Hayu Plans and Pricing – Everything You Need To Know

HayuPlans Packages and Pricing

Hayu offers the best of American reality TV to subscribers across Europe, Canada and Australia, and three Asian countries. A single, affordable Hayu plan lets you keep up with the Kardashians, watch chefs compete and see how the real housewives of America really live. Learn more in our detailed Hayu review.

Does Hayu’s cost vary?

Hayu’s cost depends on the country, but it tries its best to ensure its price isn’t much different, regardless of the location. For example, in all ten European countries, the overall price difference is within 10%. It seems that Scandinavian countries, such as Finland, have a bit lower prices compared to Germany or Belgium.

The platform is available in UK and Ireland, as well as Australia, the Philippines, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Hayu has a bit more affordable prices in Asia, although the difference isn’t huge. It could be because the service only expanded to the Asian market in 2019, and they are trying to attract clients with a tempting price tag.

The plans and pricing for Hayu

Hayu only offers one plan that gives you access to the entire on-demand library. Pricing, however, does vary depending on where you live. Here’s a run-down of Hayu’s pricing structure.

Canadians must pay CAD$6.99 per month while Australians pay AUS$6.99 per month.

In Britain, Hayu’s monthly cost is £4.99.

The Nordic countries also get access to Hayu. In Denmark, it costs DKK49. In Norway, it costs NOK49 per month. And in Sweden, Hayu costs SEK49.

Within the eurozone, residents of Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands pay €6 per month. However, people living in Finland only pay €5 per month.

With Hayu's expansion into Asia, American reality TV's reach has extended even further. Filipinos pay ₱149 per month while Hong Kongers pay HK$40 and Singaporeans pay SG$4.99.

Does Hayu have any paid add-ons?

Hayu’s single subscription plan provides full access to the streaming service’s entire content library. The streaming service does not offer higher-tiered services or premium subscriptions. And the best part is this applies to all countries, so you don’t have limitations regarding accessing Hayu’s library anywhere.

Does Hayu have extra hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees on Hayu, which simplifies things. You pay a single price to get access to everything this VOD platform has to offer. It’s a great deal available at a reasonable price. However, if you are looking for all-around VOD coverage and lots of original programming, Hulu might be a better alternative.

Does Hayu offer a free trial for new users?

Hayu is unlike most streaming services that only offer their free trials for a single week. Hayu’s trial period lasts a full thirty days. Having an entire month to access the platform and see if it fits your expectations is incredibly convenient. But don’t forget to cancel your Hayu subscription before the trial expires, or they might charge you an entire month.

Hayu is great for reality show fans, but others should consider alternatives

There’s no doubt that Hayu targets a specific audience. If you enjoy US reality TV, read our Hayu review and learn more about the top content provided by this service. But what if The Millionaire Matchmaker or Real Housewives aren’t your cups of tea?

The first alternative is an all-around VOD service. For example, Max offers premium TV shows and movies suitable to all ages and interests.

Apart from VOD platforms, don’t hesitate to consider live TV streaming services. They are excellent for cord-free fans who still want to enjoy regular TV. Sling offers an affordable deal, while Fubo specializes in sports. We suggest checking out the detailed Flixed TV guide and discovering which platform has the best channels for your preference!

Still have questions about which streaming service is right for you? Flixed has created the Cord-Cutter Express to speed you through the research process. Simply tell us what you watch and which devices you use to stream. Our app will find the best streaming service for your unique situation.

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