Hayu is an on-demand streaming service that focuses exclusively on American reality TV shows. With a 6,000-episode library of on-demand content, subscribers always have access to the reality shows they love. As a result, a Hayu DVR isn’t required.


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Does Hayu Come With a DVR?

Since Hayu is a pure on-demand service, it does not offer a cloud-based digital video recording feature. In a way, the entire service is like accessing someone’s DVR in the United States. When a new show premiers or a new episode airs, the show is almost always immediately available in the Hayu app.

Hayu’s On-the-Go Viewing Feature

However, one nice feature Hayu does offer is the ability to download episodes to your iOS or Android mobile device. Offline viewing makes travel much more convenient. When you download shows, they will appear in the “My Shows” section of Hayu’s app.

Hayu’s On-Demand Programming

Fans of American reality TV around the world are subscribing to Hayu. In addition to the huge back catalog, Hayu adds about 500 new episodes every year. These shows appear on Hayu shortly after they air in the United States. For more information, check out Flixed’s article Hayu On-Demand Library 2019 – The Complete Breakdown.

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