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Flixed Launches Self-Serve Developer Portal

API Gives Users Access to Streaming Availability for ~20,000 shows, ~400,000 episodes and ~100,000 movies.

Flixed is pleased to announce a public developer site with self-serve access to its API.

Flixed, the popular online platform that helps consumers discover new media and streaming services, also has a data business that catalogs all major on-demand streaming services in North America. The self-serve API is the new consumer-facing arm of that business.

After creating an account on the Flixed Developer Portal, users will be able to access metadata and streaming availability for ~20,000 shows, ~400,000 episodes and ~100,000 movies across 50+ US streaming providers. International streaming providers are coming soon.

“Flixed’s mission is to simplify streaming for all, and making our data available on a self-serve basis is aligned with that goal,” Flixed CEO Thenuka Karunaratne said. “In a time when streaming availability is rapidly changing, we want to give people access to the raw data.”

In a time when streaming availability is rapidly changing, we want to give people access to the raw data.

The API makes it possible for users to query metadata from over 50 of the top US streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Sling, Fubo, and more. Over time, Flixed expects that list of providers to grow into the hundreds.

Flixed’s dataset is among the most accurate in the business because it catalogs on-demand availability alongside detailed metadata. Users can view information like language, runtime minutes, season numbers, release dates, poster paths, external database links, and more.

“We want to ensure that we support the most general use cases possible,” Uribe said. Whether users come to the Developer Portal for research, app-development, or support for an existing site, Flixed offers plans to suit a variety of needs. Access to the API starts at just $4.99 per month.

Learn more on the Developer Portal.

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