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  1. buyer beware!

    For playstation VUE if you hit “generous” limit of 5 devices logged in (not streaming) and you want to switch to another device, you will be limited to 4 devices for three hours. Then you can login on a different device. You should also expect additional difficulties if you have problems with a login or device or re-configure your devices due to lingering logins forcing a 3 hour delay for each.

    I won’t be going past free trial because of this. I can think of no good reason to delay for 3 hours except that there is some data being passed about device usage that Sony wants to be able to sell and not have to account for ‘abandoned’ user views – it won’t be possible to prove an abandoned user view by having user start another on another device. Almost no program lasts 3 hours. Or, perhaps there is a vulnerability in their DRM…

  2. They try to make it sound as if 40 channels for 45+ dollars a month is a good deal. So, I watch one channel a month, a couple hours a day, essentially I am paying 45+ dollars a month for 1 channel! Where’s the value in that? This is why a cut cable in the first place.


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