A shockingly low monthly subscription turned Disney+ into an instant hit. Within months of its launch, more than 28 million people had subscribed to the streaming service. A global expansion plan, combined with dozens of original programs, are driving those numbers even higher. Here’s what you need to know about this affordable streaming service.

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Disney+ Plans and Pricing

While Disney plans to make its streaming service a truly global operation, it set its initial launch in five countries. The streaming service launched in the United States, Canada and The Netherlands on November 12, 2019 and in Australia and New Zealand one week later. Further expansion in Europe is planned for March 2020 with more countries to come.

Plans and Pricing in the United States

$12.99/ Year

ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+.

Bundle and save 25%.

Amazing value for the whole family.

$6.99/ month

7-day free trial.

7,000+ TV episodes

500+ films

Disney+ Originals

4 simultaneous streams


The standard Disney+ subscription plan only costs $7 per month. For that low price, you get everything in the content library as well as all of the features Disney+ offers. There are no extra fees and no need to upgrade to get features like simultaneous streaming or 4K resolution content.

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Another option is a bundle of streaming services owned by The Walt Disney Company — Disney+, ESPN+ and the ad-supported version of Hulu. If you subscribed to each service separately, you’d end up paying $18 per month. But when you get the bundle, you save 28% and only pay $13 per month.

Given all of the ways you can spend money with Disney’s various properties, we wouldn’t be surprised it other promotional pricing became available. Spending a week at Disney World or taking a Disney Cruise, for example, could get you a discount on a Disney+ plan.

Plans and Pricing in Canada

Canadians pay $9CAD on a monthly basis or $90 on an annual basis.

Plans and Pricing in the Netherlands

The Dutch pay €7 monthly or €70 annually.

Plans and Pricing in Australia

Disney+ plans in Australia are $9AUD per month or $90 per year.

Plans and Pricing in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the plans are priced at $10NZD each month or $100 each year.

Free Trial for Disney+ Plans

Disney+ launch
Source: Disney+

Before committing to whichever Disney+ plan you’re interested in, you’ll have seven days to test the streaming service out. Given how much content Disney+ has on tap, you’ll barely be able to skim the surface during that week. But it will give you enough insight to know whether the catalog is worth the cost.

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Renewing Subscriptions

Your subscription will automatically renew at whatever price the Disney+ plans are. On a month-to-month plan, you’ll get hit with any price increases as soon as the next month rolls around. That’s an extra benefit of the annual plan — you lock in today’s rate for twelve months.

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