Shudder is an on-demand streaming service that’s similar to Netflix, but with a twist: all it’s content falls into the horror genre. Subscribers get not only thousands of classic horror movies, but also all kinds of horror-related TV shows as well. There’s even a growing selection of Shudder originals to enjoy.

Like most streaming services, Shudder has apps for a wide range of TV device platforms. Read on to learn more.


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Which Devices Work with Shudder?

Shudder currently has apps for iOS, Android mobile devices, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

According to Shudder’s support site, the service is “working hard to expand the devices available for streaming Shudder” and that “additional gaming systems and Smart TV Apps are definitely on the horizon.”

If you use a TV device that Shudder doesn’t support, one workaround you can try is to subscribe to Shudder through YouTube TV or Amazon Prime Video. Both of those streaming services offer Shudder as an add-on. If you subscribe through either of those apps, you’ll expand the range of devices that you can use with Shudder content.

Shudder used to be available through Otter Media’s geek-focused streaming service VRV. When Shudder and VRV were partners, you could get Shudder content through the VRV app. However, the two streaming services parted ways in August of 2019.

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Is Shudder Still Worth the Cost in 2020?

With Disney+ and several new streaming services from AT&T on the horizon, the marketplace for streaming services is as crowded as it has ever been. Nevertheless, niche streaming services like Shudder still have an important role to play. Popular cord-cutting apps like Netflix are getting more and more expensive. Smaller, cheaper and more focused streaming services like Shudder provide a cheaper alternative.

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