Some subscription services require you to call customer support to cancel, but the process of leaving Netflix is fairly straightforward. In fact, you can quit Netflix in just a few clicks.  Keep reading to find out everything you have to do.


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How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

After you open Netflix, open the account menu. The big grey “Cancel Subscription” button is the one you need to click. Before you confirm your cancellation, Netflix will give you the option to downgrade to a cheaper plan. After you quit, you will still be able to access your account until the next billing cycle begins.

Can I restart my Netflix subscription later?

Netflix will save your viewing history and all your other account data for up to ten months. If you restart your membership at any point within that time frame, it’ll seem as if you never left. After ten months, Netflix will erase your data.

Are there are any good Netflix alternatives?

There are many on-demand streaming service to choose from and more are about to debut.

  • Hulu has excellent originals and many of the popular network and cable TV shows that it carries are available right after they air.
  • Amazon Prime Video is the best on-demand video service that you may not even know you have, since all Amazon Prime subscribers can use it.
  • Even though it’s somewhat pricey, HBO Now may be worth a look as well.
  • HBO Max is set to debut this year. Its content library will include the entire HBO catalog, along with a slew of kid-friendly originals.
  • Crackle is one of the best free, ad-supported on-demand video apps.

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