fuboTV is making a play to become cord-cutters’ replacement for cable. But does it have enough content to justify shelling out $45 or more a month? In this review we’ll run you through the fuboTV channel list and help you decide if fuboTV is worth it.

Continue on to learn:

  • The cost and features that come with a fuboTV plan
  • What fuboTV’s seven add-on plans have to offer
  • The factors that affect whether or not you can get local TV channels
  • Facts Canadians should know before they subscribe (Spoiler: Canadians are generally better off without fuboTV).

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Subscribing to fuboTV

fubo Premier plan
Source: fuboTV

fuboTV offers two subscription plans, but the basic Fubo plan is the one most people will go for. Upgrading to the Fubo Extra plan gets you a smattering of extra lifestyle, news and sports channels.

fuboTV Features

The section below is a quick overview of the features that come with a fuboTV subscription. For a more detailed look and walk-through, check out our detailed fuboTV review.

Cloud DVR

fuboTV’s cloud DVR, gives you 30 hours of space to record programs. Even if you forget to set a recording, you can replay any show or event within three days of its original broadcast. You can also upgrade to 500 hours of storage for an extra $10 per month.

TV Everywhere

Have you ever tried to use a TV network’s app only to run into a block because you don’t have a cable subscription? Well, fuboTV counts as a TV provider – at least for the networks it carries. The TV Everywhere subscription you get with fuboTV unlocks all of those apps.

Device support

You can watch fuboTV on just about any smartphone, tablet, or streaming media box.

Add-on plans

Add-on plans expand your fuboTV channel list with premium sports channels and more diverse TV channels.

FuboTV Home page
Source: Flixed.io

Sports Plus

With all the sports programming you get with fubo Premier, you would think that would be enough. But the monthly subscription for the Sports Plus add-on lets you cram even more sports into your TV-watching days.

Sports Plus gets you Fox Sports’ Atlantic, Central, and Pacific College Sports channels as well as the PAC12’s local channels. No matter which type of football you prefer, the NFL Red Zone, GolTV, and TyC give you as much football as you can take. FNTSY broadcasts e-sports tournaments in which people battle it out in computer or console games. The Fight Network airs mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and other sports involving two people pummeling each other.

Portuguese Plus

Portuguese-speakers can catch up on what’s happening in Portugal via the Portuguese Plus add-on. With it, you get RTP Internacional – Portugal’s general news, sports, and entertainment network. You also get Benfica TV, which broadcasts matches and programming about the Benfica football club. GolTV Spanish isn’t Portuguese, but you get that channel too.

Latino Plus

You can round out fubo Premier’s Spanish-language channels with another five in the Latino Plus package. You can get more sports with GolTV and TyC Sports or watch reruns of American TV shows on Fox Life. For nature documentaries, you can tune into Nat Geo Mundo. Finally, Cine Sony airs dubbed versions of Hollywood films.

fubo Cycling

If you’re a true cycling fan, you may want to give fubo Cycling a look. With this package, you get dozens of live streams from major races like the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de Romandie, and the Flanders Classic.

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Channels You Get with fuboTV

fuboTV Channel List
Source: fuboTV

FuboTV streams more than seventy national TV channels that span a wide range of interests from sports to hip-hop culture. You may also get local programming from the major networks. But as we’ll see, local TV is a hit-or-miss affair.

Sports channels

You can get as many as twenty-eight sports channels in the fubo Premier plan. Let’s take a look at the options.

National sports networks

National networks available via fuboTV include the Fox Sports channels, the NBC Sports Network and the CBS Sports Network. ESPN is the only major American sports network not available through fuboTV.

Regional sports networks

fuboTV carries regional sports channels from Fox and NBC. It will assign you to a particular region based on your home location. That assignment will not change when you travel, so you can keep up with your teams when you’re away from home.

Spanish-language sports networks

Fox Deportes, beIN Sports ń, and Univision tDN expand the number of soccer matches even further with coverage of Latin American and European leagues. But Spanish sports coverage doesn’t stop there. If you have a hankering for Lucha Libre (Mexico’s version of pro wrestling) then change channels to Univision tDN.

Sports-specific networks

Fox Soccer Plus provides another way to get soccer via fubo, unless you splurge for the Sports Plus plan (more on that later).

If you think footballs aren’t round, you can tune into the NFL Network and the Football Report TV channels. You may also be able to watch your alma mater play – as long as your school is in the PAC12 or the Big Ten.

NBA TV, the Golf Channel, and the Olympic Channel round out the sports-only offerings on fuboTV.

News channels

The Weather Channel
Source: The Weather Channel

Down the block, across the country and around the world you can watch as much news as you can stand on fuboTV’s eight-channel lineup of news and weather reporting.

Network news

You get the same Fox and NBC news channels that you’re familiar with from cable. Both MSNBC and Fox News are available. For a different take on national and world events, you can try CBS’s streaming-only news network CBSN.

For business news, Fox Business, CNBC, and CNBC World provide the latest reports from Wall Street.

The Weather Channel provides coverage of natural events and Local Now provides “hyper-local weather, traffic, news, and sports.”

Entertainment channels

El Rey Network Lucha Underground
Source: El Rey Network

Nineteen entertainment channels cover the latest in pop culture, geek culture, family programming and more.

Music and pop culture

For mainstream tastes, E! Entertainment Television gives you celebrity news, gossip and the Kardashians. Pop, Fuse, and Fusion target younger Millennial audiences with their fresh approaches to music and pop culture. Sean “Diddy” Combs created REVOLT to promote R&B and hip-hop music while getting Millennials and their replacements in Generation Z engaged in social causes.

Geek culture

Watch the latest episodes of popular science fiction and fantasy series like The Expanse, 12 Monkeys and Van Helsing on SyFy. The paranormal-centric network Chiller airs repeats of Ghost Hunters International, Lost Girl, and Haven. The El Rey Network reflects the grindhouse sensibilities of its creator, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Sin City, Machete) with shows like From Dusk till Dawn and Lucha Underground.

TV for women and families

Several networks use programming to attract female and LGBT viewers with unscripted shows like Bravo’s Top Chef, Lifetime’s Project Runway and Oxygen’s Cold Justice.

Universal Kids combines daytime programming for kids (Mash, The Bear) with evening programming for pre-teens (Top Chef Jr). The LMN Network, Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries let you take your pick of family-oriented movies.

Fox entertainment

FX, FXX, and FXM are all Fox channels. FX is home to Fargo, American Horror Story, and The Americans. The lad-centric FXX adopted Archer and You’re the Worst from FX. With FXM, you can watch blockbuster movies like Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Bourne Legacy, and Rio.

Variety networks

fuboTV carries four variety networks that provide a range of entertainment, news and sports: NBC, Fox, CBS and USA.

All fuboTV subscribers can watch USA. The same isn’t true of NBC, Fox, or CBS.

Even though fuboTV’s deal with NBC, Fox and CBS allows it to stream local broadcasts, the catch is that each network only owns a dozen local stations. fuboTV has to work out deals with the owners of more than six hundred additional local affiliates separately.

The exact mix of local stations you get with fuboTV will vary from market to market. Subscribers in Los Angeles will get six local stations. People in Denver can’t watch NBC while those in Boston can’t watch Fox. No matter which state you live in, you won’t get any local stations in Portland.

Reality and documentary networks

Source: Viceland

fuboTV offers a variety of reality entertainment including shows about cooking, home renovations duck hunting and more. You can visit tiny houses on FYI, watch the gentrification of Waco on HGTV with Fixer Upper and place your bets on who gets Chopped on the Food Network. Or, stare in horror at the Hoarders on A&E and go Balls Deep with Viceland.

If you want more traditional takes on distant places and events, you can check out History, National Geographic, Nat Geo World, and the Travel Channel.

Spanish-language channels

Univision Rosario Tijeras
Source: Univision

fuboTV has a solid lineup of Spanish-language sports and entertainment channels. A limited number of people can even get local Telemundo stations.


Univision tDN, Fox Deportes, and beIN ñ add dedicated sports programming for Hispanic Americans. Soccer plays a dominant role in the three channels’ programming with matches from across Europe and Central and South America. Univision tDN has more of a mix thanks to a content deal with Mexico’s Televisa Deportes Network which includes broadcasts of Lucha Libre wrestling and bullfighting.


Variety stations bring a mix of content, some of it domestically produced and some of it imported from Latin America. Galavisión, for example, uses a mix of original content and shows produced by Mexican network Televisa. UniMás targeting Spanish-speaking Millennials with shows like the Mexican telenovela Rosario Tijeras. NBC’s Universo is a bilingual channel with scripted and unscripted entertainment as well as sports.

Univision claims to be “the leading multimedia company serving Hispanic America.” Programs like Vino El Amor about immigrants pursuing the American Dream, El Chapo about Colombia’s drug cartels, and the Latin Grammys earn the network a commanding 60% share of Spanish-speaking Millennials and Gen-Xers.

fuboTV in Canada

Benfico TV Portuguese soccer
Source: Benfica TV

The licensing deals fuboTV has signed limit most of its streaming to the United States and its territories. Canadians can subscribe to fuboTV, but they get a smaller channel lineup.

Plans for Canadians

Just like their neighbors to the south, Canadians get one option for subscribing. The fuboTV Canada plan costs $15.99 per month and gets them a fuboTV channel list with a grand total of eight channels:

  • BeIN Sports
  • BeIN Sports Canada
  • BeIN Sports ñ
  • Football Report TV
  • Benfica TV
  • Fight Network

Cycling Plus is the only add-on package. It costs $8.99 a month and only has one channel: fubo Cycling.

Recommendations for Canadians

It doesn’t make much sense to get fuboTV if you live in Canada. The cost of the fuboTV plan with its limited channel lineup approaches $200 a year – that’s forty dollars more than a subscription to streaming sports network DAZN.

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Final Thoughts

fuboTV is similar to traditional cable, but less expensive. At the same time, there’s a Disney-ABC-ESPN sized hole in the fuboTV lineup you should consider before you join. Additionally, local coverage is spotty and varies depending on where you live.

If the extra sports coverage is what you’re looking for, then fuboTV is the service for you. The $45-per-month subscription is not a bad deal, considering all the channels you get.

Though fuboTV isn’t the cheapest deal around, the fuboTV channel list’s unique lineup of sports make this a service worth checking out – particularly if you’re a sports fan.