Cord-cutters don’t need cable to get their recommended daily allowance of Food Network programming. Whether you’re into the fast-paced competition of Cutthroat Kitchen or learning California-style cooking with Giada at Home, these nine options will let you watch Food Network without cable.

Live TV Streaming Services

A skinny bundle is an easy, and affordable, way to get Food Network and your other favorite channels without a cable subscription. These services stream live TV content over the internet direct to your home network or mobile devices. That convenience makes these services a great way to get the variety of cable content without the expense.

YouTube TV is the only one of the eight major streaming services that does not offer Food Network, leaving you with plenty of options.


philo alternative cord cutting

Philo is the newest streaming service in a crowded field. It decided to set itself apart from other services by addressing cord-cutters’ main complaints: the high price of cable. Philo offers the cheapest streaming TV service with a $16-per-month subscription.

How can it get away with such a low price? Philo decided not to offer the most expensive sources of content: local TV and sports networks. Lifestyle and family entertainment is what you’ll find on Philo. Fortunately, Food Network counts as both.

One of the downsides to being so new is Philo’s limited support for living room devices. Roku is the only option since Philo does not support Chromecast or AirPlay.

  • Living room devices: Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.


Entertainment on FuboTV
Source: FuboTV

Sports fans who enjoy cooking will want to take a look at fuboTV. It started out as a sports-centric streaming service with a heavy focus on soccer. Last year it added more lifestyle and entertainment channels to become a more complete alternative to cable.

The Food Network, Bravo and Syfy now sit side-by-side in fuboTV’s channel lineup with NBA TV, Fox Soccer Plus and the CBS Sports Network.

fuboTV keeps things simple with a single subscription plan, the $39.99 per month fubo Premier plan. Expansion options let you add even more sports as well as Showtime’s nine entertainment channels.

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Even though it’s a smaller company, fuboTV offers the same range of apps as DirecTV Now:

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome is recommended.

Sling TV

Sling TV
Source: Sling TV

Sling TV is a subsidiary of Dish Network which gives it access to a wide range of channels. Unfortunately, Sling TV’s attempt to brand itself as an “a la carte” service produced a confusing combination of plans and add-on packages.

Sling Orange
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$25.00/ month

34 channels


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1 simultaneous stream.

Sling Blue
Free Roku Deal$25.00/ month

49 channels


Free Roku Express

3 simultaneous streams

Sling Orange + Blue
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$40.00/ month

56 channels


Free Roku Express

4* simultaneous streams

* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels.

The Food Network is part of the lineup for both base plans as well as Sling TV’s combination plan.

  • Sling Orange: 30 channels for $20
  • Sling Blue: 45 channels for $25
  • Sling Orange+Blue: 53 channels for $40

Note that combining the 30-channel Orange plan with the 45-channel Blue plan does not give you 30+45 = 75 channels. Our review of Sling TV’s channel offering is a handy decoder for the company’s complicated system.

Fortunately getting Sling TV is the hard part. A wide range of supported devices makes watching Sling TV much easier:

  • Living room devices: Air TV Player, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Certain models from LeEco, LG, Samsung and ZTE.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Amazon Fire tablets, Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome.

DirecTV Now

directv now
Source: ATT

Although it shares its name with AT&T’s satellite TV company, DirecTV Now is a stand-alone internet TV service. That corporate tie-in means DirecTV Now’s customers have access to the largest channel lineup of any streaming service.

The company is also rolling out new features in 2018 to add more value. A cloud DVR, high dynamic range (HDR) content, and 4K ultra high definition video streams are just some of the things on tap.

DirecTV Now’s subscription plans start to approach cable levels at the high end. Food Network, however, is a standard part of even the most affordable option:

  • Live a Little: 60+ channels / $35 per month.
  • Just Right: 80+ channels / $50 per month.
  • Go Big: 100+ channels / $60 per month.
  • Gotta Have It: 120+ channels / $70 per month.

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Device support is not one of DirecTV Now’s strengths. Fortunately, you will find apps for the most popular living room and mobile devices.:

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome and Safari.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu vpn

When ABC, Fox and NBC founded Hulu as a source for on-demand content in 2007, it quickly became one of the top video sites in the US. Last year than 54 million people watched Hulu and its new Hulu with Live TV skinny bundle service.

The $39.99-per-month subscription plan delivers more than fifty channels, including Food Network, in addition to Hulu’s massive on-demand library. Add-on services include expanded DVR storage and unlimited streaming on home your home network.

Hulu also distinguishes itself by supporting the widest range of devices of any streaming TV service:

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player, Roku and TiVo.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Certain models from LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Amazon Fire Tablets, Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8
  • Game consoles: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has TLC
Source: PlayStation Vue

Not just for gamers, Sony’s PlayStation Vue is a multi-platform cable alternative. It offers good support for local TV stations and a large channel lineup that includes Food Network in every service plan.

  • Access: 45 channels for $39.99 per month.
  • Core: 60 channels for $44.99 per month.
  • Elite: 84 channels for $54.99 per month.
  • Ultra: 87 channels, including HBO and Showtime, for $74.99 per month.

Sony’s device support ranks second behind Hulu. Surprisingly, Sony hasn’t produced PlayStation Vue apps for its own televisions. Not so surprisingly, Sony did not develop apps for Microsoft’s Xbox.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None (not even Sony’s).
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android, Amazon Fire Tablets and iOS.
  • Game consoles: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Xfinity Instant TV

Comcast Xfinity Instant TV
Source: Xfinity

Even cable companies are starting to get into the skinny bundle business. Xfinity Instant TV lets Comcast internet subscribers stream TV without a cable subscription.

But Comcast is still a cable company. You won’t actually know how much Xfinity Instant TV costs until you get your first month’s bill. Xfinity Instant TV itself costs $10 per month, which gets you most of your local broadcast TV stations. Then you have to pay “up to” $8 per month to cover the broadcast TV fee. Xfinity’s fine print says that all of that is “subject to change” and promises to charge you extra for taxes and “other fees”.

The basic Xfinity Instant TV plan won’t get you Food Network, however. You have to subscribe to the $15-per-month Entertainment Channel Pack for that. So your total price will end up being somewhere around $23 per month.

Plus, you will still be dealing with a cable company whose interest in supporting anything other than its cable boxes seems minimal:

  • Living room devices: Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome and Safari.

The Food Network App


Watch Food Network streaming site
Source: Watch Food Network

Watch Food Network is Food Network’s streaming website. It has a large number of clips, previews and on-demand episodes that anyone can watch. The site also gives you a chance to stream Food Network’s live broadcast through a decent number of streaming apps:

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Amazon Fire tablets, Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Leaves you hungry for more

No Rachael Ray on Watch Food Network
Source: Watch Food Network

Food Network, like most other TV channels, won’t let you watch its live stream or every on-demand episode unless you have a “TV provider.” In the past, that has meant a cable or satellite subscription, but not anymore.

Food Network now lets subscribers of Hulu with Live TV, Philo, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and Xfinity Instant TV access premium Food Network content. Subscribers to DirecTV Now and fuboTV, however, remain locked out.

Unlocking the Food Network app still doesn’t give you the full catalog of Food Network programming. It only lists thirty-two shows with content available to stream on-demand. Even then, that content isn’t complete.

You will only find twenty-seven episodes of Chopped, for example, out of the nearly five hundred produced. The only Good Eats content is a three-minute clip about buffalo wings.

Many older shows are not in the app at all. Fans of Rachael Ray, for example, won’t find any of her cooking shows.

What people think of the Food Network app

People get Food Network app because they love Food Network. That love for the channel carries over to the app. It ranks 4.4 on the Apple App Store and 4.1 on Google Play but only 3.5 on the Roku Channel Store.

Owners of iOS devices complain about auto-playing videos and the way some videos end before episodes are over. Some Android owners run into compatibility issues with their particular phone.

On-Demand Services

On-demand services let you watch Food Network programming without subscribing to a live TV service. You may not get the newest episodes, but let’s face it: most of the shows on Food Network each day are repeats anyway.



Food Network on Hulu
Source: Hulu

Hulu is the only on-demand option for Food Network. In addition to the rest of Hulu’s on-demand library, you get access to nineteen Food Network shows. That includes popular primetime shows like Good Eats, Chopped and Food Network Star.

There are, of course, some things that you don’t get. Hulu can’t show every season. You can only watch eight of Chopped’s thirty-six seasons, for example. You also don’t get Food Network’s daytime cooking shows like Giada at Home or Pioneer Woman.

Hulu’s on-demand service is much less expensive compared to Hulu with Live TV.

  • Hulu Streaming Library: $7 per month.
  • Hulu Streaming Library With No Commercials: $11 per month.

Other on-demand options


Food Network Star on Vudu
Source: Vudu

Subscribers to other on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are out of luck. The Food Network’s parent company, Scripps Networks Interactive, signed an exclusive deal with Hulu for on-demand streaming.

Without a Hulu subscription, your only option is to purchase season passes from places like iTunes, Vudu or Amazon. You would be better off buying the DVD or Blu-ray. The discs cost about as much as the digital rights.

Which Option is Best?

Because everybody has their own priorities, there’s no perfect answer. Here is some general advice to help you get Food Network without cable.

Best overall: Hulu with Live TV

Subscribing to Hulu with Live TV gets you the live feed from Food Network and a selection of on-demand content. You also get local TV, a cloud DVR and all of the other benefits Hulu with Live TV has to offer.

Once you obtain Hulu with Live TV credentials, you can unlock the content in Food Network’s app. To be honest, though, Hulu’s on-demand catalog of Food Network shows seems better-stocked than Food Network’s own app.

Sports fans who cook: fuboTV

The selling point for fuboTV is its heavy lineup of sports channels. If you think competitive cooking is as exciting as the World Cup, then take a close look at fuboTV.

Foodies who don’t care about sportsball: Philo

Cutting sports channels lets Philo charge the lowest price out there for streaming live TV. Plus, Philo credentials can unlock the Food Network app. As long as you’re OK with the limited number of apps, Philo’s a no-brainer.