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Best Fubo Alternatives: Top 7 Options

If you're using or considering fubo, you're likely looking for a complete sports package. But if fubo's cost is too high, or its lack of ESPN is a letdown, there are some notable alternatives to consider. The best fubo alternatives you may want to explore include: Hulu + Live TVESPN+, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV. If you're traveling, or live outside of the US, you may want to consider DAZN as well.

You can preview live content schedules on most of these services using our free TV guide. Each TV guide offers a color-coded breakdown of the available content on different channels within each services' subscription packages, alongside other useful features.

Hulu + Live TV is best for on-demand features

Source: Hulu

Although the only sports channel you can get from Hulu + Live TV not available on fubo is ESPN, Hulu's expansive on-demand library may make it a better option for those who want additional non-sports-related streaming options. Alongside that, Hulu + Live TV offers some improvements over other areas where fubo is weak.

Hulu + Live TV Pricing and Packages

Hulu + Live TV offers two plans, one with ads for its on-demand titles, and one without ads.

Award winning Hulu originals
Thousands of shows and movies
Award winning Hulu originals
Thousands of shows and movies
67 Channels
2 simultaneous streams
ESPN and Disney
67 Channels
2 simultaneous streams
ESPN and Disney

That price comes with some rather impressive add-ons, with subscriptions to Disney+ and ESPN+. If you're already paying for either (or both) of those services, getting Hulu + Live TV can save you nearly $100 per year, or more. Learn more about Hulu's packages.

Hulu + Live TV Channels

Hulu + Live TV is great for sports fans, particularly soccer fans. It includes NBCSN, which covers major Premier League soccer matches in England. It also has CBS Sports Network, The Big 10 Network, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNEWS, as well as Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. Hulu + Live TV lacks the soccer channel beIN TV, though.

Learn more about Hulu's live TV channels.

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DirecTV Stream has wide sports channel options

Source: DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream may be one of the most expensive options on our list on a channel-to-price comparison, but it's also the only service with an HBO-included package offer.

DirecTV Stream Pricing and Packages

DirecTV Stream has four different plans to choose from, with ranging price points. Though it doesn't advertise its more expensive packages very heavily, they may be where you want to go for full sports coverage. You can get around 125 channels or more from the service, including almost every major and many minor sports networks.

75+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
105+ Channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
140+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
150+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR

Learn more about DirecTV Stream's pricing.

DirecTV Stream Channels

You'll find ESPN's family of channels (not available through fuboTV), and more, including Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and most regional sports networks. Check out the complete list of DirecTV Stream's channels.

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ESPN+ is the best for cheap ESPN content

Source: ESPN+

Although ESPN+ won't get you access to the mainline ESPN content, it offers a wide selection of hard-to-find sports streams, like UFC (which you can't get from fubo). As such, it may be a good fubo alternative if you're only looking for some key sports, or you could sign up to it alongside fubo to extend your sports streaming options.

ESPN+ Pricing and Packages

ESPN+ has just one plan for less than $10 a month. At that price, you'll get a wide selection of sports streams, including some you won't find on any fubo channel.

Live sports and ESPN+ originals
Thousands of live events

As noted earlier, Disney is now bundling ESPN+ with Hulu + Live TV. If you're getting ESPN+ and Disney+ and want sports, Hulu + Live TV may make a ton of sense for you.

Learn more about ESPN's pricing.

ESPN+ Channels

As a niche streaming service, ESPN+ does not offer a selection of different channels. That said, you may find multiple sports streams happening at the same time, which can include soccer, tennis, MMA, boxing, and more.

Read our ESPN+ review for more information.

DAZN is best for non-US sports fans or travelers

Source: DAZN

DAZN is the single best option for fight sports in the US. But that's not what makes it a good fuboTV alternative. If you live in or are traveling to Canada, Japan, Brazil, or a few European countries, DAZN has the most complete sports package you'll find anywhere in the world, at a much lower price than fubo offers.

DAZN Pricing and Packages

For US fans, DAZN has one singular plan that you can pay for monthly or yearly.

Stream the biggest events in boxing and more

Prices vary outside the US, but most are between $9.99 USD to around $20 USD per month. Find out more information on DAZN's subscription plans.

DAZN Channels

Similar to ESPN+, DAZN doesn't offer a selection of channels. Instead, you'll get a selection of live streams, which can occur simultaneously depending on which sports are available. In the US, DAZN primarily offers fighting sports, like MMA and Boxing, although some other minor sports, like gymnastics, snooker, and darts are also available.

Outside the US, you can get almost every sport you can think of, including NFL football, MLB, soccer, golf, hockey, Formula 1, and much more.

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YouTube TV is best for local sports broadcasts

Source: YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides a rather wide selection of channels for the price, but it has a heavy emphasis on sports and local broadcast networks.

YouTube TV Pricing and Packages

Although the service keeps raising prices, its price tag is still worth it compared to fubo. Youtube TV has one English plan, and one Spanish plan. On occasion, YouTube TV offers discounts for new subscribers, such as a $10 per month discount on the first three months of service. What's more, it's really easy to cancel YouTube TV whenever you want.

Learn more about YouTube TV's pricing.

YouTube TV Channels

For the price, YouTube TV has excellent sports channel coverage, including ESPN, NBA TV, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, regional sports networks for NBC Sports, and local broadcast networks for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX (availability varies depending on your location). Learn more about YouTube TV's channels.

For more information on Youtube TV and what is has to offer, read our full review.

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