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  1. I’ve tried them all. Hulu Live is FANTASTIC, it’s on the most important streamer in my house, The ROKU boxes, we have 3. HULU Live, is in the “who is your cable provider” box, so you can sign into other TV apps too. Hulu is on practically any other devices too. Hulu has a nice selection of channels and a decent, not quite a guide -guide.

    I’m pay Live TV + commercial free and the old Hulu (VOD) service. If they could just get my regional sports (AT&T Sportsnet Pittsburgh for Penguins & Pirates games)… I wouldn’t need to look “elsewhere”, if you know what I mean.. 😉

    I would absolutely pay for it.

    YouTube is sweet, but its messy and not “wife friendly” and NOT on Roku. Their unlimited DVR is awesome too, but I need their service to be “wife” friendly. Like Roku easy… Plus no local sportsnet.

    PS Vue – is also excellent and since it’s out on Roku, I might just pull the trigger and try it again.

    Directv Now – Is like cable TV on your Android devices, but that includes all the crap channels and commercials that cable comes with. However, If I had AT&T (mobile carrier), I might do, but I don’t… They have HUGE discounts fir Dtv Now if have AT&T.


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