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  1. The #1 problem with Fubo (for me, and people that like watching US sports, like many of the bowl games and NFL Monday night football, and some of the NFL playoff games) is it does not have ESPN. It also (for the same reason) does not have ABC.
    If Fubo had these, I think it would be the easy winner, but without them I would miss Monday Night Football and my wife would miss many of the programs only on ABC. This is a show stopper. Yes, I will miss things like the PAC 12 networks, but I can live with that and some of it is on the other sports channels like FS1&2. It is not the $40 vs $80 for me, it is the content that I cannot get on Fubo.
    PS- I currently have Fubo, Sling (orange) and YoutubeTV. I expect to drop all but YoutubeTV, at least as long as Fubo cannot get ESPN and ABC
    The good news is this is a very fluid situation and it is easy to turn one off and another on when the conditions warrants.


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