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    • Fox news gives their “facts” without anything to back them up.
      MSNBC gives their facts with the backing reasons and investigations.
      HUGE difference. Like the difference between Faith and Science.
      When you are eating, would you rather have faith protecting you from disease and poisons, or science?

    • Jeez, an anonymous person telling us what to and what not to watch… If we listen to your advice we are tools.
      Stick to the subject, watching MSNBC without cable.

  1. Nobody should get their news source from just one place. Even if that one place is extremely accurate, it can’t cover everything. Between MSNBC and Fox, both show their leanings but MSNBC backs up what they say with facts more than Fox does. Fox will actually edit news clips to be more favorable to Trump and his base, such as editing out laughter of derision when Trump spoke overseas to world leaders about BMW manufacturing. But the most important thing is to get news from different sources and to challenge your own beliefs.

    • Ok, I’m no fan of Trump.
      Lets stop the diatribe and stick to the subject, how to watch MSNBC Live without cable.


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