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  1. Great article. I ended up giving fuboTV a try as I wanted to watch RSNs (Regional Sports Networks) and that comes standard with the base package on fuboTV but not with DirecTV Now. I would have needed to buy the higher priced plan..$70.

  2. It’s really hard to decide! Me and my family have been using AT&T TV a lot longer but with the constant price increases we can no longer afford it! Which is really upsetting and very disappointing. We are now on the 7 day free trial with FUBO TV and have noticed a lot of differences between the two. Cheaper with lesser channels/more sports vs always increasing prices and more channels with my Epix or HBO movie channels??? With the pandemic not leaving any time soon…looks like FUBO TV is the winner! Just give us more channels and better movie channels with those AWESOME prices FUBO and me and my family will be with you for life!!

  3. @John S. Craig — I’m in the same boat. I was an AT&T adopter from launch day, I suffered through the first 2-3 months of it being horrible (buggy, slow, etc.) and have since held on to the biggest package they were offering (but have since stopped offering) because it was cheap, and had a lot of channels…. I got another email today that it’s going to $70/ this point the only thing i really want is MSG and a couple others, which i can get on fubo for less, use a better app (running multiple channels at a time is pretty awesome) I think im going to be done with AT&T now. They always blame programming cost increases.

  4. Well, I posted on March 2 that it was going to 70/month and i was on the fence. I just got another price increase email, going to 80/month. That was the last straw. They cited the usual “programming cost increases, inflation, our CEO that makes 20,000,000/year needs a raise, etc.” as their reasoning. FuboTV App is miles ahead of DirecTV Stream, so with the price instability it doesn’t really matter to me to keep my “Go Big” grandfathered plan if the price is now the same or more than Fubo (or even FiosTV for that matter) – see ya DTV. it’s been..something.


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