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Netflix Review 2023: Is the Streaming Giant Still Worth the Premium Price?

Not only is Netflix the most recognizable name in streaming, it’s one of the most valuable brands in the world. (It’s even got its own euphemism.) But over the past few years, many of its content partners left to launch their own streaming services and some of its biggest shows went to other platforms. Friends went to HBO Max, Once Upon a Time went to Disney+, and The Office went to Peacock – all within about a year of those services launching. Our in-depth Netflix review takes a look at what’s left to let you know if the streaming giant is still worth your money in 2022.

What is Netflix?

Despite reporting a loss of 200,000 subscriptions in a 12-month period, with over 221 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix still ranks as the world’s most popular on-demand streaming service.

Back in 2018, CNN digital correspondent Paul R. La Monica dubbed Netflix “the king of all media.” And last year when the streamer hauled in the most Emmys ever for a single platform – with 44 awards – it seemed to confirm that title. But a lot can change in a year, and this month HBO and HBO Max dominated the premier TV awards show with 37 Emmys – compared to Netflix’s 26.

It’s too early to say this signifies a regime change, but it’s definitely a shift in the landscape. Granted, Netflix is no stranger to shifting landscapes. In fact, it’s where the streamer thrives.

The history of Netflix dates back to the late-90s. In its early years, Netflix was a mail-order DVD rental service. However, founder Reed Hastings never intended to stay in the DVD rental business and has his sights set on streaming from early on.

When Hastings brought in Ted Sarandos to manage Netflix’s content library in 1999, he explained to him that he intended to pivot to streaming – hence the name Netflix. The company held off launching its streaming service for many years – until the summer of 2007 – then immediately pursued an aggressive expansion strategy.

Originally only available in the United States, Netflix’s territory now extends to every corner of the planet. There are only 5 countries on earth where Netflix is not available – China, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, and Russia.

Netflix 60-second summary

Source: Netflix

Unlike niche streaming services geared toward fans of specific genres or content types, like Shudder for horror or Crunchyroll for anime, Netflix doesn’t target a specific demographic. In the past, Netflix’s user base skewed young, but recent data puts the median age of Netflix’s core viewers between 35 and 44. And according to a study from Civic Science back in 2017, Netflix’s American user base reflected the country’s general population in terms of gender, income, education and age.

Netflix's content library varies from country to country, but a single user account works around the world. Some titles and studios are no longer available on the platform, as content partners left to launch their own streaming services.

However, a lot of the titles lost are offset by new original content. In Q3 of 2021, Netflix put out around 130 original titles and produced 2,700+ hours of content. The company also reportedly spent $17 billion on content that year.

Netflix is currently ad-free and requires a paid subscription, with 3 plans ranging in price from $10 to $20 per month. And while having no commercials has always been a big selling point for Netflix, the industry is changing – and changing fast. The company recently announced that it is launching a cheaper, ad-supported tier later this year, likely in November.

The pros and cons of Netflix

As other production companies have left to create their own streaming services, Netflix has replaced those lost shows and movies with its own. For that reason, if you’re looking for an all-you-can-binge buffet of content from a variety of different sources, Netflix may no longer be the best option.

On the other hand, Netflix's collection of originals is very compelling. And due to all the content partner departures, the service’s original content library has ballooned in recent years. In fact, Netflix Originals now make up half of the US library. The shows represent a large number of different genres, ranging from comedies to dramas to documentaries and more.

Creating more content means they won’t all be hits – and the current quality of the Netflix Originals is a hotly debated topic online – Netflix did take home the second-most  Emmys this month. If the platform continues producing enough hits like Stranger Things and Ozark, it should be able to keep pace with its growing number of competitors.

6 reasons to get (or stick with) Netflix

  • 3,600+ movies and 1,800+ TV shows (17,000 titles globally)
  • No ads (but an ad-supported tier is coming)
  • High-quality original titles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust device support
  • Downloadable content to watch offline

5 reasons to not get (or ditch) Netflix

  • Most expensive on-demand streaming service
  • No live TV, news or sports
  • Fewer simultaneous streams than competitors
  • Some countries get much less content
  • Basic plan is 480p SD video quality

Netflix has 3 ad-free plans available

Netflix currently offers 3 ad-free subscription plans – Basic, Standard and Premium – and there was a time when it was the great, cheap alternative to cable TV and movie rentals. However, continual price hikes over the years, and the rise of low-priced competitors, have made Netflix the most expensive on-demand streaming service out there.

  • Basic subscribers are limited to streaming in 480p SD (Standard Definition) video quality, one stream at a time, and can only download content to watch offline on one device.
  • Standard subscribers can steam in 1080p HD (High Definition) video quality. They can watch on 2 screens at the same time and download content to watch offline on 2 different devices.
  • Premium subscribers can watch select shows in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) video quality, plus they can watch 4 screens simultaneously and download content to watch offline on 4 different devices.

While these plans have the same features all over the world, the prices differ from country to country, and people in some countries will get a better price-per-title deal. For more on these plans and prices, check out Netflix Plans and Pricing in 2022 – Everything You Need to Know.

Over half of Netflix’s library is original content

Research firm Ampere analyzed Netflix's content library at the end of 2018 to learn more about its composition. According to Vox, they discovered that Netflix originals, when measured in hours, only made up 8% of the total Netflix catalog. However, as noted above, the percentage of original content has since ballooned to 50% – a target that Netflix CFO David Wells announced as a long-term goal back in 2016.

The 2018 study noted that 13% of the library’s content was licensed from Viacom, CBS, Sony, PBS, MGM or HBO, while almost 20% of the titles were owned by NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, Disney or Fox. As already noted, many of those companies now have their own streaming service or a stake in one.

NBCUniversal launched Peacock, Disney launched Disney+, and CBS and Viacom merged, then relaunched CBS All Access as Paramount+. Then earlier this year, WarnerMedia acquired HBO (getting it HBO Max), and MGM was acquired by Amazon, becoming part of Prime Video. That leaves Sony as the sole major studio standing on the streaming sidelines.

These are the most popular shows on Netflix

Netflix has been famously secretive about its viewer data and how its shows perform, but it became a bit more forthcoming starting last year when it started publishing its Top 10 most-watched TV shows and films.

Every Tuesday, Netflix posts 4 global Top 10 lists for films and TV, with these 2 main categories divided into English and Non-English content. The weekly data is based on hours viewed and you can look at weekly lists dating back to June 28, 2021.

Netflix also lists its most popular films and TV shows ever, based on hours viewed during a show’s first 28 days on the platform. For these rankings, it counts each season as a distinct program, so you can see which season performed the best. For example, season 2 of Bridgerton holds the #2 spot with

Here are some of the Netflix hits and recent #1 movies and TV shows from the past couple of months.

Stranger Things

Source: Netflix

Stranger Things is without a doubt Netflix’s flagship series and one that keeps subscribers locked in. Unfortunately, its upcoming 5th season will be its last.

The supernatural/horror drama is set in the 1980s and follows the adventures of a group of kids as they investigate their friend’s disappearance. Season 4 is the second-most-watched show on the platform and sits high atop Netflix’s “Top 10 Most Popular” list for English TV with over 1.35 billion hours viewed in its first 28 days.

Squid Game

Source: Netflix

Squid Game – another Netflix original – is the platform’s most popular show overall (in any language). Its first season attracted enough eyeballs to watch 1.65 billion hours in its first 28 days. It’s just the kind of hit show Netflix needs to take the place of the recently departed Ozark and the soon-to-depart Stranger Things.

Even though it's the streamer’s most popular program ever, it’s definitely not for everyone. The Korean survival drama is packed with extreme violence, sex, and torture, revolving around 456 financially-troubled contestants competing in a series of deadly children’s games.

Nonetheless, it garnered 14 Emmy nominations this year and was the first non-English language show to ever be nominated for Best Drama.

Money Heist

Source: Netflix

Netflix’s third-most-watched program is another Netflix original and also a non-English show. The 5th season of Spain's Money Heist tallied over 792 million hours viewed in its first 28 days. Not only that, its 4th season had over 619 million hours viewed, placing it behind only the first 2 seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix’s all-time most-watched lists, regardless of language or format.

The series follows a group of 8 unconnected (and anonymous) people selectively recruited by a criminal mastermind known as the Professor. The first 2 seasons have the gang robbing the Royal Mint of Spain, then they regroup in the later seasons to rob the Bank of Spain.

It won and was nominated for numerous awards, including winning an International Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2018.

Red Notice

Source: Netflix

In the same way that Hulu has a knack for limited series, Netflix’s forte is clearly the regular, ongoing TV series. However, it’s been investing heavily in major motion pictures as well. This year’s The Gray Man, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, cost a reported $200 million and ranks 4th on Netflix’s all-time list for English-language films.

Sitting at #1 for films is Red Notice, starring Hollywood heavyweights Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The action-comedy has an Interpol agent, FBI agent, and world-renowned art thief team up to hunt down an ever more-renowned art thief – and blockbuster shenanigans ensue.

With over 364 million hours viewed in its first 28 days, it’s Netflix’s most popular movie to date. Nielsen also reported that it was the fifth-most-watched streaming movie in 2021. Also budgeted at $200 million, the film has 2 sequels planned that are set to be filmed back-to-back.

Netflix has plenty of locally-produced content

Netflix has established relationships with production companies in many different countries. For example, Netflix brought in the South Korean drama production company AStory and the result was the zombie-flavored period drama Kingdom.

Production companies in Japan, Korea, India and Thailand have also teamed up with Netflix. Since Netflix controls the rights to these locally produced shows and movies, all Netflix subscribers can enjoy them with subtitles.

Netflix offers 3 levels of stream quality

Netflix first debuted 4K streaming in 2014, when 4K technology was still quite new. Prior to that breakthrough, YouTube was the only other major streaming service that was 4K-capable. Only Netflix originals and a few nature documentaries could be viewed in 4K when Netflix first debuted the feature, but now there are over 1,100 titles in 4K according to HD Report.

However, while Netflix’s stream quality is up to 4K, only Premium subscribers get access to that level of quality. Basic subscribers can only view content in 480p SD, which is essentially only good for watching on mobile devices.

Standard subscribers can watch content in up to 1080p HD quality, which is typically good enough for most people – until they’ve experienced 4K in all its glory. But for people with home theater setups who’ve invested in a 4K big-screen TV, HD quality probably isn’t going to cut it.

Netflix can be watched on a wide range of devices

Source: Netflix

Netflix has a robust app lineup. Nearly every type of popular TV device has a Netflix app, from streaming media players to smart TVs and even Blu-ray players.

Watch Netflix on Roku devices

You don’t even need to visit Roku’s app store to download Netflix. Most Roku devices come with Netflix pre-installed.

Watch Netflix on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick

As is the case with Roku, Amazon ships their Fire TV Stick devices with Netflix already installed. All you have to do to get started is click the Netflix app. From there, you can either set up a new account or access your current one if you’re already a subscriber.

Watch Netflix on Apple TV

Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 both come with Netflix pre-installed, but if you have an Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K, you’ll have to download Netflix from the Apple Store to get started.

Watch Netflix on iPhones and iPads

Netflix looks even better on an iPad since it’s optimized to use the extra space afforded by the larger screen. The iTunes app has a 4/5 star rating, but most of the negative reviews don’t have much to say about the actual app – they’re mainly complaints about how the content library changes between Netflix regions.

Watch Netflix on Android phones and tablets

It’s got over a billion downloads on Google Play, and from the 13.6 million people who left reviews, it’s got an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Most of the complaints center around various minor bugs and glitches.

Watch Netflix on smart TVs

Netflix has partnered with a wide variety of smart TV makers, including Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Smart TVs that are a part of Netflix’s “Netflix Recommended TV” program come equipped with a Netflix button on their remotes and Netflix preinstalled.

Watch Netflix on desktops and laptops

In addition to the apps mentioned above, you can watch Netflix the good old-fashioned way by opening up a web browser and logging into the Netflix website. All the most popular browsers are compatible and you don’t have to install anything extra to begin streaming.

Watch Netflix on other platforms and devices

A wide variety of different Blu-ray players are compatible with Netflix, including devices from Samsung, Sony, Philips, Toshiba and several others. Pretty much any Blu-ray player that has a built-in WiFi antenna can access the on-demand service.

For a deep dive into which devices you can watch Netflix on, check out our article on Netflix Device Support in 2022.

How helpful is Netflix customer support?

Even though Netflix is very easy to use, problems can obviously arise now and then. Service outages are increasingly rare these days, but they still happen from time to time. There may be occasions when Netflix apps glitch out and need to be reinstalled or tweaked.

When these types of situations arise, the fastest way to get help is through Netflix’s support site: The site will connect you with knowledge base articles that will hopefully help you resolve your issue. You can also search for error codes there. If you can’t find a solution on your own, you can get in touch with Netflix’s 24/7 online chat help desk.

To find out if there’s an outage, you can visit Is Netflix Down? or check Netflix’s official Twitter account. And for our deep dive into the streamer's support, check out Netflix Customer Support in 2022 – What Kind of Help Can I Get?

How to cancel your Netflix subscription

Canceling Netflix is a simple and painless process. All you have to do is log into your Netflix account, select Account and then click the big grey Cancel Netflix button. After you verify that you want to cancel, you can continue using the service until the next billing period arrives. At that point, you’ll lose access to Netflix. You don’t have to complete any surveys or make a phone call to quit.

Check out How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription for more information about stopping your service.

What is Netflix’s refund policy?

There’s no way to get a refund after you cancel your Netflix subscription. You can access your account until the next billing period, after which you have 10 months to reactivate it. If you wait any longer to restart your subscription, Netflix will delete all of your account data.

Tips, Hacks, Extensions and Tools for Netflix

Sometimes it can be downright difficult to browse new content. The parental controls can be hard to locate. And then there are the often lousy recommendations Netflix gives all of us. All told, Netflix may have some of the best content but it can still cause headaches for the average user.

Now, however, we have some solutions. Through extensive research, we’ve compiled a complete guide to useful hacks, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of your Netflix subscription.

Use Hidden Netflix Codes to Unlock More Genres

Netflix has far more categories than it advertises. For almost every broad category available on Netflix, there are multiple subcategories that make finding content easier. The only problem? You’ll need the code for it.

Click here to check out our ultimate guide to hidden Netflix codes.

Note that Netflix codes will only work in the web browser version. To use hidden codes, you’ll need an address like this one ( with the “XXXXX” replaced with a specific code. For example, the code for Anime Drama is “10695, making the web address you’d use “”. You will also need to be logged into your account in order to use the codes correctly.

Don’t like doing the searching manually? Try one of the following Chrome browser plugins that will search the hidden library for you:

  • FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Finder - A quick and easy hidden codes search plugin. Type in a genre and you’ll get a long list of subgenres. Clicking the subgenre link will load up the appropriate Netflix genre page.
  • Better Browse for Netflix - This Chrome plugin will add a new dropdown menu to the main menu on your Netflix home screen.

Give Ratings to Get Better Suggestions

Source: Netflix

After watching a movie or TV show on Netflix, have you given it a thumbs up or thumbs down? If not, you’re likely getting a lot of recommendations that seem a bit off-the-wall. According to Netflix, there are three things that go into providing recommendations for you:

  • The genres of TV shows and movies available.
  • Your streaming history, and previous ratings you’ve made.
  • The combined ratings of all Netflix members who have similar tastes to you.

We suggest taking a moment to go through your Netflix watch history and leaving ratings for the TV shows and movies you’ve seen. To access your watch history, go to This will take you to an abbreviated Netflix browsing history You’ll need to click on the title name, go to its individual page on the site and then give it the thumbs up or down.

Want to get more out of the Netflix rating system? Try one of the following Chrome browser plugins to enhance the rating experience:

  • Film Scores for Netflix - This Chrome plugin will let you see a larger list of TV show and movie ratings, right inside Netflix on your web browser. The extension shows ratings from IMDb, Metacritic,, and
  • IMDb Ratings for Netflix - This simple extension does more than add in IMDb ratings. If you hover over the rating, you’ll get the full movie or TV show synopsis directly from IMDb.
  • RateFlix - This Chrome extension adds IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings to movies and TV shows, where available.

Use a third-party site to browse Netflix

Source: Reelgood

Sometimes you’ll need to go outside of Netflix in order to effectively search its library of content. And if you’re looking for titles unavailable in your region, your best best to find them is using one of these websites.

  • - The unofficial Netflix online Global Search is one of the best third-party Netflix browsing sites available. The reason why we recommend this site is because it allows you find content available in 20 of the largest Netflix regions, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, and Germany. uNoGS lets you search using over half a dozen criteria, including by what titles have been added in the past 24 hours.
  • - allows for a similar level of searching available through You can also choose to search the content library for a larger number of countries. The key benefit to JustWatch, however, is that you can use it to help fill the gap in your Netflix viewing. If you find Netflix doesn’t have a TV show or movie you’re looking for, JustWatch will let you know which streaming service has it. Even better, you can launch individual series’ pages right from the JustWatch’s website.
  • - is similar to JustWatch, with a few added benefits. For example, instead of just launching a series page on Netflix, you can launch individual episode pages. You can also add shows and all of Netflix to your watchlist to more quickly learn when there’s new content available. And unlike Netflix, Reelgood has social plugins that you let you share what you’re watching with your friends.

How to Enhance Your Netflix Viewing Experience

Source: Netflix

Netflix is wonderful for providing high-definition content options. However, a handful of third-party tools can offer video streaming enhancements that you might not realize you needed.

  • Netflix Party - Netflix is notoriously stingy with how many simultaneous devices it allows. While you can’t simply add in more users without paying more money to Netflix, you can at least use a the Netflix Party tool to watch together with your friends. The Netflix Party Chrome plugin to create a shared screen that synchronizes your video playback with your friends’ Netflix accounts. The plugin creates a link to share with friends and family and opens up a screen share of your browser on your Netflix tab. From there, you can watch together and even use an included chat option in the window.
  • Netflix Roulette - If you really can’t decide what to watch, a few sites or services will help pick for you. Most don’t work, however, leaving just as the best option for randomly launching Netflix videos. Among its many features, Reelgood includes a Netflix Roulette feature. You can add in a few parameters to get a movie fitting some minimal criteria, or just let it search all of Netflix. Either way, you can launch the title directly from

Control Your Video Playback and Video Settings

Source: Netflix

Netflix doesn’t offer any controls over how your video quality looks. The following Chrome plugins can help you adjust different video settings.

  • Video Adjust for Netflix - This Chrome browser plugin will let you adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast on all of your Netflix streams.
  • Skipflix: Auto Skip Netflix Intro - What’s annoying on Netflix? Having to watch TV show intros every single time. Skipflix automatically skips right past the credits for you.
  • Netflix Flip - First world problem: trying to watch Netflix on your laptop. Netflix Flip solves the screen rotation problem for you. Just install the plugin, play your video, then click the flip button until you get the angle just right.

Hack Your Subtitles

Source: Netflix

Netflix has one of the most comprehensive subtitle systems of any online video service. Still, sometimes the subtitles can be annoying or extremely limited. Here are a few functional options to hack your subtitles.

  • SUFLI - Netflix subtitles translator - Want to use the subtitles to learn new languages? The SUFLI Chrome extension will let you interact with the subtitles on a TV show or movie and bring up a translation for your chosen language. Thankfully, this extension will pause your video while it brings up the translation, making sure you don’t miss anything.

Tips for Parents

Source: Netflix

Netflix has a large amount of quality content for families, but as a parent, you may want to keep young eyes far away from the likes of House of Cards. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you make Netflix as safe environment for your kids.

  • Set parental controls from your web browser - Netflix only lets you adjust your profile settings from your web browser. To do so, you’ll need to go to your account settings, and then turn on to the parental controls. From there, you can adjust what TV and movie ratings you want to show up on your account or on specific profiles.
  • Quickly check ratings before watching a movie or TV show - Did you know that Netflix incorporates ratings from Common Sense Media? To find the ratings in your web browser, hover over a show’s tile then click the down arrow. Then, click on “details”. If a TV show or movie has a Common Sense Media rating, you’ll see it in the right corner (you may have to hit the right arrow to scroll to the side). Otherwise, you’ll at least can find the TV or movie maturity rating there.

Use Hidden Netflix Codes

Netflix codes only work on your web browser. Essentially, Netflix auto-generates a specific code for each genre or subgenre of content that you are looking for. The category “Classic Action And Adventure” for example, is numerically represented by the code “46576”.

If you have the code for the specific genre of content you would like to watch, you can navigate directly to that genre using your web browser.

Once you’re logged onto Netflix, all you’ll have to do is type the URL (where XXXXX represents the genre that you want to watch). It’s just that easy!

For example, to see “Alien Sci-Fi” films on Netflix, all you have to do is plug the code 3327 into your Netflix URL:


Once you do that, you’ll see the following screen:

Source: Netflix

When you enter the code, you are taken directly to the page that corresponds with its genre. Not only that, you can browse a variety of different categories within your chosen category, too!

Each code’s landing page also include films and TV shows that are tagged with “Alien Sci-Fi” as well as other related tags, such as “Suspenseful Movies” and “Sci-Fi & Fantasy”.

Here’s an example screenshot:

Source: Netflix

Not every Netflix code contains subgenres. And because Netflix is always changing their algorithms and adding new content, there is no guarantee that each Netflix code will work forever.

There are also sometimes regional differences, which will break compatibility with some Netflix codes.

Why Should I Use Netflix Codes?

Using Netflix codes seems like it takes a bit of effort, and codes only work on desktops or laptops. So why should you use Netflix codes?

If you have a really hard time finding things you like on Netflix, or have a large Netflix queue, navigating Netflix with codes allows you to quickly zero-in on specific subgenres.

Netflix’s algorithm hides some of its genres until you unlock them by watching or liking certain shows or movies. Netflix codes let you override the algorithm and browse all the genres.

If you use codes, you can cut down your search time when you look for movies and shows to watch on Netflix. The average Netflix user spends more than 18 minutes just trying to find something to watch.

Use A VPN to Access and Browse American Netflix Codes!

If you're having trouble finding something to watch on Netflix and you're abroad, or living in another country, a great way to expand your Netflix library is to use a VPN to unblock American Netflix!

In America, Netflix has thousands of more titles and TV shows than it does in other countries, which means you'll be able to use Netflix codes to find more shows to watch.

To watch American Netflix, you'll need a VPN like ExpressVPN. We prefer ExpressVPN because it always has a server available for American Netflix, and has great security features that prevent it from being blocked by Netflix.

In addition, ExpressVPN has a no-logs policy, and is quite affordable. With ExpressVPN, you'll be able to browse Netflix libraries from dozens of other countries, including American Netflix! Give it a try now.

Netflix Codes: The Ultimate List


Here are the best genre-related Netflix codes.

Action and Adventure (1365)

  • Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)
  • Westerns (7700)
  • Martial Arts Movies (8985)
  • Asian Action Movies (77232)
  • Action Comedies (43040)
  • Action Thrillers (43048)
  • Adventures (7442)

Anime (7424)

  • Anime Sci-Fi (2729)
  • Anime Horror (10695)
  • Anime Fantasy (11146)
  • Anime Action (2653)
  • Anime Comedies (9302)
  • Anime Dramas (452)

British Films & TV

  • British Action & Adventure (1302)
  • British Adventures (4915)
  • British Biographical Dramas (1520)
  • British Biographical Movies (1031)
  • British Children & Family Movies (2473)
  • British Comedies (1009)
  • British Coming-of-age Movies (2386)
  • British Crime Dramas (3200)
  • British Crime Sci-Fi & Fantasy (3615)
  • British Documentaries (3394)
  • British Dramas (3682)
  • British Education for Kids (1606)
  • British Fantasy Movies (636)
  • British Gay & Lesbian Dramas (3188)
  • British Gay & Lesbian Movies (4236)
  • British Historical Documentaries (3661)
  • British Horror Movies (4991)
  • British Independent Crime Movies (2962)
  • British Independent Political Movies (3290)
  • British Independent Thrillers (3534)
  • British Military Dramas (271)
  • British Monster Movies (4460)
  • British Movies based on Books (811)
  • British Mysteries (2754)
  • British Political Comedies (2636)
  • British Political Dramas (3250)
  • British Political Movies (2498)
  • British Psychological Dramas (3962)
  • British Satires from the 1980s (1723)
  • British Social Issue Dramas (2312)
  • British Thrillers (1774)


  • Biographical Children & Family Movies (2478)
  • Biographical Documentaries (3652)
  • Biographical Documentaries from the 1960s (1777)
  • Biographical Documentaries from the 1970s (1791)
  • Biographical Documentaries from the 1980s (1824)
  • Biographical Dramas (3179)
  • Biographical Dramas from the 1950s (4584)
  • Biographical Dramas from the 1960s (4603)
  • Biographical Dramas from the 1970s (4632)
  • Biographical Dramas from the 1980s (4662)
  • Biographical Martial Arts Movies (2487)
  • Biographical Movies (1096)
  • Biographical Spiritual Documentaries (4462)

Children/Family Movies (783)

  • Movies for ages 0 to 2 (6796)
  • Movies for ages 2 to 4 (6218)
  • Movies for ages 5 to 7 (5455)
  • Movies for ages 8 to 10 (561)
  • Movies for ages 11 to 12 (6962)
  • Family Features (51056)
  • Disney (67673)
  • Sports Children & Family Movies (453)
  • TV Cartoons (11177)
  • Kids’ TV (27346)

Cerebral Movies (1813)

  • Cerebral Action & Adventure (4778)
  • Cerebral Biographical Dramas (127)
  • Cerebral Biographical Movies (4518)
  • Cerebral British Dramas (896)
  • Cerebral British Movies (2434)
  • Cerebral Comedies (1119)
  • Cerebral Crime Dramas (3726)
  • Cerebral Dramas (2295)
  • Cerebral Dramas from the 1940s (1023)
  • Cerebral Dramas from the 1950s (1048)
  • Cerebral Dramas from the 1960s (1069)
  • Cerebral Dramas from the 1970s (1106)
  • Cerebral Dramas from the 1980s (1126)
  • Cerebral Experimental Movies (2747)
  • Cerebral Foreign Crime Dramas (506)
  • Cerebral Foreign Dramas from the 1950s (3432)
  • Cerebral Foreign Dramas from the 1960s (3456)
  • Cerebral Foreign Dramas from the 1970s (3474)
  • Cerebral Foreign Dramas from the 1980s (3496)
  • Cerebral Foreign Movies from the 1950s (616)
  • Cerebral Foreign Movies from the 1960s (643)
  • Cerebral Foreign Movies from the 1970s (669)
  • Cerebral Foreign Political Dramas (2742)
  • Cerebral Foreign War Movies (157)
  • Cerebral French-Language Crime Dramas (2935)
  • Cerebral French-Language Dramas (4521)
  • Cerebral French-Language Dramas from the 1960s (102)
  • Cerebral French-Language Movies (3623)
  • Cerebral French-Language Movies from the 1950s (2642)
  • Cerebral French-Language Movies from the 1960s (2672)
  • Cerebral French-Language Movies from the 1970s (2703)
  • Cerebral Independent Biographical Movies (2518)
  • Cerebral Independent Comedies (1474)
  • Cerebral Independent Crime Movies (3717)
  • Cerebral Independent Movies (551)
  • Cerebral Independent Movies from the 1980s (1451)
  • Cerebral Independent Political Movies (368)
  • Cerebral Italian Dramas (1553)
  • Cerebral Japanese Dramas (3720)
  • Cerebral Military Movies (3156)
  • Cerebral Movies (1813)
  • Cerebral Movies based on Books (3555)
  • Cerebral Movies directed by Akira Kurosawa (4359)
  • Cerebral Political Dramas (814)
  • Cerebral Political Movies (3152)
  • Cerebral Movies based on Books (3555)
  • Cerebral Movies directed by Akira Kurosawa (4359)
  • Cerebral Political Dramas (814)
  • Cerebral Political Movies (3152)
  • Cerebral Scandinavian Movies (995)

Crime Movies

  • Crime Action & Adventure from the 1970s (996)
  • Crime Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1980s (2455)
  • Crime Comedies (4058)
  • Crime Comedies on Blu-ray (755)
  • Crime Deadly Disasters (3698)
  • Crime Dramas based on a book from the 1970s (3516)
  • Crime Dramas based on a book from the 1980s (1828)
  • Crime Dramas based on real life (2723)
  • Crime Historical Documentaries (2846)
  • Crime Late Night Comedies (2506)

Classic Films (31574)

  • Classic Comedies (31694)
  • Classic Dramas (29809)
  • Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy (47147)
  • Classic Thrillers (46588)
  • Film Noir (7687)
  • Epics (52858)
  • Silent Movies (53310)
  • Classic Westerns (47465)

Comedies (6548)

  • Dark Comedies (869)
  • Slapstick Comedies (10256)
  • Political Comedies (2700)
  • Screwball Comedies (9702)
  • Sports Comedies (5286)
  • Stand-up Comedy (11559)
  • Teen Comedies (3519)
  • Spoofs & Satires (4922)
  • Mockumentaries (26)
  • Romantic Comedies (5475)
  • Comedies based on Books (1223)
  • Controversial Comedies (1948)

Political Comedies (2700)

  • Political Comedies from the 1940s (3364)
  • Political Comedies from the 1960s (3416)
  • Political Comedies from the 1970s (3440)
  • Political Comedies from the 1980s (3463)

Cult Movies (7627)

  • Cult Horror Movies (10944)
  • Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734)
  • Cult Comedies (9434)
  • B-Horror Movies (8195)
  • Camp Films (1252)

Documentaries (6839)

  • Biographical Documentaries (3652)
  • Political Documentaries (7018)
  • Religious Documentaries (10005)
  • Science & Nature Documentaries (2595)
  • Social & Cultural Documentaries (3675)
  • Sports Documentaries (180)
  • Crime Documentaries (9875)
  • Historical Documentaries (5349)
  • Military Documentaries (4006)
  • Music & Concert Documentaries (90361)
  • Travel & Adventure Documentaries (1159)

Dark Movies

  • Dark Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1452)
  • Dark Alien Sci-Fi (3166)
  • Dark Comedies (869)
  • Dark Documentaries (1783)
  • Dark Dramas (2436)
  • Dark Experimental Movies (3686)
  • Dark Historical Documentaries (2225)
  • Dark Independent Comedies (1064)
  • Dark Independent Dramas (232)
  • Dark Independent Movies (1763)
  • Dark Independent Mysteries (4694)
  • Dark Independent Political Dramas (942)
  • Dark Independent Political Movies (2118)
  • Dark Independent Psychological Movies (4769)
  • Dark Independent Thrillers (3678)
  • Dark Military Movies (2784)
  • Dark Political Historical Documentaries (4256)
  • Dark Political Movies (2685)
  • Dark Political Thrillers (3751)
  • Dark Sci-Fi & Fantasy (3592)
  • Dark Sci-Fi Thrillers (1374)
  • Dark Sports Movies (4198)
  • Dark War Documentaries (2785)
  • Dark Westerns (2012)

Dramas (5763)

  • Political Dramas (6616)
  • Romantic Dramas (1255)
  • Showbiz Dramas (5012)
  • Social Issue Dramas (3947)
  • Tearjerkers (6384)
  • Biographical Dramas (3179)
  • Classic Dramas (29809)
  • Courtroom Dramas (2748)
  • Crime Dramas (6889)
  • Military Dramas (11)
  • Period Pieces (12123)
  • Dramas based on a book (4961)
  • Dramas based on real life (3653)
  • Sports Dramas (7243)
  • LGBTQ Dramas (500)
  • Independent Dramas (384)
  • Teen Dramas (9299)

Horror Films

  • Monster Movies (947)
  • B-Horror Movies (8195)
  • Creature Features (6895)
  • Cult Horror Movies (10944)
  • Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)
  • Teen Screams (52147)
  • Vampire Horror Movies (75804)
  • Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)
  • Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028)
  • Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
  • Horror Comedy (89585)
  • Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646)
  • Zombie Horror Movies (75405)
  • Satanic Stories (6998)

Independent Films (7077)

  • Experimental Films (11079)
  • Independent Action & Adventure (11804)
  • Independent Thrillers (3269)
  • Romantic Independent Films (9916)
  • Independent Comedies (4195)
  • Independent Dramas (384)

Psychological Dramas (1338)

  • Psychological Dramas (1338)
  • Psychological Film Noir (4188)
  • Psychological Horror Movies (4809)
  • Psychological Movies (1411)
  • Psychological Movies based on Books (1473)
  • Psychological Mysteries based on Books (396)
  • Psychological Satanic Stories (1567)
  • Psychological Thrillers from the 1940s (1305)
  • Psychological Thrillers from the 1950s (1334)
  • Psychological Thrillers from the 1960s (1369)
  • Psychological Thrillers from the 1980s (1429)

Regional Cinema

  • Spanish Films (58741)
  • Greek Films (61115)
  • German Films (58886)
  • French Films (58807)
  • Southeast Asian Films (9196)
  • Italian Movies (8221)
  • Indian Movies (10463)
  • Chinese Movies (3960)
  • Eastern European Movies (5254)
  • Dutch Movies (10606)
  • Irish Movies (58750)
  • Japanese Movies (10398)
  • African Films (3761)
  • Australian Films (5230)
  • Belgian Films (262)
  • Korean Films (5685)
  • Latin American Films (1613)
  • Middle Eastern Films (5875)
  • New Zealand Films (63782)
  • Russian Films (11567)
  • Scandinavian Films (9292)
  • British Movies (10757)

Musicals (13335)

  • Showbiz Musicals (13573)
  • Stage Musicals (55774)
  • Classic Musicals (32392)
  • Disney Musicals (59433)

Romantic Films (8883)

  • Quirky Romance (36103)
  • Romantic Dramas (1255)
  • Steamy Romantic Movies (35800)
  • Classic Romantic Movies (31273)
  • Romantic Comedies (5475)
  • Romantic Favourites (502675)
  • Romantic Independent Films (9916)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1492)

  • Sci-Fi Adventure (6926)
  • Sci-Fi Dramas (3916)
  • Sci-Fi Horror Films (1694)
  • Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014)
  • Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1568)
  • Alien Sci-Fi (3327)
  • Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy (47147)
  • Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734)
  • Fantasy (9744)

Sports Films (4370)

  • Sports Comedies (5286)
  • Sports Documentaries (180)
  • Sports Dramas (7243)
  • Baseball Films (12339)
  • Football Movies (12803)
  • Boxing Films (12443)
  • Soccer Films (12549)
  • Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling (6695)
  • Basketball Movies (12762)
  • Sports & Fitness (9327)

Thrillers (8933)

  • Action Thrillers (43048)
  • Classic Thrillers (46588)
  • Crime Thrillers (10499)
  • Independent Thrillers (3269)
  • Gangster Movies (31851)
  • Psychological Thrillers (5505)
  • Political Thrillers (10504)
  • Mysteries (9994)
  • Sci-Fi Thrillers (11014)
  • Spy Thrillers (9147)
  • Steamy Thrillers (972)
  • Supernatural Thrillers (11140)

TV Shows

  • Miniseries (4814)
  • Military TV Programmes (25804)
  • Science & Nature TV (52780)
  • Action & Adventure Programmes (10673)
  • Comedies Programmes (10375)
  • Documentary Programmes (10105)
  • Drama Programmes (11714)
  • Horror Programmes (83059)
  • Mystery Programmes (4366)
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Programmes (1372)
  • Reality TV (9833)
  • Teen Programmes (60951)
  • British Programmes (52117)
  • Classic TV Programmes (46553)
  • Crime Programmes (26146)
  • Cult TV Programmes (74652)
  • Food & Travel TV (72436)
  • Kids’ Programmes (27346)
  • Korean Programmes (67879)

Movies By Era

  • Movies from the 1910s (2466)
  • Movies from the 1920s (2489)
  • Movies from the 1930s (2510)
  • Movies from the 1940s (2533)
  • Movies from the 1950s (2567)
  • Movies from the 1960s (2592)
  • Movies from the 1970s (2621)
  • Movies from the 1980s (2648)

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Final comments on Netflix in 2022

Source: Netflix

The fact that Netflix is changing may actually be one of the biggest reasons to remain a subscriber. Netflix has always been a fascinating company to watch and it’s showing no signs of falling into complacency. It’ll be interesting to see what the service comes up with next.

A DVD mail-order service seemed like a risky venture back in 1999, but Netflix made a killing with it – although it had a hand in putting brick-and-mortar rental shops out of business in the process. A few years later, Netflix launched the first commercially successful streaming service at a time when the technology was just becoming viable. It then shook up the TV and movie industry by producing its own titles – many of which turned out to be wildly popular – and becoming the first streaming service to win an Emmy, with the critically acclaimed House of Cards.

Today, Netflix is providing opportunities for international content producers that have never been available before. Filmmakers and TV show producers from across the world have a chance to tell their stories to a global audience, and that alone is a tremendous reason to stay tuned, even in light of the plethora of streaming options out there.

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