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The Complete List of Streaming Services - 200+ Services

Streaming services are literally a dime a dozen these days. And although most of us have heard of, and likely use, the “big five” (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max), there are even more streaming services than that. Especially if you’re into live TV streaming, you can choose from a growing list of streaming options like Philo, Fubo, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, and more.

So what streaming services are out there in the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, and China? What on-demand and live TV streaming services should you be considering for your entertainment needs? Here is a complete list of over 200+ streaming services available in 2021.

And if you're opting for live TV, we've got you covered. The free Flixed TV Guide offers programming schedules for local and national live TV channels, even without a streaming service subscription.

United States streaming services

The US has the most robust streaming service market available. Not only does this make TV streaming guides far more necessary to discover what's on TV, but it also gives US entertainment fans more options than their friends internationally.

US general live TV streaming - 20+ services

Those looking for alternatives to cable are increasingly turning their attention to live TV streaming options. Sometimes called “over-the-top” TV (OTT) or even IPTV, live TV streaming services eliminate the need for an expensive cable TV subscription, while still offering a wide selection of popular TV channels.

Sling TV was the first and most well-known option to hit the market, but there are now over half a dozen of these Internet TV services available to consumers. Here is a complete list of US-based live TV streaming services currently available.


Source: Fubo

While Philo runs as far away from sports as possible, Fubo embraces them. In fact, Fubo is the only sports-centric internet TV streaming service on the market right now. That makes Fubo extremely unique in the field, but also, consequently, one of the more expensive options.

Fubo gives you a one-week free trial. After that, you’ll have to pay for one of their three main packages.

100+ Channels
Wide sports coverage
1,000 hours of cloud DVR
3 simultaneous stream
150+ channels
Multiple streams
No hidden fees
All the best sports
230+ channels
Multiple streams
No hidden fees
All the best sports

This service makes international soccer one of its key focuses, so if you’re a US soccer fan who can’t usually access international games, Fubo is definitely the service for you.

Outside of that, you’ll find a good selection of US sports channels like Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network, and the Golf Channel, as well as a good mixture of entertainment channels and some local sports coverage. Unfortunately, if you want ESPN, you’re out of luck. Fubo has, unfortunately, not been able to convince ESPN to join its growing library of channels.


Source: Philo

One of the cheapest live TV services around, Philo was originally an internet streaming service for college campuses. It's now the lowest-cost option on the market for live entertainment TV.

Philo is unique in that it provides no sports channels and almost no news channels. There are also no local broadcast networks like NBC, ABC, Fox, or CBS. By ditching all of those options, Philo is able to provide its service for an extremely cheap price for 65+ channels after a 7-day free trial.

65+ Channels
Unlimited DVR
7 day trial
Only $25 a month

If you want sports, local TV shows, or news channels, Philo isn’t for you. But if you find yourself regularly watching entertainment TV networks like the History Channel, Discovery Channel, IFC, Cooking Channel, HGTV, and similar cable networks, Philo is a great option to consider.

Hulu + Live TV

Source: Hulu

If you already have Hulu’s on-demand streaming service, Disney+ and/or ESPN+ and you’re thinking about cutting the cord to get live TV as well, consider going with Hulu’s Live TV option. The reason? You get Hulu’s on-demand option thrown in for the price, so you’ll actually save money if you’re already using a Hulu account.

Hulu + Live TV provides 90+ live TV channels, including popular sports and entertainment networks. You also get a selection of local channels, although not as many as some competitors, like Sling TV.

Award winning Hulu originals
Thousands of shows and movies
Award winning Hulu originals
Thousands of shows and movies
67 Channels
2 simultaneous streams
ESPN and Disney
67 Channels
2 simultaneous streams
ESPN and Disney

As noted, Hulu + Live TV is one of the most inclusive packages available in the live TV space thanks to including Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu on-demand in the package.

Sling TV

Source: Sling TV

Sling TV is basically the granddaddy of every live TV streaming service on this list. Owned and operated by Dish Network, this service provides a somewhat convoluted selection of subscription TV internet TV options for cord-cutters.

With Sling TV, you can get a package with 30+ channels with Sling Blue or Sling Orange, or you can combine their two basic channel options into one, and save some money.

30+ Channels
1 simultaneous stream
45+ Channels
3 simultaneous stream
50+ Channels
4* simultaneous stream

Unlike Fubo or Philo, there’s plenty of channel selection on Sling without any focus or emphasis exclusively on sports or entertainment. Instead, you can get both sports and entertainment from Sling TV.

Additionally, Sling TV is not only one of the only live TV streaming services that offers occasional pay-per-view options, it's one of the only places Live TV streaming services where you can do sports betting thanks to the company's exclusive agreement with DraftKings.

DirecTV Stream (Formerly AT&T TV Now)

Source: DirecTV

As of 2022, DirecTV Stream has shifted away from AT&T and is now back into the hands of DirecTV (where it started).

75+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
105+ Channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
140+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR
Regional sports networks included
150+ channels
Stream on unlimited devices at home
Unlimited cloud DVR

Unlike other multi-channel live TV streaming services, DirecTV Stream includes taxes and other fees. However, it's one of the few options on the list that still carries most regional sports networks (RSNs), so it's likely the best option if you're a big sports fan.

YouTube TV

Source: YouTube TV

YouTube may have been your go-to source for cat videos, but it’s now a great option for cutting out cable TV from your life for good.

A separate service offered by Google’s YouTube (you need a different app to get it working), YouTube TV provides over 100 channels.

Unlimited DVR space.
6 accounts for 1 price
85+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks

The real draw for this service, however, is the fact that it gives you a ridiculous number of user profiles. You can have 6 different user profiles with YouTube TV, making it easy for your entire household to have separate accounts. And since each account gets its own unlimited DVR, everyone can record and rewatch their favorite shows later.

The only rub here is that only 3 devices can be streaming YouTube TV at a time, so all six profiles can’t stream at the same time. Nevertheless, YouTube TV is a great option for families and cash-strapped college students who are looking to share a subscription.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum has dipped its toe into modernizing traditional cable TV with its Spectrum TV service. You can watch its TV Select service using its Spectrum TV app, shirking the traditional cable TV box. It even offers its TV plan with no contract starting at $59.99 per month for 12 months.

Not all TV needs to be subscription-based. is the go-to option if you want free and legal IPTV. carries a large number of free live TV channels, many of which are news and entertainment with a smattering of sports. Bloomberg and Cheddar are both available, and you can even find live TV streams from Fox Sports (commentary shows only). Overall, there are hundreds of live TV channels available through, so you want free TV, you should sign up for this service right away.

After being purchased by Viacom in 2019, the service also now offers a wide range of on-demand content. That's a big shift from its original focus on 24/7 live TV.


Xumo is a free, live TV streaming service that is extremely similar to With Xumo, you can watch a large number of live TV channels for free, covering everything from sports, to movies, and more. Like PlutoTV, Xumo also has a wider selection of on-demand content in 2022.


A small, live TV streaming service, KlowdTV provides 81 channels for $9.99 per month. However, the service is now offering a selection of channels to watch, completely for free. You'll need their separate equipment purchase to watch, however.

LG Channel Plus

Only available as a channel on LG TVs, LG Plus provides live TV channels for free.

TV Everywhere

Source: TV Everywhere

Not quite a cord-cutting service, TV Everywhere is the go-to app service that most cable TV providers use to allow you to watch your TV anywhere through a mobile device.

NBC News Now

NBC launched its own news streaming app in 2019. The NBC News Now app offers live streaming news from 3-11 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV is a small-scale live TV streaming service that's designed to be ultra family-friendly. The service carries 30+ entertainment network channels.

Live TV that makes you feel good


An interesting new service that launched in late 2019, Vidgo is similar to Fubo with a sports-heavy focus on streaming. However, you'll gain access to a wide selection of entertainment and lifestyle networks, as well.

Great for Live Sports and News
Great for Spanish Programming
Great for More Sports, News, and Shows
English and Spanish
All your live TV programs

Uniquely, this service offers a wide selection of Spanish-language sports channels, which you can purchase as a separate and standalone package. And you can also purchase access to DAZN through Vidgo.

US live sports streaming

A growing number of sports-only streaming options are making it to the market. Almost every sport you can think of now has its own streaming service, with many of the official sports leagues hosting those services themselves.


Source: ESPN

ESPN's new streaming service launched in 2018 and comes in at a rather low cost. However, many have maligned the service for not being what consumers really want. ESPN+ does not provide access to any of the main ESPN channels.

Live sports and ESPN+ originals
Thousands of live events

(Note: You can get ESPN+ included with Hulu + Live TV at no additional cost.)

NBA League Pass

Who needs front-row seats when you can just watch NBA games on TV? NBA League Pass gives you access to hundreds of games each season from any device.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass allows you to watch in-market and out-of-market games without the need for a cable subscription. Game Pass is available worldwide, but in the US, only allows you to watch games on-demand after they air. Outside of the US, however, you can use the service to watch live NFL games.


NHL games are now easier to access than ever through NHL.TV. You can watch both in-market and out-of-market games with DVR recording available as well.

UFC Fight Pass

Source: UFC

UFC fans can watch a large number of fights every year with UFC Fight Pass. You can even bundle Fight Pass with some Pay-Per-View events for cost savings.

WWE Network

As with UFC Fight Pass, WWE fans can catch a plethora of live and on-demand WWE content through a WWE Network subscription. You'll even get access to all Pay-Per-View events without any additional cost.

Bleacher Report

The sports reporting site Bleacher Report now has a live sports streaming service, available through its app. You'll be able to watch all-new All Elites Wrestling (AEW) events, as well as a variety of other sports both live and on-demand.


Although it's a bit on the pricey side if you go month-to-month and imposes far too many game blackouts, MLB.TV is the go-to option for baseball fans who want to catch as many games as possible.


Is poker a sport? Some might say it is, and PokerGo is your best option to watch as much live and on-demand poker as you can get.

Willow TV

Cricket fans in the US have an option, at long last, and it's known as Willow TV. For $10.99 per month, you'll find Willow TV is the perfect service for you if you can't get enough cricket.


Source: F1 TV

If you have a need for speed, F1 TV is well-suited for you. This service provides access to F1 racing all season long.


Yes, eSports count as sports as well! This international service lets you watch more eSports action than you'll know what to do with. Ginx is also extremely cheap at under $12 annually.


Twitter actually deserves a small spot and a small mention here. Due to a few agreements with the MLB and other sports leagues, a few live sports can be accessed via Twitter.


DAZN ("da zone") is an international sports streaming service that is available in the UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, and the US, among a few other locations. The service offers a wide library of live and on-demand sports. For US fans, it promises to be a one-price option for Pay-Per-View events as well.

Stream the biggest events in boxing and more


Source: Twitch

Twitch is a streaming giant, but also a real monster of a service to really classify. Indeed, it's sort of in a class of its own. Originally created to stream video games, Twitch now encompasses a lot more than that, including 24/7 TV shows, random cams, and even live events. Twitch is now owned by Amazon and comes free with an Amazon Prime account. However, there's a free option for Twitch as well.


Gear heads: Here is your sign. Combining motorsports with on-demand entertainment TV options,  MOTORTREND+ has all of the automotive content you're looking for.

US on-demand streaming: Varied content

Source: Hulu

You’ve heard of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, but did you know there are a lot more options than that? Some are even completely free and legal to use, as well. Here are 30 great streaming services that provide a varied mixture of genres, TV shows, and movies.

We recommend checking out JustWatch for more information on each service. If you’re looking for a specific movie or TV show and where to find it, we highly recommend ReelGood for your searching needs.


Source: Netflix

There’s no doubt that Netflix is the #1 on-demand streaming service for consumers. With over 5,000 titles in the US library and many thousands in libraries around the world, Netflix is the undisputed champion of on-demand streaming services.

Hit movies, TV shows, and more.
Ads included
Netflix Basic
$9.99 / month
Hit movies, TV shows, and more.
Netflix Standard
$15.49 / month
Hit movies, TV shows, and more.
HD available
2 screens at the same time
Netflix Premium
$19.99 / month
Hit movies, TV shows, and more.
Ultra HD available
4 screens at the same time

You’ll find Netflix has popular licensed TV shows and movies in its lineup of content, but the real draw for the service now is its original content, such as Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black. Netflix is spending billions of dollars each year on original content you won’t find anywhere else, making it a nearly-essential addition to your streaming service lineup.


Hulu is the smaller of the big three on-demand streaming services, but it’s the only one offering Live TV. You’ll still find several thousand TV shows and movies available through the on-demand Hulu service, often only a day after new episodes have aired. And as with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu is investing big in original hit shows.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+, launched in 2019, is Apple’s entry into the on-demand streaming market. The service features exclusively original movies and shows, like the Emmy-Award winning Ted Lasso, and is constantly adding to its ever-expanding library. Its content spans across multiple genres, including kids and family, drama, thriller/horror, science-fiction and documentaries.

All Apple Originals


RedBox is not just a DVD vending machine anymore! Now, you can watch thousands of movies on RedBox through its website or dedicated apps. As with RedBox normally, you'll need to pay to rent the movies RedBox has to offer.

Tubi TV

Source: Tubi TV

My bias is showing here, but Tubi TV is one of the most fantastic on-demand services around, hands down. With over 4,000 titles in the US and many more in its UK and Canada content libraries, Tubi TV is a great, free on-demand service. Everything from quality TV shows and movies to anime are available.

Now that FoxEntertainment owns Tubi, the company has started to shift gears on the streaming service by adding Live TV to the mix.


Similar in operation to Tubi TV, Crackle is a Sony-owned on-demand streaming service. It’s completely free and ad-supported and filled with mostly Sony’s copyrighted content. Still, that means hundreds of tv shows and movies, many of which are well rated, if not entirely brand new.


Source: Popcornflix

Another free service with a similar monetization method as Crackle and Tubi TV (ads), Popcornflix provides hundreds of TV shows and movies to eager cord-cutters who want to save money.

Apple iTunes

If you've got the dime, Apple's for the time. You can purchase and view thousands of TV shows and movies through iTunes.

Google Play

Google Play is also a good source for those who want to purchase digital copies of TV shows (entire seasons available) and hit movies.

Shout Factory TV

Source: Shout Factory

Odd name aside, Shout Factory TV is an excellent free TV and movie streaming service for lovers of classic content. You'll find hit shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 here, alongside movies like Jaws.


Much like Google Play or Apple iTunes, Vudu lets you purchase or rent movies and TV shows online for later viewing. And as of 2022, Vudu now includes everything that was previously available on FandangoNOW.


Considered the YouTube for high-quality video, Vimeo is a great option for those who don't want to sift through the low-quality user-generated content that crowds YouTube's channels. Only well-crafted content makes its way to Vimeo, and you can also use the service to purchase and rent movies.


A Germany-based streaming service for those who want content "from home" while traveling, PantaFlix provides a large range of content, from movies to TV shows.


Irish movie and TV fans can swarm over to Volta as a great alternative to Netflix. Volta has a large library of Irish content as well as international shows and movies.

The Roku Channel

Offering a mixture of free movies and TV shows, The Roku Channel is only available if you have a Roku device. There are currently over 600 titles available for streaming.


Now incorporated into Amazon Prime Video, you'll get hundreds of top-ranked movies and TV shows, at no charge. IMDb Freedive is fully ad-supported, with over 300 titles available (and growing).


A relatively unknown entry that's also available in Canada, FlixFling offers several thousand TV shows and movies to stream for a low monthly fee. The service also has a music streaming option that distinguishes it from other services in the market.


One of the newest and most interesting options on the market today, Discovery+ launched in January 2021 with a lot of fanfare and heavy marketing. The service offers on-demand content from the entire Discovery, Inc., library of channels. And later in 2021, Discovery+ will also feature 24/7 live channels for many of its most popular programs. Note that the Discovery Inc., line-up of channels includes some of the most popular cable TV networks, including Discovery Channel, History Channel, Science Channel, HGTV, and others.

Something for Everyone
Something for Everyone

A streaming service dedicated to uplifting and amplifying diverse voices, Fearless is your best option for indie content from historically marginalized groups, such as LGBTQ, Black, Disabled, Female, Indigenous and other under-represented communities.

US live TV and on-demand mixed options

While almost all of the live TV options provide some on-demand services, many other services are increasingly walking a line between both live TV and on-demand. These services are therefore a bit more difficult to place, so we created a separate category just for them.

Amazon Prime Video

Source: Amazon

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you have Amazon Prime Video. That also means you have access to the more than 16,000 titles available on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon beats Netflix in library size by a large margin, but some have claimed its content is only that way due to many low-quality films and TV shows.

Popular movies and TV
Award-winning Amazon Originals
Live events

There’s truth to that, but the sheer volume of titles also means that there are hundreds of top-rated films and TV shows as well. Additionally, Amazon is also spending big on original content and includes a unique “Channels” feature that lets you add different on-demand and live TV content providers, such as HBO, and stream that content from Amazon Prime Video.


Although it has traditionally been (and still is) the largest service for on-demand, user-generated videos, YouTube has been slowly edging its way into the live TV streaming market as well. You can now find hundreds of official on-demand videos from various broadcasters, and a growing amount of live TV, including some sports TV streaming as well.

Outside TV

TV for the outdoorsy folks among us, Outside TV provides both live, user-generated channels, and on-demand content. There are some official live broadcasts as well.


Facebook is also dabbling in the on-demand and live TV market. You can watch a growing list of content through Facebook Watch, right from the app or on your browser. Facebook has also been following the Twitter and YouTube trend by landing some sports-streaming contracts, especially with the MLB.

US on-demand streaming: Niche options

By far the biggest category on our list, niche services allow pretty much anyone to enjoy the exact type of content that they want. Whether you're just looking for British TV or scary movies, there are niche services for just about anything.


Source: Crunchyroll

A fan favorite among the niche streaming crowd, Crunchyroll exemplifies everything there is to be a niche service. You can get hundreds of anime TV shows and films through Crunchyroll for a low monthly cost. The service even provides manga for those who enjoy the original source material for many anime series. Crunchyroll provides subtitled anime almost exclusively.

No ads
New episodes one hour after they air in Japan
Access to digital manga
No ads
New episodes one hour after they air in Japan
Stream on 4 devices
No ads
Annual swag bag
Stream on 6 devices

Funimation Now

The yin to Crunchyroll's yang, Funimation Now is Funimation's streaming service that carries its own licensed content, as well as many other anime films and shows. Funimation Now primarily provides English dubbed content for those fans who prefer not to read subtitles.


Bringing together a bunch of niche channels together under one roof (including Crunchyroll and Funimation), VRV is a great option for anyone who wants as much content as possible.


Another anime streaming site available in the US, HIDIVE promises an edgier selection of content, including uncensored anime.

DC Universe

DC Comics launched its own streaming service in 2019. Although the service is currently struggling a bit, it's been well-received by those who have used it. Enjoy content directly from the DC Universe of comics, including DCU movies and new, original shows.


Source: Hi-Yah!

Asian action movies and pretty much any other Asian TV show or film worth watching, all in one place? Sign me up for Hi-Yah!

Curiosity Stream

For those who love science, history, technology, and more, Curiosity Stream is a service for learners. It's also available as an Amazon Prime channel. Stay curious!


This new and interesting service is for documentary fans. You can get a discount on a GuideDoc subscription as well.

Magnolia Selects

A streaming service offering a small selection of top-rated films, Magnolia Selects appears to specialize in hits from across a large variety of genres. Interestingly, you'll also find MMA and boxing replays through the service as well.

Hopster TV

Parents, rejoice! Hopster TV is your one-stop-shop for educational kids programming, without the hassle of having to sift through content that might be questionable or less-than-educational. You'll find popular kids shows such as Thomas the Train Engine, Story Bots, and Reading Rainbow.

Pure Flix

A Christian-themed streaming service, Pure Flix is designed to be family-friendly. No R-rated content here, just grade-A quality movies and TV shows. Pure Flix also has a large number of original TV shows and movies.

Stream positive, uplifting movies and shows

Dove Channel

Source: Dove Channel

No, this is not a streaming service about soap. Dove Channel is a streaming service offering family-friendly content often with a Christian theme, much like Pure Flix. It's also cheaper than Pure Flix by a large margin.

UP Faith and Family

With hours and hours of Christian-based, family-friendly TV than you can ever watch, UP Faith and Family is in the Pure Flix/Dove Channel niche for those who want good, clean entertainment with a positive and faith-based message.

Blaze TV

The single best streaming service for conservatives, Blaze TV comes in at just $10 per month for both live and on-demand content from popular conservative voices, such as Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.


Even more Korean dramas are offered up through Kocawa TV, including a healthy dose of K-POP.


Broadway has finally made its way to the small screen! You can stream your favorite broadway shows and musicals on-demand through the BroadwayHD streaming service. Oklahoma, Les Miserable and more are all available.


British TV fans in the US finally have a place to go. The BBC iPlayer may be closed to US streamers, but BritBox steps in to help provide access to hundreds of titles straight from the UK.

Acorn TV

If BritBox isn't enough for you, Acorn TV also serves up British TV to American viewers. Between the two, US fans have more British TV than they can find anywhere outside of the UK.

Turner Classic Movies

For the real movie buffs out there, Turner Classic Movies (formerly FilmStruck) is a must-have. This service focused solely on providing access to top-rated films. No poor-quality content here. Just 2,000+ films to binge night after night.


If you're a real movie fan, you should probably take a glance at Fandor. This streaming service has one of the largest top-rated movie libraries of any streaming service available. And it primarily focuses on offering top-rated films and documentaries.


Did you know there's a streaming service for yoga? Neither did we. Nevertheless, here it is in all of its downwards dog glory.


We avoided adding music streaming services to our list, but Qello is not quite a music streaming service. It's a music video streaming service. To that end, this is a great option for those who like to watch live performances.


Revry is a unique streaming service that provides a platform for the LGBTQ community, specifically. It offers everything from short films to full-length films, podcasts, music videos, and more.


Dedicated to German indie films (and some international options as well), Realeyz is the go-to source for those who don't want anything but fresh new faces and bold ideas.


If you're looking for cult classics, independent films, and well-regarded international movies, Mubi is a choice to check out.

Short of the Week

Short of the Week is the best place to find short films on the web, hands down. Whether you want science fiction or cartoon shorts, Short of the Week has a huge list of categories to choose from and a large number of short films to access for free.


Source: Kanopy

In partnership with libraries around the country, Kanopy offers documentaries, classic films, and indie films through its streaming service. All you need is your library card!


Similar to Kanopy, Hoopla allows anyone with a library card to borrow movies, music, eBooks, and more. You'll need to check to make sure your local library participates with Hoopla before signing up.


Formerly known as Urban Movie Channel, allblk maintains its dedication to Black Hollywood and black filmmakers. Allblk also provides original TV series for those interested in black productions.

Rakuten Viki

Drama Fever isn't the only Asian drama show in town. Rakuten Viki is an Asian drama powerhouse, featuring dramas from all over the Asian continent.


The first of its kind, Shudder does one thing and one thing well: provide scary movies and shows. Prepare to scream your socks off!


Source: Screambox

It's rare for a streaming service to be the only game in town. As such, Shudder has competition in Screambox, which provides a hefty amount of horror films and suspense-filled thrillers.

Sundance Now

All Sundance films, all the time. If you're a true fan of the Sundance Film Festival, this is the streaming service you have to try to believe.


This international streaming service specializes in reality TV, especially from the United States. Everything from Real Housewives to Keeping Up with the Kardashians is available. Hayu often drops new episodes on the same day they air on TV.

US broadcaster-specific streaming options

Many broadcasting companies are now providing their very own streaming options. You can catch huge amounts of content from HBO with its own standalone service, for example, or opt to get Showtime without cable. All of these options are great, and many do provide some free streaming.


Source: Disney+

Disney+ is Disney's new, hotly-received streaming service. Carrying hundreds of Disney properties with a family-friendly approach, Disney+ launched in late 2019 with about as much fanfare as one can imagine from the House of Mouse. This service is your go-to option for original Disney-branded content, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and more. However, you can get Disney+ for practically nothing if you get it included as part of a Hulu + Live TV package.

All the best stories
Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar

Disney+ Star

In 2021, Disney plans to launch a new streaming service called Star internationally. In most places, Star will be a tile within the Disney+ app, although in some locations it will be a standalone service. Star is Disney's move to provide much of the content currently offered through Hulu to international audiences.


Max (formerly HBO Max) has already made its mark as one of the most popular streaming services out there. And in 2023, Max has three streaming packages.

$9.99 / month
HBO Original Series
Blockbuster Movies
HBO Max (No Ads)
$15.99 / month
HBO Original Series
Blockbuster Movies


You can watch your favorite American Movie Classics through AMC+, a low-cost option that you can only access if you already get AMC through one of your TV providers. That includes one of the cord-cutting live TV services, however, so you should be good to go if you have one of the above-mentioned services. The service also carries a large number of original TV shows.

Lifetime Movie Club

Lifetime has its own movie streaming option with its own branded films, ready to go for those who want to stream online. No cable TV subscription is required either.


Paramount+ probably could have fit in multiple categories we have here, but it's above all else a broadcaster-specific service. The service offers a large amount of CBS content, including new originals such as Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Prodigy. You can also watch live TV and some sports through this option.

A mountain of entertainment
No ads
Live and on-demand titles

Hallmark Movies Now

What used to be called "Feeln" is now Hallmark Movies Now. You can get most of Hallmark's branded movies and TV shows through this service.

History Vault

Yes, Ancient Aliens is among the list of options here, but you can get almost everything History Channel has to offer in its Vault service. The low-cost option is great for History Channel fans who want to go back and watch content no longer available on-demand through a cable provider.


Not to be outdone by HBO, Showtime also provides a cable-free option for those who want to get its original content and licensed movies at a low monthly fee. The great thing about Showtime's standalone option is that the service also provides its live sporting events through the app for no additional cost.

Premium content
No ads
Full downloads


Starz is also on the table for those who want a movie option that has some original content as well. Starz is not as big on the original, however, so it's better served to those who want just movies.

Obsessable original series
Hit movies
Full downloads


Although a smaller and less-well-known movie streaming option, MGM+ provides a good amount of quality in its content library. The service has also begun to offer its own originals, making it a decent service to check out with its 14-day free trial.


Source: Cinemax

Cinemax also has its own standalone streaming option for movie fans. You can only get this service if you have a cable TV or cord-cutting live service that offers it, however.

The CW (Now Joined with CW Seed)

The CW lets you watch a surprisingly large amount of its show online for free. That includes its all-originals and all-free content from its CW and CW Seed service (which are now combined under the same website).


NBC is getting into the niche streaming market with its Peacock streaming service. Similar to Paramount+, subscribers will be able to watch local NBC broadcasts, as well as original NBC shows that will be exclusive to Peacock. As well, you'll be able to access NBC's library of content stretching back for decades.

Live and on-demand titles
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
No ads
Exclusive content like The Office
Premier League
Live and on-demand titles

United Kingdom streaming services

The UK's streaming options are notably limited compared to its US neighbor to the east. However, many US-born streaming services are available in the UK. And the UK's homegrown and UK-only options are also increasing in number, slowly but surely.

UK general live TV streaming

General live TV streaming is a major growth area for the UK. There are several options to consider.


The UK TV service provides its live TV channels easily accessible on the web. Users can watch on-demand content on ITV as well.

UK TV Play

UK TV Play lets UK residents access a healthy number of live TV channels from lesser-known channels such as Dave, REALLY, and Eden.

TV Player

UK residents who can't choose between ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, or UK TV Play can just load up TV Player and get all of those options under one roof.

STV Player

Leaning heavily on Channel 3 content, STV is a great place to watch on-demand content from hit shows like The Masked Singer. STV is completely free, but supported by ads. However, there's a paid Premium subscription option that lets you view it completely ad-free.


Source: Freeview

A familiar option for UK TV viewers, Freeview primarily requires equipment and an antenna but can be viewed through an app as well if you're signed up the traditional way.

UK live sports streaming

The UK has a fair number of sports streaming options that are growing in number. Given how big sports are in the UK, if you're a sports fan, you'll be glad for the attention to sports streaming.

Eurosport Player

A sports-centric streaming service for UK sports fans, you'll be able to watch popular sports such as football, cricket, badminton, cycling, skiing, and more for just £60 per year.

Sky Sports

UK Sports fans can now stream live sports through Sky Sports. Originally, Sky Sports required an entire Sky TV subscription. However, you can now purchase standalone streaming access to Sky Sports with a Now TV Sky Sports Pass.

BT Sport

A viable alternative to Sky Sports, BT Sports can come in at a lower cost than Sky as well.


If you like to bet on sports, Bet 365 is may be one of the best sports streaming options. This service offers thousands of sports streams from around the world, with the added option to place some bets and (hopefully) collect some cash for making the right calls on the victor.

On-demand streaming: Varied content


No beans or meat involved here. Chili is a UK streaming service that lets you purchase TV shows and movies at a low cost and watch them all online through your account.

Rakuten TV

A large streaming service exclusive to European countries, including the UK. Rakuten TV offers over 6,000 TV shows and movies to stream on-demand from a wide variety of genres. The service focuses on Hollywood blockbusters and other well-rated content, but also offers indie films and content.

On-demand streaming: Niche options

UK streamers love to watch content on-demand. Alongside the international options currently available, a few other services exist.


Available in the UK and a few other countries, Hayu is owned by NBCUniversal and offers a variety of licensed and NBC-owned content. Hayu specifically focuses on reality TV, landing directly in the "niche" category.

BFI Player

The British Film Institute offers up a large library of must-see cinema. This service is free to use, but also offers a subscription-based and movie rental services.

Curzon Home Cinema

A direct offering of high-quality films from Curzon Cinemas, Curzon Home Cinema has a small buy highly-rated selection of quality cinema to stream online.


Remember CollegeHumor? It's still around, and it now has its own streaming service. You can find a load of comedy-related series and content through for just $4.99 per month.


Sometimes, you just need to relax and destress. Most TV content won't do that for you, but that's where Spectiv comes in. This streaming service focuses purely on content designed to help you release your inner demons. And it's only asking $2.99 per month to help you ease some tension.

Live TV and on-demand mixed options

UK fans can watch live TV and on-demand shows using a number of services. A few additional options include the following.

Now TV

A mixed option providing both live sports, live TV, and on-demand content, Now TV is a mixed bag of everything you might want. However, it's definitely on the pricier side.

TalkTalk TV

A good alternative to Now TV and coming in at a lower price, you can start watching live TV on TalkTalk TV for just £21/month. You'll also get a huge selection of on-demand content and over 80 live TV channels.

Virgin TV Go

Streaming live TV is easy if you're a Virgin subscriber. Just sign up for Virgin TV Go to get access to several dozen live TV channels with the added option to watch content streams on-demand.

Broadcaster-specific streaming options

BBC iPlayer

Source: BBC

The BBC offers up its branded content through the very popular BBC iPlayer service. iPlayer can be accessed on the web or through a dedicated app. It's also free to use so long as you have a TV License for BBC content.

My 5

Channel 4 isn't the only option for on-demand content. My 5 lets you watch your favorite Channel 5 content on-demand, for free. That includes popular shows like Hannibal and The Oath.

All 4

For all of your Channel 4 watching needs, the All 4 streaming service offers catch-up TV that you can stream directly onto multiple devices through available apps.


Don't like All 4? Go ahead and give 4Seven a try. This service also offers free catch-up TV for Channel 4 fans through multiple apps and its website.

Canada streaming services

Although its neighbor to the south is swimming with homegrown on-demand streaming options, the Canadian market is surprisingly slim. Thankfully, Canadian streaming fans have access to most of the same providers that US fans enjoy. However, there are notable Canada-only entries or streaming services available in Canada and elsewhere, but not in the US.

Canada live sports streaming

Canada has a few live sports streaming services to offer from major services, including well-known cable providers.

Sportsnet Now

Source: Sportsnet Now

Effectively the ESPN of Canada, Sportsnet Now provides access to a huge library of live and on-demand content for Canadian sports fans.

Rogers NHL Live

Rogers offers a streaming service specifically for NHL fans. You can live stream over 1,000 national and out-of-market games. You can also get playoff games and the finals.

CBC Sports

The CBC offers several live streaming options for Canadian sports fans, including CBC Sports. You can stream popular sports licensed by CBC all year long, and completely for free. The service specifically carries a large number of hockey games throughout the season.

Canada on-demand streaming: Varied content


Is CraveTV the Canadian Netflix? Well, maybe. Even though Netflix is available in Canada, CraveTV is a better source for Canadians who want to get a hold of US network TV shows and more.


Buy or rent movies online. Watch those movies online. Or buy movie tickets and go see it in person. Cineplex provides options for both!


Slice is similar to Hayu in that it’s a streaming service that specializes in lifestyle entertainment. Originally, Slice was a cable TV channel called Life Network. Life Network rebranded to Slice in 2006. Most of the shows that it airs are Bravo productions, but it has a few original shows as well. Some of its most notable series include Big Brother Canada, Mob Wives, Four Weddings Canada and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Canada on-demand streaming: Niche options

Canada-specific niche streaming options are scant, but you're not completely without options here.


Owned and delivered by the CBC, Ici Tou is the French Canadian streaming service. You'll find all of CBC's content through Ici TOU in French, as well as some content not available through regular CBC on-demand.

Canada Broadcaster-Specific Streaming Options


The CBC is the most obvious TV-centric option for Canadian TV viewers. You can stream all of the CBC's content directly on its website or via its dedicated apps.


The Canadian Broadcast Corporation's streaming service offers a mixture of live TV and on-demand content. You'll get over 4,000 hours of the CBC's free content, as well as live feeds to 14 CBC channels.


CTV also offers an online streaming option, similar to its competitor CBC. You can watch CTV content on-demand through its official website or CTV apps.

FXNow Canada

The US-based FX channel offers a huge swath of its content via FXNow Canada. FXNow Canada does not offer individual subscriptions, however, so it does require a cable TV subscription.

Australia streaming services

Australia's streaming market is growing rapidly as the internet access and speeds increase across the country. The market is still small, comparatively, but there are some notable options. Australians have access to many of the US-born streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but there are some Australia-only options, as well.

Australia general live TV streaming

Foxtel Now

Source: Foxtel

Available for streaming on a small but useful list of devices, Foxtel Now features live TV and on-demand content from top providers, including HBO. You can get "Starter Packs" broken down by genre and premium add-on channel packages for sports and movies.

Fetch TV

Want live TV and on-demand down under? Go Fetch. Fetch also has DVR features and provides some quality add-on channel options for $6 per month per add-on package.

Australia Live Sports Streaming

Few sports streaming options exist for Australian sports fans, but you do have at least one good option.


For sports Fans, Kayo offers over 50 live sports. You'll find both a premium and basic subscription. The service carries broadcasts from Australia and internationally.

Australia On-Demand Streaming: Varied Content


Source: Quickflix

The US and Australia may be thousands of miles apart, but Quickflix lets Australians get access to Hollywood films easily and with no monthly commitment. Quickflix is a bit like what Netflix used to be 10 years ago, with a DVD-by-mail service as the primary focus, but also with a burgeoning streaming option as well.


What some consider to be the Australian version of Netflix, Stan is a homegrown digital streaming option. You'll find thousands of TV shows and movies on-demand through Stan, as well as a user-friendly interface. And much like Netflix, there's a growing number of original shows and movies, as well. The service is available for a competitive price.

Australia on-demand streaming: Niche options


An anime streaming service available only in Australia and New Zealand, AnimeLab is the go-to option for those the region who can't get access to Crunchyroll or Funimation Now.


There are over 500 documentaries available through DocPlay. The service offers up both national and international documentaries across a large number of topics. The service claims to add new titles every week. It's available cheaply but and with a 30-day free trial.

Australia broadcaster-specific streaming options

ABC iView

Australia's ABC has its own streaming service, iView. In a very similar vein to the BBC iPlayer, Australians can watch all of ABC's content quite easily and streaming online.


Live TV and on-demand content are available through Australia's tenplay service. Tenplay provides access to Network 10, a major broadcaster in Australia.


Australian streamers can access Channel 7 content through the 7plus website. Separate apps are also available for 7plus. The service is technically free, but you can also register for more features.


After US-based CBS bought Network 10, it launched 10 All Access. Then, when it changed its CBS All Access service in the US to Paramount+, it did so in Australia, as well. This service is available in Australia with a load of excellent contnet.

SBS On Demand

SBS On Demand gives Australians access to popular TV shows and movies. The sign-up is free, so there's no good reason not to try this one out.

India streaming services

India's entertainment market almost demands a large number of streaming options. That said, there are a good number of unique options, and India is particularly unique in offering many streaming services created and offered only to India-based subscribers.

India general live TV streaming

IPTV is extremely popular in India. There are more options than what's reasonable to list here, but here are some of the biggest and most popular to choose from.


Source: Airtel

An extremely well-developed service, Airtel does still require a physical device to watch its content.


YuppTV bills itself as the #1 option for live TV in India. It certainly is a great option if you're in India, however. There are dozens of channels available, some of which are free, most of which are locked behind the premium paywall. You can also watch content on-demand.


Offering over 100 channels, JioTV has a strong emphasis on sports content. In particular, the service is a great way to watch one of India's most popular sports, cricket. This service is only available as a mobile app, however.

India Live TV and On-Demand Mixed Options

There are a few good options that mix live TV and on-demand that anyone in India should consider.


If you want a good mixture of Live TV and on-demand, NexGTv is a good option to explore. While it focuses primarily on live TV and especially news, you'll also be able to explore its on-demand library. The service also offers original content.


Hotstar is HUGE, and one option anyone who wants live TV and on-demand content in India should explore. The service is good for pretty much any type of streaming you want: entertainment TV, sports, movies, and more.


A free streaming service available only in India, Voot has quite a bit of everything. TV shows and movies are available in multiple languages, including English and Hindi. You'll also find a separate section with live TV channels including CNN, VH1, VICE, MTV, and many local Indian TV stations.

India On-Demand Streaming: Varied Content


The service boasts of a library of over 10,000 TV shows and movies available to stream. Content is available in a number of languages. You'll find a healthy dose of Bollywood as well as some international TV shows and films.


A bit of an oddball service, SonyLIV is primarily an on-demand streaming service. However, you can access some sports updates and other sports-related content through this service, as well.


Spuul puts Bollywood content directly at your fingertips. The service advertises a library size of 10,000 TV shows and movies.


Offering a heavy dose of Bollywood films and content, this service comes in at a fairly low cost. TV shows and movies are offered in multiple languages, with a selection of original content, as well. The service heavily promotes its content, so parents be beware.

Eros Now

Eros Now is your go-to source for all things Bollywood. Don't pass this one up if you're a Bollywood fan. There are thousands of titles and it's only $7.99 per month.

India On-Demand Streaming: Niche Options

Niche streaming options are not particularly common in India, but there are options.


Although not India-specific, Viu is a good option for those in India who enjoy Korean dramas. This service offers streamlined access to K-Dramas from a variety of Korean networks.

China streaming services

Most of the streaming services that are available internationally are blocked in China. Due to the country's strict content requirements and filters, most streaming services available in China are completely homegrown. As a result, the market is somewhat small and Chinese citizens are residents are serviced by a small handful of very popularly-used services.

China general live TV streaming

YY Live

Source: YY Live

YY Live offers a large number of different live streaming genres, including e-sports, e-learning videos, music, entertainment, and more. The service also offers a unique virtual gifting system to allow content creators to earn income.


Yizhibo is to Weibo as Instagram is to Facebook. Yizhibo is effectively the video streaming arm of Weibo, with many Chinese millennials favoring it and brands using it to market products and services (again, just like Instagram).


Huajiao is another live streaming app that is widely used, though not particularly that distinguishable from other options. User-created content is the primary focus, although the home page certainly appears to indicate that the type of content that performs the best is geared toward male audiences.

Taobao Live

Owned by Alibaba, this streaming service is effectively a Chinese product marketing platform, like HVC. Product makers can use it market products, and viewers can purchase content.

JD Live

JD Live is the primary competitor to Taobao Live. The service operates similarly.


Inke became one of the most well-funded live streaming companies in China following its 2018 IPO. However, 2018 turned out to be a bad year for the company financially because it failed to offer features that aren’t available on other similar platforms. Revenue from its live-streaming business declined 4.9%, according to Technode.

China Live Sports Streaming

Most of China's sports are broadcast through general live TV services. However, some services are sports-centric.


This option is particularly dedicated to sports streaming. PPTV has the rights to some major international sports leagues, including the WWE and soccer leagues.

Douyu TV

E-sports are huge in China, and Douyu TV offers one of the largest selection of live e-sports streaming in China. Every major e-sport can be streamed through Douyu TV.


Some compare HuoMaoTV to Twitch, which is apt. The service is effectively a live e-sports streaming service that competes with and is comparable to Douyu TV.

China on-demand streaming: Varied content

On-demand video is big business in China, although there are just a few services that effectively dominate this market.

Tencent Video

Source: Tencent Video

Tencent is one of the largest companies in the world, with a reach that extends into a lot of different areas. Tencent Video is just one of many services that Tencent offers. This service carries a large number of on-demand videos across every genre available for Chinese residents.

Sohu Video

An interesting streaming option, Sohu provides on-demand streams to a number of TV programs, including some US TV shows.


What some consider to the Chinese equivalent of Netflix, IQiyi is remarkably larger than Netflix, at least in the size of its content library. The company offers a large library of Chinese-produced TV shows and movies, as well as a content library of licensed shows and movies from international sources, including from the US.

Mango TV

Mango TV is a free, ad-supported service from one of China's largest broadcast networks.


Long known as the Chinese alternative to YouTube, almost any type of content users want to view is available on Youku. And similar to YouTube, the service is a primary go-to option for some of the most irreverent user-generated content one can find online.


A Youku (and therefore YouTube) competitor, Bilibili is more laser-focused in the type of content you'll find. It offers videos across very defined genres, such as music, science, technology, dance, gaming, and more.


This service takes a similar approach to the once-popular Vine. Short videos with filters and special effects make this option unique in the market.


200 million people access Kuaishou daily. Why? To access its growing library of user-generated videos that take a look at everyday life in China. This service is particularly popular among Chinese citizens outside of the largest cities.

Xigua Video

Xigua Video is an IQiyi and Netflix competitor. It offers original content as well as licensed content from Chinese and foreign production companies.

Streaming in Europe - Top options

The European streaming market has been slowly building some momentum over the past decade. There are now numerous on-demand and live TV streaming options available across Europe that you won't find anywhere else. Many can even be accessed from outside of Europe.


Source: ORF

Austria-based ORF TVTHEK is the online streaming arm of ORF. The company offers live streams of multiple ORF networks, (such as ORF I and ORF II) to several European countries, including Austra, Italy, Germany, and several others. It also offers on-demand streaming for many programs available through ORF, such as the comedy series Poor Millionaires.


This French TV network launched in 1992. It now provides a plethora of content across multiple genres, including science, history, and culture. As the name suggests, it places a unique focus on the arts. ARTE offers a wide range of free-to-view musical performances and other artistic endeavors. It's also not limited to individuals located in France or Europe. Almost anyone outside of Europe can load up its streams and watch.

RTE Player

Equivalent to PBS in the US or BBC in the UK, RTE is Ireland's largest public media broadcasting company. Its TV content is now available through its live streaming option, RTE Player. RTE players no geographic restrictions on its RTE Player content. Watch it from the US, Canada, UK, or anywhere else that content isn't blocked at the government level.


Part of T-Mobile's international branding, MagentaTV is a T-Mobile-owned streaming service available in Germany. It offers over 100 channels and a load of on-demand content, including films and documentaries. T-Mobile sells month-to-month and annual subscriptions to its potential users.


Source: TIMVision

Netflix has several local competitors in Europe, including TIMvision. One of the most popular streaming services in Italy, TIMvision carries popular TV shows, movies, and more from across the world. Much of its content requires additional rental or purchase costs, but TIMvision also has original content to offer.

C More

Sweden-based C More may not have the largest library, but it has a strong showing of on-demand and live TV. Additionally, users can sign up to get live sports through the service, as well, making its content variety more expansive than many other services available in Europe.

Via Play

Part of the same media group as C More, Via Play has a larger selection of live TV options. It easily competes with DAZN thanks to its sports contracts that include US-based UFC, NFL, and NHL games, among other Eurozone sports. And of course, the on-demand content is large, with over 4,000 titles.


It appears American media companies aren't the only ones getting into the "plus" game. Spain-based company Moviestar now offers an on-demand streaming service called Moviestar+. The service offers over 1,600 titles. Uniquely, Moviestar+ subscribers will also get access to the Netflix and Disney+ catalogs.

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