The National Geographic Channel will take you from the bottom of the oceans to the edge of the Universe. Fortunately, cutting the cord does not mean giving up NatGeo’s educational programming. Here are nine ways to watch National Geographic without cable.

National Geographic on Streaming Services

These streaming services recreate the cable experience without charging cable prices. For low monthly fees, you can get dozens of the most popular cable and broadcast channels along with advanced features like cloud DVRs.


Fubo TV
Source: Fubo TV

This service may have started out as a sports-only streaming service, but fuboTV evolved over the years to become a complete streaming solution. It still carries more sports channels than any other streaming service. At the same time, there is now a full range of lifestyle, news and entertainment channels — including the National Geographic Channel.

Channels and packages

You can choose between two subscription plans — fubo and fubo Extra — for your streaming TV. The fubo Latino and fubo Português plans specialize in Spanish-language and Portuguese content.

The National Geographic Channel is available in both fubo and fubo Extra along with local CBS, Fox and NBC broadcasts in certain markets. Paying the extra $5 per month for fubo Extra gets you a mix of additional news, sports and lifestyle channels.

There is one glaring weakness in fuboTV’s lineup: ESPN is not an option. In fact, none of the Disney-owned TV channels, from ABC to DisneyXD, are available.

Features and extras

The standard cloud DVR service provides you with 30 hours of recording time. You can expand that to 500 hours by paying an extra $10 per month. Likewise, a $6 upgrade will boost the number of devices you can use at the same time from two to a maximum of three.

  • Living room devices: Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Devices based on Fire TV, Roku and Android TV.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: fuboTV recommends Chrome.

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Sling TV

Source: Sling TV

Sling TV was the original streaming alternative to cable. The company is still one of the most popular streaming services thanks to an affordable base price and many customization options.

Channels and packages

Sling TV packages channels into three base subscription plans. If you only need to get a few of your favorite channels, take a look at the lineups in the Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans. Most people, however, will opt for the combination plan which gives you more than 50 channels for a reasonable monthly rate.

Sling Orange
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$25.00/ month

34 channels


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1 simultaneous stream.

Sling Blue
Free Roku Deal$25.00/ month

49 channels


Free Roku Express

3 simultaneous streams

Sling Orange + Blue
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$40.00/ month

56 channels


Free Roku Express

4* simultaneous streams

* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels.

You can skip the Sling Orange plan if your priority is the National Geographic Channel — it’s only available through Sling Blue or the combo plan. You also get National Geographic Wild. Local TV coverage is one of Sling TV’s biggest weaknesses. There’s no way to get your local ABC or CBS stations through Sling TV. The availability of Fox and NBC stations will also vary by market.

Features and extras

Another negative to Sling TV is the way you have to pay $5 per month to get a cloud DVR. All other streaming services provide that for free. Sling TV’s cloud DVR upgrade only lets you record 50 hours of programming.

Even figuring out which devices you can use with Sling TV is a hassle. The channels that are only available on the Sling Orange plan, such as ESPN, can only stream to one device. National Geographic and other channels on Sling Blue can stream to up to three devices at once.

  • Living room devices: Azulle Mini PC Sticks, Air TV Player, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Xaomi Mi TV.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Models based on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Also, certain models from LG and Samsung.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Amazon Fire tablets, Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu Fox
Source: Hulu

Many people are familiar with Hulu as an on-demand streaming service that lets you catch up on the latest episodes from broadcast TV. For more than a year, however, the company has offered Hulu with Live TV as a cable replacement.

Channels and packages

The simple $40 per month subscription plan includes more than 50 live TV channels in addition to the on-demand content. National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, and a variety of popular channels are part of Hulu’s live streaming lineup. Unlike some other services, Hulu has deals with local affiliates of all four major broadcasters. Availability still varies by market.

Features and extras

Hulu with Live TV’s standard cloud DVR service gives you 50 hours of recording time. You can expand that to 200 hours by paying an extra $15 per month. A nice feature of this upgrade is the ability to fast forward through commercials.

The base subscription lets you stream to two devices at once. You can stream to as many devices as you want by paying an extra $15 per month for Hulu’s account-sharing upgrade. However, this unlimited option only applies to your home network. On mobile, the upgraded service caps you at three simultaneous streams.

Hulu really wants you getting both upgrades so they have a combo offer that gets you the expanded DVR and streaming capability for only $20 per month.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Certain Samsung and LG televisions as well as some devices based on Amazon Fire TV or Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • Desktop browsers: Most browsers.

PlayStation Vue

watch cnn live on roku without cable top options playstation vue
Source: PlayStation Vue

Ignore the name of Sony’s streaming service, PlayStation Vue. Subscriptions don’t require a PlayStation gaming console. This multi-platform service is more family-friendly than any of its competitors.

Channels and packages

Unlike Sling TV’s combination channel packages, Sony’s PlayStation Vue offers a simple, tiered service. Paying more money each month simply adds more channels to your viewing options.

  • Access: 45+ channels for $45 per month.
  • Core: 70+ channels for $50 per month.
  • Elite: 94 channels for $60 per month.
  • Ultra: 96 channels, including HBO and Showtime, for $80 per month.

National Geographic comes with all four subscription plans. You will need to subscribe to Core, Elite or Ultra to get National Geographic Wild.

Features and extras

PlayStation Vue does not offer feature upgrades the way other plans do. That’s because its standard features are extremely competitive. You and your family can stream to as many as five devices at once. In addition, you can record as many programs as you want. You can only keep the recordings for four weeks, though.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Televisions based on Amazon Fire TC, Android TV and Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android, Amazon Fire Tablets and iOS.
  • Game consoles: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

YouTube TV

youtube tv watch nba tv without cable streaming
Source: YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been around for more than a year and offers some innovative features you won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve never had cable, you’ll appreciate YouTube TV’s streaming experience.

Channels and packages

A $40 monthly subscription to YouTube TV gets you more than 60 channels. Both National Geographic and National Geographic Wild are part of the lineup. Of all the streaming services, YouTube TV is the one most likely to have your local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC stations.

Features and extras

YouTube TV lets you create profiles for as many as six people. Each profile gets its own viewing history, recommendations and cloud DVR library. This is a great deal since YouTube TV does not limit how many programs you record. It even lets you keep the recordings for nine months.

One catch with YouTube TV comes when your family tries to stream simultaneously. The service limits the account to three devices. And if one of those devices relies on Amazon, you’re out of luck. YouTube TV does not support Fire TV.

  • Living room devices: Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Certain models from HiSense, LG, Samsung and Sharp as well as televisions based on Android TV and Roku.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: Xbox One.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome.

DirecTV Now

directv now how to watch roku on roku cable alternatives
Source: DirecTV Now

AT&T’s streaming service, DirecTV Now, offers a compelling lineup of channels and features at reasonable prices.

Channels and packages

Like PlayStation Vue, you get more channels as you upgrade to each DirecTV Now subscription plan.

  • Live a Little: 65+ channels / $40 per month.
  • Just Right: 85+ channels / $55 per month.
  • Go Big: 105+ channels / $65 per month.
  • Gotta Have It: 125+ channels / $75 per month.
  • Todo y Más: 90+ spanish-language channels / $45 per month.

The National Geographic Channel comes standard with the Live a Little plan and each upgrade. If you want National Geographic Wild, however, you’ll have to Go Big.

Features and extras

The DirecTV Now cloud DVR lets you record 20 hours of programming and keep each recording for 30 days. You don’t have the option to upgrade.

You can, however, upgrade from the two simultaneous stream limit to a three-stream limit by paying another $5 per month.

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: Samsung and Amazon Fire TV televisions.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None, but Xbox One support is “coming soon”.
  • Desktop browsers: DirecTV Now only streams to Chrome and Safari browsers. With Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can only manage your settings.

What You Can Stream From National Geographic

National Geographic’s TV shows have a decades-long reputation for quality. That continues today with shows that document nature and world culture.


National Geographic Explorer
Source: National Geographic Channel

The long-running show National Geographic Explorer got a makeover this season as a news magazine hosted by The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan. He and other NatGeo correspondents travel the world reporting on natural disasters, scientific research and foreign cultures.


National Geographic Mars
Source: National Geographic Channel

A mix of drama and documentary, Mars shows you what it may take to get humans to the red planet — and maybe back again. The critically-acclaimed production mixes interviews with scientists into the dramatic story of future astronauts traveling to Mars.

Inside North Korea

National Geographic Inside North Korea
Source: National Geographic Channel

This five-episode series went undercover within North Korea to get rare footage of life in the hermit kingdom. Inside North Korea looks at the way the country’s notoriously secretive regime manipulates its people — as well as the great powers — in order to survive.

Streaming National Geographic Online

Nat Geo TV App
Source: Apple

Back in 2015, the National Geographic Society spun off its magazine and TV channel into a joint venture with 21st Century Fox. One result of the deal is that you can stream National Geographic without cable through the mobile apps as well as through the National Geographic site. Disney’s recent purchase of Fox’s entertainment assets brings the Fox-National Geographic joint venture into the House of the Mouse. There’s no word on whether the National Geographic experience will change.

The National Geographic website and apps let you stream all of its current programming as well as many now-canceled TV shows. Unless you have a paid TV provider, however, you won’t get full access to most episodes. Fortunately, National Geographic accepts all of the streaming services we’ve reviewed in this guide.

Nat Geo TV Apps

The Nat Geo TV app combines with your TV provider credentials to unlock all of the available National Geographic content. Thanks to the 21st Century Fox relationship, you also get access to primetime content from the FOX, FX, FX Originals and FX Movies channels.

You can get Nat Geo TV for Android devices as well as variations for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Roku and other devices also get the app.

FXNow Apps

National Geographic content is available through Fox’s FXNow app which also gives you the FOX, FX, FX Originals and FX Movies channels. If you subscribe to Fox’s FX+, then you can watch all of the content ad-free. FXNow is available on iOS, Android, Roku and several other platforms.

The National Geographic website lets anyone stream select episodes. With a TV provider’s credentials, you can watch every episode from the channel’s current series as well as some previous series.