineup of 50-70 channels, depending on your area. This includes major sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports, news networks like Fox News and CNN, entertainment channels like FX and A&E, and, of course, TCM. For the price, it’s a fantastic lineup of channels.


Hulu With Live TV has some great features which have made it attractive to cord-cutters. First, you get a free Hulu on-demand subscription (a $7.99/month value) for free with your Hulu With Live TV subscription.

You can stream on 2 devices at once. If you need to stream on more devices, you can purchase the Unlimited Streams add-on for $15/month, which lets you stream on as many devices as you want on your home Wi-Fi network, and on 3 mobile devices outside your network.

You also get a free cloud DVR with 50 hours of storage, upgradeable to 200 hours with the $15/month Enhanced DVR package. You can combine Unlimited Screens + Enhanced DVR for $20/month.

Hulu With Live TV also has great device support. You can watch this service on your web browser, mobile iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and Samsung/LG Smart TVs.

Interested? Hulu With Live TV offers a free trial, so you can give it a shot, risk-free.

YouTube TV

youtube tv watch without cable tcm turner classic movies subscription
Source: YouTube TV

Google has gotten in on the internet TV game with YouTube TV. Get the details about this recently-launched service below.

Plans, deals, and pricing

Like Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV keeps things simple. You’ll get 60+ channels for $40 per month, including TCM. Other channels include ESPN and Fox Sports, CNN, National Geographic, FX, TNT, TBS, and other highly sought-after networks.

For the price, it’s a great deal. You get a solid mix of entertainment, news, sports, and movies, and you can watch TCM without cable.


YouTube TV has an excellent set of features, which elevates it away from the crowd. First, you can stream on up to 3 devices at once for no extra fee. You can also create up to 6 user accounts so that each person sharing your subscription can set their own preferences, favorites, and more.

YouTube TV also has the best DVR of any internet TV service. You can record as many shows as you want for up to 9 months, with no other limits.

In the past, YouTube TV was a bit behind the competition when it came to device support. When it launched, you could only watch in on Android and iOS, as well as the Chrome browser and Chromecast. Today, though, you can also watch on Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Android TV, and Samsung and LG Smart TVs.

If you’re interested, you can get a free trial at the YouTube TV website now.

DirecTV Now

directv now watch tcm turner classic movies without cable subscription
Source: DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is AT&T’s attempt to capture the cord-cutting market. As you may expect, it has one of the best channel packages of any internet TV provider, though it is a bit lacking in feature and customizability.

Plans, deals, and pricing

DirecTV Now, like PlayStation Vue, allows you to choose from four different channel packages, as follows:

  • Live A Little – 65+ channels, $40/month
  • Just Right – 85+ channels, $55/month
  • Go Big – 105+ channels, $65/month
  • Gotta Have It – 125+ channels, $75/month

Do those prices have your wallet shaking in fear? Don’t worry. The “Live A Little” package is by far the best deal at just $40/month. You’ll get TCM, as well as most of the top sports, entertainment, and news networks available on cable.


DirecTV Now used to be quite lacking in features compared to the competition, but the recent release of their cloud DVR has put them on more even footing. However, the cloud DVR only allows you to record 20 hours of content, making it the most restrictive option on our list.

You also can only stream on 2 simultaneous devices. You can purchase an extra stream for $5/month, though, if you have the budget for it.

One area in which DirecTV excels is device support. You can watch TCM without cable using DirecTV on the Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and on compatible iOS and Android apps, as well as on your web browser if you use Chrome or Safari.

Curious to try it out? You can get a 7-day free trial now at the DirecTV Now website.

AT&T WatchTV

att watchtv
Source: WatchTV

WatchTV can be thought of as the “Little Brother” of DirecTV Now, as both are owned by AT&T. This stripped-down streaming package offers special discounts to some AT&T customers, and is clearly meant to compete with the $16/month Philo service – which isn’t on this list because it doesn’t have TCM.

Plans, deals, and pricing

AT&T WatchTV has only one plan. You get about 30 channels for $15/month, including TCM, as well as a number of other great channels like A&E, Animal Planet, CNN, Food Network, TNT, TruTV, and others. You can also sign up for some premium channels like Starz, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and HBO for an additional fee.

WatchTV is so cheap because, like Philo, it carries no sports or local TV channels, which are very expensive. And, if you’re an AT&T customer, the deal gets even sweeter. You can get WatchTV with your AT&T Unlimited &Moreor AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plan for no extra cost.


WatchTV is incredibly limited when it comes to features. You can only watch on a single device at a time, which is a huge limitation for folks who are looking to actually replace cable with a streaming service for their whole family. There is also no DVR support, though you do get access to a huge library of on-demand shows and movies.

On a more positive note, though, it works with a good number of streaming devices, including your web browser and iOS/Android phone or tablet, as well as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Chromecast, as well as some Samsung smart TVs.

Overall, though, WatchTV is a bit lacking, although it is the cheapest way to watch TCM without cable. And, if you can get it for free through AT&T, that’s certainly a nice benefit.