You can watch Animal Planet live without cable with one of these streaming services: Philo, Hulu With Live TV AT&T TV Now or YouTube TV. In this article, we’ll help you decide which option is best for you. Let’s get started!

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Watch Animal Planet on Philo

philo cable alternative watch animal planet live cord-cutting
Source: Philo

Philo officially launched in November 2017, and offers cord-cutters a low-cost, sports-free alternative to other internet TV services.

Philo Pricing and Packages

Currently, Philo has only a single package of channels available. You’ll get 58+ channels for $20/month with Philo. While it used to offer a $16/month package of 45+ channels, this was discontinued in early 2019. For a full breakdown of the Philo pricing and packages available to you, check out this article.

58 Channels
7-day free trial
$20.00/ month

58 channels

3 simultaneous streams

30-Day DVR


Philo Channels

With Philo, you can get Animal Planet, as well as dozens of other channels including Discovery, DIY Network, History, and the Science channel for just $20/month. You’ll also get some other top channels like Destination America and the Cooking Channel.

Most notably, there is absolutely no sports coverage included with Philo, and you won’t get access to local NBC/CBS/NBC/ABC programming. This is one of the main reasons Philo is available at such a low cost.

You can see a full list of Philo supported channels here.

Philo Supported Devices

Philo’s device support used to be pretty limited in the past, but it’s much better now. You can stream on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. You can also watch on the iOS app, and Philo finally introduced an Android app, so you no longer have to watch on your Chrome browser if you own an Android phone or tablet. You can learn more here.

Philo Simultaneous Streams

Philo does pack some great features into a low-cost package. You can stream on 3 devices at once, which is better than AT&T TV Now. You can learn more here.

Philo DVR

With Philo, you get a 30-day DVR for no extra cost with your subscription. You can save as many shows as you want for 30 days, with no other recording limitations or restrictions. Learn more here.

Philo On-Demand Library

Philo has a total of more than 20,000 titles available for on-demand viewing, including movies and recent episodes of most popular TV shows, as well as some past seasons of select shows. You’ll have plenty of on-demand content to choose from with this service.

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Watch Animal Planet on Hulu With Live TV

Hulu with live tv watch animal planet without cable
Source: Hulu With Live TV

Hulu With Live TV combines live streaming with a huge library of on-demand content for a single monthly price, making it a great choice for those who may already have a Hulu on-demand subscription.

Hulu With Live TV Pricing and Packages

Hulu With Live TV keeps things simple. You’ll pay $54.99/month for the service. For your money, you’ll get 60-70+ channels, depending on where you are, and you’ll also get an ad-supported Hulu on-demand subscription with your Hulu With Live TV subscription.

You can see a full breakdown of Hulu’s pricing and packages here.

Hulu + Live TV
7-Day Free Trial
$44.99/ month

67 Channels

2 simultaneous streams

ESPN and Disney


Hulu With Live TV Channels

Hulu With Live TV comes with Animal Planet, as well as a number of other great network and cable channels including Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox News, Disney Channel, National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild, and Travel Channel, just to name a few. You also have the option to add a few premium networks and additional channels. Click here for a full breakdown.

Hulu With Live TV Supported Devices

Hulu With Live TV has great device support. You can watch Animal Planet without cable on iOS and Android, your web browser, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku, as well as the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. The service also supports some Samsung and LG smart TVs. Click here for more information.

Hulu With Live TV Simultaneous Streams

By default, Hulu With Live TV lets you stream on only 2 devices at once. However, you can pay $9.99 for an “Unlimited Screens” package, which allows you to stream on unlimited devices in your home WiFi network, and on up to 3 devices outside of your home WiFi network. Click here for more information.

Hulu With Live TV DVR

Hulu With Live TV comes with a free, 50-hour cloud DVR. You can upgrade this to 200 hours of storage with a $9.99 “Enhanced DVR” package. You can also combine this package and the aforementioned Unlimited Screens package for $14.99/month. Learn more here.

Hulu With Live TV On-Demand Library

Every Hulu subscription comes with a Hulu on-demand membership. That means you can watch thousands of episodes of current TV shows and past seasons, as well as a selection of movies, and Hulu Originals like The Handmaid’s Tale.

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Watch Animal Planet on AT&T TV Now

directv now streaming cable alternative watching animal planet live cord-cutting
Source: DirecTV Now

AT&T TV Now offers a huge range of channels, but at a very high price that’s comparable to traditional cable. It also doesn’t have the best features. However, it’s still a reasonably good way to watch Animal Planet without cable.

AT&T TV Now Pricing and Packages

Recently, AT&T TV Now changed its name. It used to be DirecTV Now. Despite the name change, not a lot has changed about this cable alternative from AT&T. Take a look at your options for AT&T TV Now packages below. 

  • Plus: 40+ channels / $65 per month. Includes HBO
  • Max: 50+ channels / $80 per month. Includes HBO, Cinemax
  • Entertainment: 65+ channels / $93 per month
  • Choice: 85+ channels / $110 per month
  • Xtra: 105+ channels /  $124 per month
  • Ultimate: 125+ channels / $135 per month

To watch Animal Planet without cable, you’ll need to subscribe to the $93/month “Max” package. You can see more information about each AT&T TV Now package here.

7-day free trial
$50.00/ month

45+ channels

2 simultaneous streams

20 hours of DVR space

7-day free trial
$70.00/ month

60+ channels

2 simultaneous streams

20 hours of DVR space

HBO + Cinemax
*Note that AT&T TV Now offers several other plans that are hidden until you click to sign up.

AT&T TV Now Channels

AT&T TV Now comes with pretty much every channel that you could want. The $93/month “Max” package which includes Animal Planet also includes a number of other great cable networks such as Discovery, History, TLC, and National Geographic, which are sure to interest cord-cutters who enjoy Animal Planet content.

However, you’ll pay quite a bit of money per-channel. AT&T TV Now is definitely not a great deal for cord-cutting bargain-hunters. You can see a full channel breakdown here.

AT&T TV Now Supported Devices

On a more positive note, AT&T TV Now has solid platform support. You can watch AT&T TV Now on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Chromecast, as well as on mobile iOS and Android devices, and your web browser. You can find out more here.

AT&T TV Now Simultaneous Streams

Currently, you can only stream on 2 devices at once while using the service. This is not great for larger families, or those who plan on sharing their subscription with housemates.  However, you can upgrade this to 3 simultaneous streams for a $5/monthly fee. You can learn more here.


AT&T TV Now does have a DVR, but it’s quite restrictive. You’re limited to recording only 20 hours of content, and you can’t save content for longer than 30 days. After 30 days, your oldest recordings will be automatically deleted. You can learn more here.

AT&T TV Now On-Demand Library

AT&T TV Now has an on-demand streaming library of more than 40,000 different titles, making it one of the best options for cord-cutters who want to watch Animal Planet live, and also want lots of video on-demand content.

One of the other benefits of AT&T TV Now is that you will get a “TV Everywhere” login with your subscription. TV Everywhere is a service that lets you log into dozens of apps and websites with your AT&T TV Now credentials, and stream live TV and archived episodes.

You can log in to Animal Planet GO with AT&T TV Now through TV Everywhere. Currently, TV Everywhere supports 70+ cable channels, so you can use your login for most of the channels you’ll get with AT&T TV Now, like AMC, Discovery, FX, and Comedy Central.

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Watch Animal Planet on YouTube TV

watch animal planet without cable youtube tv
Source: YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great option if you want to watch Animal Planet without cable. It’s reasonably priced, includes a wide variety of channels, and has great features, so it’s definitely one of our top choices.

YouTube TV Pricing and Packages

YouTube TV has only a single package of channels, which will cost you $49.99/month and provide you with 60-70+ channels, including Animal Planet. Learn more here

YouTube TV Channels

You will get Animal Planet on YouTube TV, as well as plenty of other Discovery networks including Discovery Channel and Investigation Discovery, as well as National Geographic, Travel Channel, CNN, ESPN and a number of other top channels. Learn more here

YouTube TV Supported Devices

You can watch YouTube TV on pretty much any modern streaming device. This includes iOS and Android, web browsers, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast, as well as the Xbox One gaming console and some smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sharp, VIZIO and Hisense. Learn more here

YouTube TV Simultaneous Streams

When it comes to simultaneous streams, YouTube TV is one of the best services on the market. You can stream on up to 3 different devices at once. There is no way to add more streams, however. Learn more here

YouTube TV DVR

The YouTube TV DVR is the best in the business, bar none. You can record unlimited content for up to 9 months, and create up to 6 accounts, each of which gets its own DVR. Learn more here.

YouTube TV On-Demand Library

Like most of the other services on this list, YouTube TV has an on-demand library with plenty of movies and shows sourced from the various channels included in your subscription, such as Animal Planet. The lineup of content rotates quite a bit, but there’s always something to watch. Learn more here.

How to Watch Animal Planet on Amazon Fire TV

You can watch Animal Planet on Amazon Fire TV without cable with one of the following services: Philo, Hulu With Live TV AT&T TV Now or YouTube TV. 

To get started, just visit the Amazon App Store. Then find the app for the service you’re using, and download it. You can also download the Animal Planet GO app, and watch directly on the app with most of these streaming services.

How to Watch Animal Planet on Roku

You can watch Animal Planet on Roku without cable with one of the following services: Philo, Hulu With Live TV AT&T TV Now or YouTube TV

Just boot up your Roku, open up the app store, and download the app for the service you’re using. The Animal Planet GO app is also available on the Roku store.

How to Watch Animal Planet on Apple TV

You can watch Animal Planet on Apple TV without cable with one of the following services: Philo, Hulu With Live TVAT&T TV Now or YouTube TV. 

Just head to the App Store, download the app for your chosen streaming service, and then get started! You can also check out the Animal Planet GO app on Apple TV.

Streaming Animal Planet Shows On-Demand Without Cable

Not ready to shell out for a monthly subscription to an internet TV service, and get live Animal Planet coverage? No problem. Here are a few ways you can stream Animal Planet on-demand without cable.

Animal Planet on Hulu On-Demand

hulu streaming animal planet shows on-demand cord-cutting
Source: Hulu

You won’t find every Animal Planet show on Hulu, but the streaming service does offer quite a few of the most popular shows. For just $6/month for a basic Hulu membership, that’s not a bad deal.

Right now, Hulu has the following Animal Planet shows:

  • Tanked
  • River Monsters
  • Wild West Alaska
  • Curse Of The Frozen Gold
  • Life After: Chernobyl

With your Hulu subscription, you’ll also be able to watch a lot of content from Discovery, which will likely interest you if you’re an animal lover. Hulu has full archives of more than 2 dozen Discovery shows like Deadliest Catch and Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls.

animal planet streaming cord-cutting able alternative
Source: Animal Planet

The official Animal Planet website offers a few select, free episodes on-demand of shows like Treehouse Masters and The Vet Life, though the lineup is always changing.

You won’t be able to access the full archive of content or watch live TV unless you have a cable login or TV Everywhere credentials from AT&T TV Now

It’s free, though, and you can also watch clips, trailers, and special online-only content without a cable login.

Animal Planet GO

animal planet go roku firetv amazon apple tv chromecast cable alternative streaming
Source: Roku

The Animal Planet GO app offers the same basic functionality as the Animal Planet website, and has a similar lineup of content. With a cable login or TV Everywhere credentials, you can unlock all of the content on Animal Planet GO.

If you don’t have a login, you can watch a few unlocked episodes of shows, as well as web-only content and clips. The app is streamlined and easy to use, and available on quite a few platforms including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox

Interestingly, streaming Animal Planet GO, or content from with your AT&T TV Now login will not count towards your simultaneous streaming limit.

For example, your kids could be watching 2 different channels on AT&T TV Now, but you could still watch Animal Planet on the app or the website with no restrictions.

This bypass for simultaneous streams also applies to other streaming services. So if you decide to go with Philo or PlayStation Vue, you can stream Animal Planet live on the mobile app without restrictions.

Animal Planet On YouTube

Animal Planet YouTube channel streaming cable alternative cord-cutting
Source: YouTube

Animal Planet has a lot of YouTube videos, and more than 2.3 million subscribers. Mostly, you’ll find clips from full episodes of Animal Planet shows like Treehouse Masters and Mission Adoptable.

You can also watch some highlight videos from past shows, and some web-exclusive content. There’s enough content to keep you entertained for quite a while, and all at the low, low price of $0.

Animal Planet on Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video streaming cable alternative animal planet cord-cutting
Source: Amazon

Amazon Prime Video has a pretty good selection of Animal Planet shows, free for no cost with an Amazon Prime subscription.

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to watch some of the most popular Animal Planet shows. Currently, Amazon Prime Video includes:

  • I Shouldn’t Be Alive
  • It’s Me Or The Dog
  • River Monsters
  • Confessions: Animal Hoarding
  • Fatal Attractions
  • Gator Boys

You also have the option of buying individual episodes or full seasons of shows that are not included with your Prime subscription. Episodes usually cost $3 apiece, but you can save by purchasing entire seasons, which usually cost about $20.

Shows available for purchase include:

  • Finding Bigfoot
  • Lone Star Law
  • The Last Alaskans
  • Pit Bulls & Parolees
  • Treehouse Masters
  • Too Cute!
  • Dude, You’re Screwed
  • Last American Cowboy
  • Call of the Wildman

This is just a partial list. You can head to Amazon now to see the full lineup of options.

Eric Liston is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in Ohio, specializing in internet security, cord-cutting, and more.