Pure Flix Review 2020: The Biggest (and Best) Faith-Based Streaming Service

Our Rating Excellent
Pure Flix PROS
  • Large content library (1,200+ titles)
  • Highly shareable (5 simultaneous streams)
  • Offers original content
  • Excellent device support
  • Unique Christian-themed approach and content
  • 1-month free trial
Pure Flix CONS
  • Only one subscription package
  • Limited number of TV series
  • Few major-release movies or shows

Well known for producing the controversial 2014 movie God’s Not Dead, Pure Flix also has an on-demand streaming service available. While the content is based in a non-denominational Christian faith, it also carries a large library of TV shows and movies that are suitable for families of background and for anyone who enjoys both classic and modern TV shows. In this 2020 PureFlix Review, we lay out everything you need to know about the PureFlix on-demand streaming service.

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What is Pure Flix?

pure flix review 2019
Source: Pure Flix

Both a TV and movie production company and a distribution company, Pure Flix produces and delivers content both through movie theater releases and through its on-demand streaming service. The company offers thousands of hours of original content through its on-demand streaming service, which it launched in 2015.

Pure Flix is owned by actor and screenwriter David R. White, who also serves as the company’s CEO. White also appears in much of the company’s original content, alongside some other well-known actors outside such as Kevin Sorbo (Sam Raimi-produced TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) and Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings).

Often called the “Christian Netflix”, Pure Flix takes a somewhat counter-cultural approach to deliver only Christian faith-based content. That means content that would fit within a PG rating or below in most cases, and notably, that does not contain any sexual content, drug use, adult language, or other adult themes common among major services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and others.

Read our exclusive interview with PureFlix.com CEO Greg Gudorf.

Pure Flix 60-Second Review

Christians and TV viewers looking for more family-friendly content may want to strongly consider the Pure Flix on-demand streaming service. The service provides over 1,200 family-friend titles, including over 1,100 movies and over 75 TV shows. Pure Flix has a growing library of original content, as well.

Pure Flix offers more than just Christian faith-based content, however. Users will find a plethora of classic TV shows and movies, such as The Beverly Hill Billies, Bonanza, and House on Haunted Hill, and some well-rated feel-good content made for families, including the critically acclaimed movies like His Girl Friday and the George Washington.

That said, Pure Flix isn’t for everyone. Those looking for major Hollywood hits, big-spending originals, or adult-themed content will certainly need to look elsewhere or seek to add Pure Flix as an option alongside other streaming services.

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Pure Flix Pros and Cons

Highlighted by a large library and some unique features, Pure Flix also has some notable limitations, somewhat by design.


  • Large content library. Pure Flix offers over 1,200 titles to subscribers.
  • Highly shareable. This service allows for up to 5 simultaneous streams per account
  • Original content. Subscribers will find this is the only streaming service to offer the Pure Flix-branded original movies.
  • Excellent device support. You can stream Pure Flix on a large number of popular devices
  • Unique content and features. Pure Flix carries some unique content unavailable on any other service.
  • Generous free trial. The service offers a 1-month free trial


  • Only one subscription option. Pure Flix charges $10.99 per month for its content, which is equivalent to Netflix Standard.
  • A limited number of series. Pure Flix gears heavily toward movies, with a TV show/serials library that is comparatively small.
  • Few major-release movies or shows. If you want AAA films and TV shows, you’ll likely want to look at another service.

Pure Flix Plans & Pricing

You can get Pure Flix for $10.99 per month.

1-Month Free Trial
$10.99 / month

1,200+ titles

Original series and movies

5 simultaneous streams

On occasion, the service offers discounts. For example, you may be able to pay for a year to get a discount on the service during key times of the year, such as the beginning of fall or during the Christmas holiday season.

Pure Flix On-Demand Streaming Quality

Pure Flix put a lot of effort into providing a high-quality streaming service. And at $10.99 per month, one would hope that the company delivers on that end.

From testing, we found that streaming quality through Pure Flix was crisp and clear. Videos didn’t buffer or stutter during testing. Picture quality was excellent and in high-level HD. If you have a 4K streaming device or TV, some of the content will display in 4K quality. Considering a large portion of the Pure Flix library is older movies, however, that’s not a commonly-seen feature.

pure flix review 2019 streaming quality
Source: Pure Flix

As an example, the above image is from a documentary on Pure Flix called Lost KitesLost Kites was streaming extremely well on our test devices with excellent quality. Your device and internet connection speed will impact your individual results. We tested on a mobile hotspot with 30 Mbps down (most HD streaming requires 5 Mbps, while Ultra HD requires 25 Mbps).

Streaming through does not offer many additional features beyond closed captioning and standard fast forward/rewinding through streams.

Pure Flix Device Support

This service provides dedicated apps and operating system functionality across most devices you’re likely to use.

Pure Flix on-demand has apps for or works with the following:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV (4th Generation), Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick (all versions), Android TV boxes (all makers), Roku (Premiere, Ultra, LT, 3, 4, Roku Stick, and Roku TV; 2015 models or newer), Chromecast (external models only)
  • Smart TVs: Samsung Smart TVs (most 2015 models or newer)
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android devices (OS 4.4 or greater), iOS devices (iPad 5G or newer and iPhone 5S or newer; iOS 11 or later), Amazon Kindle Fire tablets (2014 or later running Fire OS 5+), and Kindle Fire tablets (Generation 4 or newer)
  • Game consoles: Xbox One
  • Desktop browsers: All major and updated web browsers for Windows and Mac computers supported

Pure Flix on Roku

The Pure Flix Roku app is extremely well-received by Roku users. The app has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on the Roku Channels Store with over 13,000 ratings. Roku does not allow for written reviews, so it’s hard to say what users love most, but it may be the app’s clean and easy-to-use interface and all-around functionality.

Pure Flix on Fire TV Stick

The Amazon App Store has the Pure Flix app sitting at a 4.2 out of 5-star rating from current and past users. There are over 400 reviews, many of which positively praise the service’s content. Many of the negative reviews complain about technical problems loading content, or the fact that Pure Flix costs money to stream.

Pure Flix on Apple TV

Apple device users gave the Pure Flix app a 4 out of 5 stars. Praises and complaints are similar to those among Amazon Fire TV users, with most subscribers happy with the content, but a few complaints about technical issues.

Pure Flix on iPhones and iPads

You’ll find iPhones and iPads share the same app source as Apple TV devices. As such, the reviews are shared between these devices. Pure Flix subscribers who use iPhones and iPads will likely have a similar streaming experience and a similar array of praises and complaints. For iPhones and iPads, the rating is still the same as well: 4 out of 5 stars.

Pure Flix on Android Phones and Tablets

Android users gave the Pure Flix app a 4 out of 5 stars. Over 5,000 users chimed in, with most reviews commenting positively on the service’s selection and Christian-faith focus. Most negative complaints focus on very specific technical issues, with many related to issues with specific devices.

Pure Flix Streaming Library

In case you didn’t already glean from the rest of the review, Pure Flix is a Christian-themed streaming service. While not all of the content available through Pure Flix is specifically or distinctly Christian-faith based, Pure Flix ensures all of the content is primarily family-friendly and free of sexual content, adult language, and other factors.

The content available through Pure Flix is rated PG-13 or below by today’s rating standards. The service also provides a very detailed overview of each movie or TV show’s rating, with ratings made available through the Chrisitan rating site MovieGuide.

pure flix review 2019 library
Source: Pure Flix

Pure Flix has over 1,200 titles available at this time of writing. Over 1,100 of those titles are movies, while there are just under 80 TV shows. Pure Flix has a very limited (but growing) number of original TV programs.

The service offers a wide selection of content from over a dozen different genres, including:

  • Action and Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Classics
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Educational
  • Faith
  • Kids Only Ages 1-10
  • Kids & Family
  • Romance
  • Thrillers
  • Western
  • Musicals
  • Spanish

Some users may be surprised that Pure Flix offers thrillers and romance. The “thrillers” category compromised of a large number of classics in the genre, like House on Haunted Hill, as well as some Christian-themed thrillers, including a sub-genre for End Times thrillers (such as those based on the Left Behind series of books.)

pure flix review 2019
Source: Pure Flix

Pure Flix DVR

Pure Flix operates as a purely on-demand streaming service. There is no DVR available as a result. At present, Pure Flix also does not offer video downloading.

Pure Flix Customer Support

Having problems with your Pure Flix account? Good luck. The service offers only limited customer support options.

You’ll find a large number of knowledgebase and FAQ articles covering more common issues. But you won’t find online chat support. You can, however, call Pure Flix directly through its customer support number, which operates from 7 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. You can also use email support by shooting Pure Flix a message to [email protected].

The company notes that it does not offer service on Sundays (as expected). It also states that you’ll hear back within 24 to 48 hours.

If you need immediate support, we recommend you contact support via phone. If not, the email service may be a better option, although the wait times to hear back can feel like an eternity.

How to Cancel Pure Flix

If you need to cancel your Pure Flix account, you will need to view the site through a desktop or laptop computer, or through a web browser on any other mobile or TV-connected device. You cannot change any of your account settings through the Pure Flix apps.

To cancel, go to PureFlix.com. Then, hover over the account symbol on the right (shaped like a person) and click on “My Account.”

pure flix review 2019 cancel
Source: Pure Flix

Next, under “My Account” on the left, click on “Membership.” Then, scroll down and select “Cancel Membership”. Respond with a quick reason for cancellation (or not), and confirm your cancellation at the bottom.

Make sure to check back at the top of the page under “Current Membership”. If you successfully canceled your account, your “Next Billing Date” should say “No future billing”.

Pure Flix Refund Policy

Pure Flix has a semi-strict no refund policy stated in its Terms of Service. However, the ToS also states the company may provide refunds or credits to some or all subscribers on its own discretion. If you feel compelled to, we recommend at least inquiring about a refund. That said, don’t place your hopes very high on getting one.

Final Comments

Pure Flix is far from a Netflix killer. In fact, there’s a good chance that people who subscribe to Netflix may want to consider Pure Flix as a complimentary service. This service is particularly those who want more Christian faith-based content or just content that’s particularly more family-friendly. It’s also a good option for those who want a streaming service that also has an educational wing, as Pure Flix provides a wide range of educational movies and shows that you won’t find anywhere else.

The biggest and perhaps somewhat legitimate complaints you may have with Pure Flix rest on two points: the price and the choice of content available.

Pure Flix is fairly expensive at $10.99 per month, especially for a service that doesn’t have as large a content spend as its alternatives. It’s also far more expensive than its chief competitors in the Christian streaming market, Dove Channel (free ad-supported, or $4.99 per month ad-free) and UP Faith and Family ($5.99 per month).

Additionally, one of the chief and legitimate complaints is that much of the classic content available on Pure Flix is also available elsewhere. This is true, and indeed, much of the content library, at least as far as classic shows and movies go, is available to stream for free from various locations.

Nevertheless, Pure Flix is a big name in Christian and family-friendly content. It has a large budget to work with, and it’s the only place to watch the Pure Flix-branded content. If you’re looking for a family-focused alternative to the major streaming services, this may well be an option to consider. At the very least, Pure Flix

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