Hayu offers the best of American reality TV to subscribers across Europe, Canada and Australia, and three Asian countries. A single, affordable Hayu plan lets you keep up with the Kardashians, watch chefs compete and see how the real housewives of America really live.


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Hayu Plans and Pricing

Hayu only offers one plan that gives you access to the entire on-demand library. Pricing, however, does vary depending on where you live. Here’s a run-down of Hayu’s pricing structure.

Canadians must pay CAD$6 per month while Australians pay AUS$7 per month.

In Britain, Hayu’s monthly cost is £5.

The Nordic countries also get access to Hayu. In Denmark, it costs DKK49. In Norway, it costs NOK49 per month. And in Sweden, Hayu costs SEK49.

Within the eurozone, residents of Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands pay €6 per month. However, people living in Finland only pay €5 per month.

With Hayu’s expansion into Asia, American reality TV’s reach has extended even further. Filipinos pay ₱149 per month while Hong Kongers pay HK$40 and Singaporeans pay SG$5.

Channel Add-Ons

Hayu’s subscription plan unlocks all of the streaming service’s content. There are no options for upgrading.

Since Hayu isn’t available in the United States, you may want to find a streaming service that meets your reality TV needs. That’s why Flixed created the Cord Cutter Express tool. Simply identify your favorite content and tell Cord Cutter Express what devices you use. Our algorithm will use that information to find the best streaming match for you.

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