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  1. Directv Now is not currently a dependable source of streaming during prime time. Over the last several weeks they have had significant capacity and consistency issues that during prime time event broadcasts render the server practically unusable. Simply google Directv Now Problems and review recent comments regarding system outages.

  2. Thank you so much Eric! I have just cut the cord with Verizon!! Yeah!! $275 a month and NO premium channels!! WTF!! I started reading and comparing streaming services after I bought a ROKU tv and sticks for all TVs! I was quite overwhelmed trying to compare and find the best service for me and my family! Your article made it EASY to compare the best services in one place!! Thanks! For now I’ve chosen HULU basic, and Sling Blue, we already had Disney plus. EVERYONE is happy and the monthly bill is WAY below cable! $54 for all of that!!!😁


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