Sling TV On-Demand Library 2024 – The Complete Breakdown

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Sling TV is one of the oldest internet TV services out there, and the Sling TV on-demand library is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Interested in more details? Check out this review, and learn everything you need to know about watching on-demand content on Sling TV.

How much content is available on-demand from Sling TV?

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Sling TV claims that it has over 10,000 hours of on-demand content, and our own experience with the service backs this up.

Like most other internet TV services, it doesn’t own the content that is provided on-demand. Instead, the cable channels and networks each supply VOD content individually. This means that the available shows and programs that are offered by Sling TV change quite a bit, due to syndication rights and other factors.

To find on-demand content, all you have to do is open up the “Guide” then choose the channel you’re interested in watching. Then, you’ll be able to see all of the VOD content available for your selected channel and start watching right away.

What kind of content can I expect from the Sling TV on-demand library?

Sling TV has both movies and TV shows on-demand from major cable and broadcast networks like AMC, FX, FOX and more, and there is a fairly diverse selection of content.

AMC, for example, usually has the 3 most recently-broadcast episodes of top shows like The Walking Dead. USA has 6 full seasons of Chrisley Knows Best. On FX, you can watch movies like Bad Moms and Deadpool. SYFY has Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so on.

Overall, the selection of content is pretty good. You won’t really be able to watch full past seasons of your favorite shows, for the most part, but you’ll be able to catch up on recent episodes, and select shows do have a large selection of past episodes. You’ll definitely never have trouble finding something good to watch.

Does Sling TV on-demand content have commercials?

Yes. You can expect a few commercial breaks during each of the shows or movies you watch. However, these ads are usually only 30 seconds long, and fairly infrequent compared to watching live TV, so they do not interfere with the viewing experience in any major way.

What kind of content can I expect when streaming on Sling TV?

Due to there being 3 different plans to choose from, the channels included in your Sling TV subscription may vary. Below, we've outlined your options for streaming based on the plan you choose.

What you can stream on all Sling plans

With any Sling TV plan you choose, you'll get a good variety of news, sports, entertainment and children's programming. Follow the historical drama The Tudors on BBC America, look out for the next stocks to buy on Bloomberg TV, learn a new recipe for risotto on Food Network, catch an adrenaline-pumping wrestling match on TNT, or catch a cheesy rom-com on Lifetime.

For a full list of channels in available in each plan, click here.

What you can stream on Sling Blue and Sling Blue + Orange

Sling Blue offers a selection of local Fox and NBC stations in select markets as well as a few extra sports and entertainment channels. Catch the best of football on NFL Network, get your Real Housewives fix on Bravo, or catch up on all the celebrity gossip on E! News.

What you can stream on Sling Orange and Sling Blue + Orange

Sling Orange comes with ESPN and Disney channels to satisfy the sports-lover and the children of the home. Watch live sports, game replays, highlights on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. Enjoy family programming on Disney Channel including The DescendantsRaven's Home and The Owl House.

What's on Sling TV?

Wondering what's on Sling TV right now? Flixed has built a TV guide that will let you see the current channels, shows, and events that are airing on this internet TV service. Check out the Flixed TV Guide for Sling TV now, and see an updated schedule of what you can watch on Sling TV!

What apps can I use to watch Sling TV on-demand?

Any device that is supported by Sling TV also supports on-demand viewing. That means you can watch the Sling TV on-demand library on iOS and Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast, as well as Android TV, Roku TVs, some LG and Samsung smart TVs, the Xbox One console, and select Xfinity X1 devices. You can learn more here.

To watch Sling TV on-demand on your favorite device, simply open up the Channel Guide on your device, then select a channel to view its on-demand shows and movies.

Live Sports & Premium Channels

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