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The ultra-affordable family-oriented Frndly TV is the first sub-$10 live television "skinny bundle" app with an impressive array of features and choices. It has a large selection of feel-good quality TV, with recognizable live channels like The Weather Channel, Hallmark, QVC and more. The Denver-based company aims its product package to fit family's budgets.

What is Frndly TV?

Frndly TV is a live tv streaming service with on-demand options featuring family-oriented programming. A group of former DISH TV executives launched the app in 2019. Its channels cover all demographics, from babies to moms to sportsmen and all members in between, with 20 live channels broadcasting award-winning-options, on demand episodes and supporting DVR recording for higher subscription plans.

Frndly TV continually adds channel options to its selection. Its easy-to-use app and handpicked channel selection was made by families, for families to provide entertaining content at a fraction of a price of competitors. It requires a high speed internet connection to enjoy. More than half a million subscribers support the streaming service as it meets the growing demands of viewers wanting more from their entertainment options. It offers families the freedom of needing "no parental controls" with its wholesome content with broad appeal.

How much does Frndly TV cost?

Frndly TV Basic

Try 7 days free

  • 40+ channels
  • SD video quality
  • Stream on one device
  • On demand content


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Frndly TV Classic

  • 40+ channels
  • HD video quality
  • Stream on two screens
  • Unlimited DVR space
  • On demand content


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Frndly TV Premium

  • 40+ channels
  • HD video quality
  • Unlimited DVR space
  • Stream on four screens
  • On demand content


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Compared to some other live TV streaming services, like Hulu with Live TV and Sling TV, the price for Frndly TV is extremely affordable. However, of course the channel list for Frndly TV isn't as dominant as its larger competitors.

Does Frndly bill monthly or annually?

There is an option on the Frndly app to upgrade to an annual plan, which can result in 15% savings. The billing plans accept credit/debit card or PayPal. The average cost per channel is below 40 cents a channel per billing cycle.

Discounts and savings

There is a one week free trial available. There are coupons available periodically.

Frndly TV bundles

The 40+ live channel network (growing) offers affordable bundled cable TV options available on many devices. Its under $10 subscription plan offers multi-device streaming and DVR options as well.

How to watch Frndly TV

Log into the Frndly TV website or see if its app is available on your smart TV, Roku, Firestick or similar device. Sign up for the free trial and you can start watching!

If you have a favorite show, search for it in the search bar and see if it is available on demand or see when it plays at a later date. You can schedule recording ahead of time this way.

Speed qualifications

There are speed recommendations to be compatible with Frndly TV and have the best user experience. 5 MBPS is recommended for a single stream, 10 mbps is for 2 HD streams and 1.5 is needed for a single stream in SD

Navigating Frndly TV

Browse by show name, channel, or air date. Each offering features a thumbnail and name as well as information so you can know more about it before pressing play.

The inbuilt keyboard makes searching for favorite shows easy, and you can also browse recently played to make a selection.

Frndly live TV channels

Lovers of romance movies, fishing show buffs, game show enthusiasts and home chefs all find something they will love with the Frndly TV app.

Top channels

One of its most popular channels is the Hallmark Channel. It also has two Hallmark spinoff channels, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and Hallmark Drama.

The Weather Channel offers up to date programs and weather information locally and nationally, with special features and live broadcasts as well.

The GSN (Game Show Network) shows new and classic fan-favorite shows like Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, The Chase, Divided, and so many more.

Recipe.TV is an award winning broadcast with shows featuring amazing chefs like Emmy-nominated Edward Delling-Williams.

The World Fishing Network, Outdoor Network and Sportsman Channel show broadcasts about fishing, hunting, competitions and similar content.

INSP shows "classic" television series many viewers may have grown up with. This includes Westerns shows and movies.

QVC offers 24/7 high quality home shopping opportunities. The letters stand for "Quality, Value and Convenience."

PixL streams family centered commercial-free movies and mini series. Many of its movies first aired on the Hallmark Channel.

Baby First shows educational content for infants and toddlers. Its target market is children ages 0-3.

Curiosity Stream is another offering from the Discovery TV network. It streams non fiction content like documentaries, shows, and short-form videos.

Fe TV Family Entertainment Television features classics like Bewitched, The Addams Family, The Partridge Family, The Monkees, Lassee and more.

BYU TV is based out of Brigham Young University with uplifting content and family centric programming

There are currently over 40 channels, with more being added continually.

What devices are compatible with Frndly TV?

The best way to see if Frndly is compatible with your device is to see if the app is available when you search for it. Its website lists it as officially compatible with Roku TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast TV,  iOS, and Android as well as major web browsers.

What features does Frndly TV offer?

Frndly has a built-in guide where customers can browse channel options and select their favorite options to see what's playing now and tune in. On-demand includes a variety of movies and episodes to enjoy at your convenience.

72 hours look back

The 72 Hours Look Back feature lets views watch and/or record any show or movie that played in the past 72 hours.

Frndly DVR

Frndly DVR allows for unlimited screen recordings of all of your favorite programs. They are also instantly accessible. The Classic package allows shows to be watched up to 30 days past recording and the Premium package allows shows to be watched 90 days past recording.

Other features

Closed captions are one feature that are available on the app. There is also the option to see active screens and see who is signed in and watching TV. Playback quality is smooth, with HR available at higher price points. Frndly TV reviews generally are high, with an average of over 4 out of five stars.

Frndly TV FAQ’s

How does the DVR recording feature work?

Select the On-Demand or live show that played within the last 72 hours and select it for recording. Users get a Cloud DVR when they subscribe that they can immediately start using. The Cloud DVR includes unlimited recordings.

Is it a contract-based plan?

No, the subscription model allows viewers to cancel at any time.

What new channels does Frndly have?

One of the latest channels is Local Now. It has local content customized to more than 225 regions in the United States. Another new addition is the Dove channel, which provides Christian-centric programming.

Is Frndly free?

Frndly is available widely as a "skinny bundle," with a cost-effective subscription plan averaging under 40 cents per channel a month.

What is needed to watch Frndly TV?

All that is needed is an internet connection and a device that is compatible.

What customer service options are available with Frndly TV?

Television, live chat and email customer service options are available.

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