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  1. Christopher Yellen

    None of these services carry the CW live in the Phoenix market, and I suspect, many other markets (there’s no reason we would be singled out). The CW has it’s own “space” on YouTubeTV, but you cannot watch anything live – it is on demand with commercials. That may indeed be the only (and best) way to catch CW content, but you should just say that instead of trying to sell people on streaming packages that won’t actually solve their challenge.

  2. I reached out to YouTube TV via live chat, and was informed that The CW is an On-Demand feature only, not live.
    Very disappointed!

  3. The CW live broadcast is not available on DirecTV Stream in the Los Angeles market. It’s only available On Demand, so you have to wait one to two days after a live broadcast to watch the same show on demand.


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