It appears that Buzzfeed jumped the gun on announcing a coming YouTube TV price increase. Nevertheless, YouTube TV’s prices may be getting ready go up by about $5 per month.

According to Cord Cutters News, which cited the now-pulled Buzzfeed article, YouTube TV prices may be on the rise due to several new additions to the service. This comes on the heels of news fuboTV’s recent price rise as well.

YouTube TV Prices Rising, but New Channels Incoming

Since it’s inception nearly one year ago, YouTube TV has seen rapid growth. According to a Q3 2017 report from The Diffusion Group, YouTube TV accounts for 5.66% of the OTT market. The company was able to pull in 300,000 subscribers in just around 8 months. It also accomplished the feat while still being unavailable in most of the country. As of Q1 2018, however, YouTube TV now covers a majority of the country.

According to Cord Cutters News, the new additions coming to YouTube TV will include new channels and even new markets. Included among the new channels are TNT, Adult Swim, TBS and NBA TV.

As for new markets, potential customers in major markets such as Lexington (Kentucky), Honolulu, El Paso and Richmond, Virginia will be able to hop on board.

With the large influx of channels and markets comes the price increase. Users can expect to pay $40 per month going forward.

Too Much Too Soon?

Compare Hulu with Live TV, which launched around the same time as YouTube TV. More than 450,000 people signed up for Hulu. That’s 50% more than YouTube TV. Now YouTube TV will be more expensive.

As is common with these services, more sports network options are likely the chief reason for the $5 per month price increase.

For its part, Buzzfeed pulled their article on the price increase due to an information embargo. The information is set to officially release tomorrow, February 14th.

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