DAZN Canada Review 2020 – A Must-Have For Canada’s Sports Fans

Our Rating Excellent
  • A wide range of international sports
  • Fast customer support
  • Value for the money
  • Large app library
  • Event scheduling
  • Occasional streaming issues
  • No refunds
  • Limited coverage for some sports

Among the growing number of sports streaming options for Canadians, DAZN (pronounced “Da Zone”) is a comparatively low-cost option for Canadian sports fans to consider. With a wide range of sports on offer, including major US leagues, DAZN should be on anyone’s shortlist for sports streaming.

In this review, we’ll give you all the details you need to determine if DAZN is the right sports streaming option for your needs. Let’s get started!

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What is DAZN?

DAZN sports leagues
Source: DAZN

The DAZN sports streaming service sets itself apart by providing a unique combination of content that’s hard to get in the countries it serves. Britain’s Perform Group, a digital sports media company, launched the service in German-speaking countries in August 2016. It expanded into Japan and then, in mid-2017, into Canada.

One of the hallmarks of DAZN’s strategy is its aggressive pursuit of license deals with major sports leagues. The Japanese media industry went into shock last year when DAZN secured a ten-year, ¥200 billion (US$1.9 billion) licensing deal to stream the J.League’s soccer matches and taking it away from hometown player Sky Perfect. Joji Komaki, Sky Perfect’s director told the Japan Times “Our annual revenue is less than ¥200 billion. We can’t consider spending that on just one content [deal].” And it wasn’t just one: DAZN also secured Japanese streaming rights for English Premier League and Champions League matches.

DAZN repeated that coup when it entered the Canadian market by securing exclusive streaming access to the National Football League. This instantly made DAZN a serious option for Canadian cord-cutters.

Perform Group CEO James Rushton said in a press release, “We know that for Canadians sport is a way of life, they are crazy about it and have had to put up with a costly experience for some time. DAZN is designed to put fans first, so we’re confident fans in Canada will enjoy our product and proposition.”

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DAZN 60-Second Summary

The biggest question regarding DAZN is who it’s really for. The answer to that: anyone in Canada who is a sports fan. Thanks to its vast contracts to offer major sports from around the world, DAZN is an option that’s particularly difficult to ignore if you’re a sports fan. Combine that with a cheaper price than what you’ll find with other sports streaming options in Canada (SportsNet Now and TSN Direct) and it’s easy to see why DAZN offers a winning value.

This is not to say DAZN is a perfect option for sports fans. The service lacks a number of features, and its dedicated apps could use some work. Still, the library of live and on-demand sports content makes it one of the best sports streaming services on the market.

DAZN Pros and Cons

Canadian sports fans will find DAZN offers a mixture of bad and good. The good definitely outweighs the bad, however.


  • A wide range of international sports. DAZN offers sports from dozens of leagues that are often difficult to get access to in Canada.
  • Fast customer support. It’s easy to access DAZN’s customer support agents when you need them.
  • Value for the money. At $20 per month or $150 annually, DAZN is an extremely good value for what it offers.
  • Large app library. DAZN has apps for almost every device you may want to use for streaming.
  • Event scheduling. You can add events to your schedule and receive push notifications for when those events are coming up.


  • Occasional streaming issues. We noted issues with streaming in our test. We’ve also tested DAZN’s streaming consistency over several months and noticed improvements, but some issues still exist.
  • No refunds. Unfortunately, you’ll get no refund from DAZN if you don’t like the service. That includes if you paid up front for a full year.
  • Limited coverage for some sports. DAZN has the contracts for a large number of sports, but what games you’ll receive may be spotty at times as contracts are sometimes split between DAZN and TSN, among others.

DAZN Plans and Pricing

DAZN’s pricing is fairly straightforward. You can sign up in Canada for $20 per month, or choose an annual subscription for $150 per month (equivalent to $12.50 per month).

$8.33/month annually
$19.99/ month

Matchroom Boxing events

Bellator MMA events

100+ sports events.

3 simultaneous streams


By comparison, TSN Direct is $19.99 per month, and SportsNet Now is $27.99 per month if you want the same level of content DAZN provides. SportsNet Now offers an annual subscription as well, but that comes in at $20.83 per month, which is still more than DAZN.

Sports fans will find DAZN’s price is not only competitive but a good deal for what’s available.

DAZN Stream Quality

A goal on DAZN
Source: DAZN

My experience with DAZN matched the many complaints in the Android app store. I had frequent buffering issues, dropped frames, and audio glitches. The NFL video stream itself had a low frame rate.

DAZN recommends 5 Mbps download speeds to get standard definition streams and 9 Mbps download speeds to get high definition streams. If your internet connection is faster than that, then DAZN’s support site says it must be a problem with your device.

Given how consistently DAZN customers across its geographies complain about the streaming quality, take the support site’s finger pointing with a hefty pinch of salt.

Still, DAZN is very active when it comes to responding to issue left in app store reviews. And over time, we’ve noticed a decrease in the number of complaints regarding buffering, dropped frames, and audio glitches. Most complaints now revolve around dropped streams. Many subscribers report the streaming quality is good when it’s working as intended, which is something we’ve also noticed in more recent tests.

DAZN canada review
Source: DAZN

At present, DAZN supports Ultra-HD streaming, which we’ve found to be the case in streams that work properly. There is no 4K support, however, on any device.

DAZN Device Support

DAZN Platforms
Source: DAZN

MacOS and Windows computers get access through the browser rather than dedicated apps. You can stream DAZN through a wide range of apps that include Android and iOS devices, Sony and Microsoft game consoles, and several smart TVs. Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV streaming devices also have DAZN apps.

Reviews of these apps are mixed. DAZN gets extra credit for its wide selection of sports, but many people struggle to get consistent high definition streams.

DAZN on Roku

You can install the DAZN app on your Roku from the Roku Channels Store. The Roku version of the app currently has a 3.8 out of 5 stars. According to DAZN, there may be some functionality issues with older versions of Roku. However, you can use the app on most Roku devices and Roku TVs.

DAZN on Fire TV Stick

The DAZN app works on every Amazon Fire TV device, including Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can even stream DAZN on 1st Generation Fire TV devices. The app currently has a 3.6 out of 5 on the Amazon App store, but most reviews are old. More recent reviews point to some issues with the app crashing.

DAZN on Apple TV

Apple TV devices can run the DAZN app on 4th Generation models or newer. Older generation Apple TV devices (those made prior to 2015) will not work with DAZN.

DAZN on iPhones and iPads

You can use the DAZN iOS app on iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th Generation or newer), and iPad 2. The app has a 4.4 out of 5 rating in the app store. Most negative reviews are old and point to buffering issues that we mentioned earlier in the review.

DAZN on Android Phones and Tablets

You’ll need an Android device running version 4.4 or newer to use DAZN. The app has a 3.8 out of 5 rating on Google Play. Many subscribers point to difficulties logging into the app even after they’ve signed up for an account.

DAZN Streaming Library

DAZN offers sports from a large number of leagues and categories. You’ll find soccer, tennis, every current season NFL game both live and on-demand, hockey, MMA, boxing, and more. All of those events are broadcast live through DAZN, but almost every event is available on-demand through the service following the events as well.

The service has some original content to offer through its on-demand library. This includes some unique documentaries you’ll only find on DAZN, such as The Journey: Canelo/Rocky, some behind-the-scenes interviews with major names in fighting sports, and a nightly MLB series called ChangeUp that DAZN produces in coordination with the MLB.

You’ll also find a good number of past sporting events available on-demand, with some historic events available as well.

Basketball on DAZN
Source: DAZN

It’s hard to pin down exactly how large DAZN’s on-demand library actually is. However, given the number of sports on offer, it’s safe to say you’ll likely always have something available to watch from the sports you care about the most.

Simply go to the “Sports” section on the site or app, then go to the specific sport category you want. From there, you’ll find a large number of “Catch-up” games and events you can watch on-demand. Some are full events, others are just recaps.


There is no DVR available through DAZN. This may seem like a let-down, but it’s also extremely common for services of this type to have no DVR.

DAZN Customer Support

We found DAZN’s customer support to be extremely reliable, especially when we went to test out the service’s cancellation method (more on that below).

You can contact customer support in one of two ways: email, or live chat. For fast response, we recommend live chat. If for some reason you can’t get to a live chat support agent, send an email. Note that the email response times can take hours.

In our experience, the support agents are knowledgeable and fast to get to your answer. They can answer both technical and general questions related to the service, but you may find at times they’ll just point you to some of the site’s FAQ pages.

Source: DAZN

Still, getting to the live chat is usually easy, and doesn’t even require an account. Just go to the bottom of any page on DAZN’s site, got to “Live Chat”, and select your reason for contact. We were able to access live chat within seconds.

How to Cancel DAZN

DAZN’s cancellation process leaves a lot to be desired. The service does not allow you to cancel through your account settings, although it does have a link in there that states it does. If you try to cancel in your account settings, you’ll just be sent back to the login screen. Instead, you’ll need to cancel by talking directly to customer service.

Thankfully, cancellation through customer service is fast, even if this requirement should exist in the first place.

To cancel DAZN, you’ll need to:

  • Go to the live chat from any page on DAZN’s website
  • Select your reason for accessing live chat
  • Provide the agent with your account information
  • Finalize the cancellation

The support agent will likely state cancellation takes 24-48 hours. We recommend verifying that your account is canceled to ensure you don’t continue to be charged later.

DAZN Refund Policy

You cannot get a refund from DAZN, regardless of which option you choose to sign up. Whether through an annual or monthly subscription, you won’t get a refund, but you will be able to continue using your account until the paid-for period runs out.

Final Comments

DAZN has thankfully fixed many of its streaming issues over the past few years. Nevertheless, app issues still persist on some of the more popular devices. Diehard football and soccer fans may be willing to overlook DAZN’s inconsistent performance on various apps since DAZN one of the few services that let you stream so many sports in one place.

If that’s you, then make the most of the free month DAZN gives you to make sure you can accept the streaming occasional dropped stream. And if you plan to keep the service past the free trial, it’s low cost compared to other services makes it a very attractive option to consider.

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DAZN Canada 2020 Review
Final Verdict

There is a lot of promise in the DAZN sports streaming service that continues to add value and sports to its line-up. The most avid NFL or soccer fans may be especially willing to give it a shot. However, general cord-cutters looking to add some sports to their over-the-top viewing should stay on the sidelines.

Our Rating Excellent