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  1. StrongVPN is your suggestion? I read few user reviews about it on VPNMentor and there are other VPNs which are good also for this streaming service. Why are they not mentioned also?

    • Hi Sasa,

      Good question. It’s true that there are a few other providers that offer access to the BBC iPlayer – ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and a few others all do the job.

      That being said, we chose to recommend StrongVPN because it seems to work the most consistently.

      We didn’t feel it was necessary to recommend a host of VPNs when there was one that seemed to work the best.

      Hope that answers your question.


      Founder, Managing Editor

    • Maybe because Pure let government access logs and other data while claiming they don’t save any data? Pure is poor provider and I don’t really believe any word what they say. Every premium VPN is fast, this is no longer an argument. Trust is more important.

  2. From my experience, the best option to unblock BBC is by using a SmartDNS service (I think that StrongVPN also has one). There is no speed loss with SmartDNS. Regarding VPNs, you may use (almost) any service that provides servers located in UK.

    I personally use ibDNS (SmartDNS from ibVPN) and, from time to time, NordVPN.


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