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Shudder Device Support – Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and More

Shudder is an on-demand streaming service that’s similar to Netflix or HBO Max, but with a twist: all its content falls into the horror genre. Subscribers not only get thousands of classic horror movies but also all kinds of horror-related TV shows as well. There’s even a growing selection of Shudder originals to enjoy.

Like most streaming services, Shudder has apps for a wide range of TV device platforms. This article focuses on gadgets supported by this service. Keep reading to learn if your device is on the list!

Devices that work with Shudder

You can access Shudder via a web browser on desktop PCs and laptops. Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux is irrelevant. As long as you have a supported web browser, such as updated versions of Chrome and Firefox, you won’t have problems watching this service.

Shudder also has dedicated apps for many devices, including iOS for Apple devices, Roku, Fire TV, Android mobile devices, and Samsung TVs. The support for Samsung TV is only available in 2018 and newer models. As for gaming consoles, you can get Shudder on the Xbox Series S and X and on all Xbox One consoles.

According to Shudder’s support site, the service is “working hard to expand the devices available for streaming Shudder,” and “additional gaming systems and Smart TV Apps are definitely on the horizon.” The latest news indicates that Shudder is also available on Vizio smart TVs. That’s another addition made by this TV maker after they added CuriosityStream to their devices.

A workaround if you don’t have a device supported by Shudder?

If you use a TV device that Shudder doesn’t support, one workaround you can try is to subscribe to Shudder through Sling or Amazon Prime Video. Both these streaming services offer Shudder as an add-on. If you subscribe through either of these platforms, you’ll expand the range of devices that you can use to watch Shudder content.

Shudder used to be available through Otter Media’s geek-focused streaming service VRV. When Shudder and VRV were partners, you could get Shudder content through the VRV app. However, the two streaming services parted ways in August of 2019.

Shudder is a great option for horror niche fans

With Disney+ and several new streaming services, the marketplace for on-demand content is as crowded as ever. Nevertheless, niche streaming services like Shudder still have an important role to play. Popular cord-cutting apps like Netflix are getting more and more expensive. While smaller, cheaper, and more focused streaming services like Shudder provide a budget-conscious alternative. If you are a horror fan, don’t hesitate to give Shudder a chance!

And those who want to take things to the next level instead of settling only for horror movies should consider live TV streaming services. Sling secures the best of both worlds since it has Shudder as an add-on, while the default packages include dozens of live TV channels. We have a detailed Sling TV guide that’s perfect for seeing if you like the channel lineup before subscribing to this service!

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