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  1. I signed up for Spectrum with a special
    and they are refusing to honor the
    special and charging me outlandish
    prices and seems to be nothing I can do
    I’ve complained all of the way up to their
    Corporate office and reported this
    company only to find out that many
    others have done the same with no one
    being able to resolve any of their wrong

    • i dont kno if you ever got resolved or not. future ref when you have issue that cant be solved with a company call the state attorney general’s office

  2. Great information. very clear and easy to understand. We have Spectrum and have noticed on weekends the streaming of shows from netflix and amazon prime can often stop for buffering and sometimes not even work. I’ll try the VPN and see what happens.

  3. VPN are great, but i just change my external IP so i get less hops and still have privacy. Its like the same thing. Make sure to not have leaking DNS.
    I noticed after transferring more than 2.5 TB of data in 2 months Spectrum will throttle your speeds. with me it was 400 meg download I was paying for, yet only getting 9.2 mb download and 9.2 updload ,after 2 days of dial up speeds. I figured out a 3 min fix, it is to plug your laptop directly into the spectrum modem then reset the modem, all bypassing the Router. That way Spectrum modem will notice a new MAC address and change your external IP address.
    Once I did a speed test once my external IP changed I instantly got 100 mbps download and 9.2 upload. Then I spoofed the Original Netgear routers MAC address.
    Low and behold now its getting the 423 meg original speeds.
    In conclusion Spectrum was throttling my speeds because I download too much data and hit a throttle cap. Spectrum wants the dumb customer to have a technician come visit. just so they have to pay money for a bogus visit. and make the customer they are stupid and dumb because all a tech does is that. That is manipulation at its best…. shame on spectrum for don’t this to people especially for me 10 days the holidays.


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