The Walt Disney Company shocked the entertainment industry when it revealed the price of Disney+ would be surprisingly low. Streaming services like AT&T TV Now and Netflix keep raising their prices, but Disney+ asks for a relatively small portion of your entertainment budget.

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What is Disney+?

The reason everyone expected Disney+ to be a premium service is the fact that the service offers so much. You get access to the Disney Vault: every animated film, every short animation, every live-action movie and every TV show. On top of that you can stream all of the family-friendly content Disney’s other studios produce. That include Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, The Muppets Studios, Touchstone Pictures, Pixar, 21st Century Fox and more.

In addition, premium features like 4K streaming, simultaneous streaming on more than two devices and offline viewing are all part of the standard subscription. Read our overview “What is Disney+ in 2020 – Happiest Streaming Service on Earth” to get all of the details.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost in the United States?

$12.99/ Year

ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+.

Bundle and save 25%.

Amazing value for the whole family.

$6.99/ month

7-day free trial.

7,000+ TV episodes

500+ films

Disney+ Originals

4 simultaneous streams


Many people expected the price of Disney+ to compare with Netflix’s Premium membership plan. At $16 per month, Netflix offers simultaneous streaming to 4 devices with support for 4K-resolution UltraHD video.

With the launch of Disney+ in the United States, members pay only $7 per month for similar features – or they can save more money by getting the streaming bundle.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost in Canada

Disney scheduled the Canadian launch of Disney+ at the same time as the United States. Canadians pay $9CAD per month or $90 per year.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost in the Netherlands

As with Canada, The Netherlands launch was scheduled for November 12. The Dutch pay €7 on a month-by-month basis or €70 on an annual basis.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost in Australia

Disney scheduled the release of Disney+ in Australia one week after the initial launch. The price of Disney+ in Australia is $9AUD per month while the annual plan costs $90.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost in New Zealand

Disney also set a November 19th released date in New Zealand where Kiwis pay $10NZD per month or $100 per year.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost Elsewhere

Disney+ will expand to other European countries in March 2020 and could reach India and Southeast Asia in late 2020. However, Disney has not revealed pricing for those markets.

Does Disney+ Have Any Paid Add-Ons?

The Disney+ subscription is all-inclusive. You get access to everything in the content library with your monthly or annual payment.

Does Disney+ Have Extra Hidden Fees?

No, Disney+ is nothing like a cable company. You do not have to pay extra fees for standard features. The monthly or annual fee is the only payment you need to make.

Of course, it is Disney. Over time, there’s a pretty good chance Disney+ members will receive discount offers for Disney merchandise or the Disney theme parks. But you can safely ignore those offers without impacting your ability to watch Disney+ 

Does Disney+ Offer a Free Trial for New Users? 

New users have seven days to explore Disney+ and decide whether they want to commit to a subscription. You have to provide your credit card information upfront. Disney+ won’t charge you until after the free trial expires.

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