When it comes to horror, it’s hard to top Shudder. It’s one of the growing number of niche on-demand streaming services that cater to fans of specific movie and TV show genres. Through Shudder doesn’t have a live chat support option, its customer support team is active on social media. The Shudder knowledge base answers most common issues and problems.


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Shudder’s Knowledge Base

Guides, FAQs and contact information are located at support.shudder.com. You can use that resource to find how to do things like troubleshoot error codes, check to see if Shudder’s live content is online, learn about how to adjust your streaming resolution and more.

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  • About Shudder. This section explains basic information about the service, like how much it costs and how to get in touch with the support team.
  • Web Troubleshooting. Four knowledge base articles address common issues people encounter when viewing content through a web browser.
  • Content – What’s on Shudder. Links to Shudder’s content library let you explore what the service has to offer.
  • Shudder TV. Check here to find out if Shudder’s live content feed is online.
  • Memberships and Billing. Payment-related questions are addressed here.
  • Devices and Device Troubleshooting. Everything you need to know about how to install Shudder on various TV platforms.
  • User Experience. Find out about how to review content, adjust stream resolution and toggle closed captions.
  • Shudder Store. Buy Shudder-themed T-shirts, stickers and bags.

Does Shudder Direct Customer Support?

No, but you can open a ticket at support.shudder.com. If you send a message to Shudder on Facebook, they typically reply within one day. In addition to @Shudder, there’s a separate Shudder Twitter account for customer support: @ShudderSupport.

Shudder is All About Customer Experience

In an interview with Den of Geek, Shudder’s founders revealed that their main purpose for creating the horror-focused streaming service was to fill in a void created by the demise of VHS and DVD rental services.

“We really want to step up and be a platform where it’s like, okay, you met someone who told you about this cool film by Takashi Miike, where can you find it? Back in the day, you’d get videotapes or DVDs but that’s disappearing so we want to fill that void, and help educate people when it comes to horror films.”

Shudder’s helpful curated content lists helps provide that education, and so does Shudder’s support team. The best place to reach out to Shudder regarding questions about its titles is probably Twitter.

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