Hayu is a purely on-demand streaming service that attracts subscribers by focusing on one television genre: reality TV.


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How Much Content is Available On-Demand From Hayu?

Hayu has amassed a library containing more than 6,000 episodes of American reality TV shows. Every year, another 500 episodes join the catalog. The exact count will vary from country to country due to the nature of licensing agreements.

You will also run into geographical restrictions. If you travel to a country where Hayu is not available, you will not be able to stream Hayu content. If you are a resident of one of Hayu’s territories in the European Union, then you can watch your home country’s content while you’re in another EU country.

Australians, Canadians, Filipinos, Hong Kongers, Norwegians and Singaporeans can watch the local version of Hayu whenever they travel to another country where Hayu is available.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect?

Hayu is all about American reality TV. You’ll find shows like Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, Million Dollar Listing New York and the various flavors of Real Housewives.

The latest episodes of many of these shows will appear very soon after they air in the United States.

Does Hayu On-Demand Content Have Commercials?

No, Hayu’s subscription service is ad-free.

What Apps Can I Use to Watch Hayu On-Demand?

Hayu is available on all of the major desktop, mobile and streaming platforms. However, app availability varies by country. For full details, check out the article Hayu Device Support – Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and More.

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