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  1. I would never recommend purchasing this subscription – there is ZERO technical support!! You pay $50 for a product which takes someone with a software engineering degree to set up properly, it works for a few days then they update it and it stops working. The only support available is through forums and you then wait on the whim of someone completely unrelated to the company you paid to try and give you support. The first time I had a technical issue it took around 4 weeks to resolve (meanwhile my $50 subscription wasn’t put on hold or refunded for the period I was unable to use it). Once this issue was fixed (and there were multiple people all having the same problem within the forum) it worked fine for another month then suddenly failed to work again – I posted in the forums and got no response for 2 months!! I find it absolutely disgusting that they can charge you $50 for a product which has no support!


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