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  1. I’m completely in the same mood as you only the direct opposite.Netflix & Hulu are both giving me exactly what i want whilst Amazon has been falling short for months.I’m at that point where i may consider not renewing my Amazon Prime subscription.I also have a Shudder subscription.

    • I definitely can’t fault anyone who finds more value in Netflix over Amazon. They’re both competing, but Netflix has been doing a better job on certain ends. One thing I didn’t mention in the piece, since it’s not the focus of the article, is the fact that Hulu is probably one of the best services out there. Its library is far smaller than either Amazon or Netflix, but Hulu has done a great job of targeting what content they get to being only high-quality stuff. In a world where people usually have 2-3 services, it’s a great “secondary” or “backup” that’s more than worth the price.


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