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  1. As a cord cutter and fan of ESPN, I think the biggest reason it won’t work is because there’s nothing on there that people want to watch. It’s stuff ESPN wouldn’t put on their normal TV channels. No Monday Night Football, no basketball, etc. Most likely this is just a beta to work out some kinks while they wait on the market to be ready. They still make a to.of money on cable so they don’t seem to be rushing to find another revenue stream. And we all know that 2019 is when they launch what is sure to be a successful app in their Disney movies and TV app. I’d guess a real ESPN app that people want to see won’t come out until after that.

    • Good thought, Adam. Not to mention they already have an app for watching live content that you’re paying for through your cable service. If they don’t offer the same as what they offer through a cable service, it’s not really worth it to anyone.


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