Does Sling TV have a Public API for Developers


Besides letting you watch live broadcasts, Sling TV has a substantial on-demand catalog. Who knew? And that’s the problem. Many people, including the users of your apps or websites, have no idea what content they can stream on-demand from Sling TV. But to help them, you really need a Sling TV API.

In this article, we will explain whether Sling TV supports independent developers and the best way to incorporate Sling TV content metadata into your projects. Read on for more!

Is there a Sling TV API?

Sling TV was one of the first live TV streaming services that cord-cutters could use legally. Today, cord-cutters can also find on-demand content from the latest TV episodes to hit movies. But the metadata associated with that content is constantly changing. If Sling TV had an API, it would be real easy for developers to include the streaming service’s metadata.

Even though its parent company, Dish Networks, has a developer program for its Hopper 2nd Screen experience, Sling TV does not offer anything similar. That leaves developers with a tough choice. They could just do without. Or they could pull people from the core development project to build their own Sling TV metadata catalog. But that is a permanent commitment.

Flixed offers a third option for including on-demand metadata in your apps and websites. Try the Flixed Developer Portal.

The Flixed API enhances your development project

For years, the team at Flixed has been on a mission to help people cut the cord and adopt the streaming content lifestyle. We publish informative content and offer unique data services such as the Flixed Live TV Streaming Guides. In the process, we have compiled up-to-date catalogs of the on-demand metadata from the top streaming services.

Flixed’s RESTful API gives you an affordable, performant way to make your projects streaming-aware. With the Flixed API, you can recommend content to your users, help them discover content on multiple services or send notifications when content appears in Sling TV’s on-demand library.

Surface Sling TV metadata in your app with the Flixed API

Without diverting resources from your core development project, you can add these features and more to give your customers a better user experience. Sign up for the Developer Portal today.

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