Streaming giant Netflix has had to increase its prices several times to pay for licensing fees and other expenses. While Netflix has been sticking with its three-tier subscription format for some time now, the latest price hike happened just a few months ago.


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Netflix Plans and Pricing

Netflix offers three streaming subscription plans: Basic, Standard and Premium.

With Basic, there’s only one simultaneous stream and resolution is limited to SD (Standard Definition). Basic subscribers can download content to watch later, but only to one device at a time.

Standard subscribers can access two simultaneous streams, switch to HD (High Definition) mode and download content to two devices.

The benefits of Premium include four simultaneous streams, UHD (Ultra High Definition) streams and the ability to download content to four different devices.

While these plans’ features are the same everywhere, their price points vary from country to country.

United States

  • Basic: $9/month USD
  • Standard: $13/month USD
  • Premium: $16/month USD


  • Basic: $10/month CAD
  • Standard: $14/month CAD
  • Premium: $17/month CAD

United Kingdom

  • Basic: £6/month GBP
  • Standard: £9/month GBP
  • Premium: £12/month GBP


  • Basic: $10/month AUD
  • Standard: $14/month AUD
  • Premium: $18/month AUD

Netflix’s famous DVD rental service is still available, but only in the United States. For $8/month, subscribers can order one DVD at a time. For $12/month, that limit changes to two DVDs.

Will Netflix Raise Its Prices Again in 2020?

The Motley Fool‘s Adam Levy believes that Netflix probably won’t raise its prices this year.

Levy notes that the 2019 price hike was one of Netflix’s most aggressive price hikes ever. The price increase has had a positive effect on its balance sheet that will likely carry it into 2021.

Moreover, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has observed that there’s “a little more [price] sensitivity” in the subscriber base than the company has seen in the past. Because of this, Netflix may be hesitant to increase prices again.

The reason for this increased sensitivity could be linked to Levy’s third reason for thinking that a 2020 price hike is unlikely: Netflix now has more competition than ever before.

Channel Add-Ons

All Netflix subscribers have equal access to content, regardless of their plans. There are no paywalls or upgrades that let you watch more TV shows and movies.

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